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Coming January 21st from Beachwalk Press! In a world without choices, one woman will find herself caught in the middle of six men and the emotions they develop for her. Krista is one of the last women on Earth, and her patriotic duty is to make babies. Her ?six?, the men who have won the right to call her their own, know they have to impregnate her quickly or risk losing her back to the government. As society fills with additional violence and unrest, her men keep her sheltered in a fortress of maximum security. Krista has left a her prison at the Young Women's Educational Protection Facility for another. When a mysterious man arrives and offers her the chance for true freedom, will she be willing to leave the life she knows behind or will she remain ?given??~~~EXCERPT~~~They left her alone. She sat down on the bed and air whooshed from her lungs as she sat in a state of nervous anticipation. Oh God, who should I pick? She couldn?t help wondering. Choosing felt so very wrong to her. She may belong to these men for a long time, and the idea of alienating any of them, or getting off on a bad start, twisted her stomach in knots of nervous anxiety. She stood up and unpacked her few belongings. The closet looked so empty after she?d put her scant possessions into it. She began walking down the stairs and she heard their voices. Krista paused to listen, feeling a bit evil for eavesdropping. ?It?s only right that she pick.? ?We?ve all waited so long, shouldn?t we draw straws or something?? ?For God?s sake, she?s a human being, not a new toy. Let the girl have her pick. We?ll all have a chance.? ?What if we all share her tonight? Then it?s fair to all of us.? ?It wouldn?t be fair to Krista. If she was your new bride, would you want to pass her around to five other guys?? ?There?s no more marriage, so the question isn?t valid. The world isn?t nice and romantic. The fact is, she?ll have to sleep with all of us.? ?For tonight, let her have some peace. I say no one should touch her.? ?Are you fucking kidding? Hell no, she picks at least one of us and that?s final!? ?Shh, she?ll hear you.? ?It?s not like it?ll hurt her the first time, they have their cherries popped by the doctor. I say we ask. She seems understanding.? She?d heard enough. She finished walking down the stairs, one squeaked. They all turned, giving her guilty looks. ?Yes, I heard. I was thinking about the same thing. I don?t know if I can pick. I don?t want to cause infighting here, and I don?t want anyone to feel hurt. I don?t know what to do,? she finished miserably. ?We won?t force you to do anything you don?t want to do, but you should sleep with at least one of us tonight,? Damon said. ?If you want to pick more than one, that?s okay too,? DeAnthony amended. Krista blushed.
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