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Saving Sawyer

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Saving Sawyer
Daron, daughter of Gayle, is a witch. When her sister dies during a dangerous spell, the coven council lays her death on Daron?s shoulders. To redeem herself she must save someone that shouldn?t exist, a warlock. Protecting the warlock and his dangerous infant son is more of a challenge than the powerful witch expects, especial when she starts having visions of the warlock?nude! ~~~Excerpt~~~He reached for the same doorknob she did. Their hands touched. Electricity seemed to crackle between them. The world bowed and her vision narrowed yet again. Sawyer?s tongue was in her mouth. Dar moaned, his hand slid down her body and she pressed herself into his touch. Her hand reached out and fondled his cock. He groaned, causing her to smile. Dar loved that sound. ?Damn it, Baby, you know how to touch a man. Squeeze me tighter, Darlin?.? She did. ?I also know what you like best.? He grunted. ?I know you do.? He lay on his back and she turned to her side and shimmied lower on the bed. There was a certain angle that made him crazy when she sucked him. Dar tilted her chin and put her lips over her teeth. Tenderly she took his cock in her mouth and drew him in, sucking hard. Sawyer writhed. The sensual power went to Dar?s head and she sped up just a bit, increasing his pleasure. She loved the sound of his pleasure. He wasn?t very vocal in bed, but when she did this he couldn?t repress the groans. She pressed her tongue against the channel on the bottom of his cock as she pulled back. ?Oh God, Dar!? She sucked harder, and pulled back farther, letting him slide from between her lips. He kissed her, hard. She loved the way his tongue slid against hers, and the taste of cinnamon on his breath. He smelled like the woods, and tasted like sin. She loved this man. He pushed her back against the mattress. A primal male sound escaped him and she grinned daringly up at him. His large hands brushed her belly. He leaned down and pressed a kiss just above her navel. She jerked, the sensation tickling. ?I love that about you. So strong and yet this little spot can make you jump.? He did it again with the same result. His hard cock pressed into her thigh. She felt like she was on fire, and she knew he was the only one who could put that blaze out. Love so deep filled her, making it hard to breathe. ?I love you so much,? she gushed. He looked up at her smiling, and the joy reached his warm gorgeous brown eyes, making them crinkle. ?I love you too, baby. I?m going to taste you, so spread your legs.? Dar spread her legs as wide as she could. Sawyer glanced up at her one final time before he flicked her clit with his tongue. She bucked her hips. He?d played with her earlier, and she was still very sensitive. He loved making her wet, and she was happy to accommodate him. He lapped at her, his rough tongue making her crazy. Swirling around the sensitive nub, he pushed two fingers deep inside her pussy, curving them and rubbing her on the spot he knew drove her wild. Dar cried out as she arched her back. He pulled his mouth away a moment. ?You taste so damn sweet. Come for me, baby.? ?Fuck me! Sawyer, yes, please? I want you to fuck me.? She was so close, and he knew it. The man knew how to blind her with pleasure. She felt the bed dip and then his stiff cock impaled her in one swift graceful move. The beauty of their union made her scream, uncaring if the whole world heard. She clawed at his back, reckless in her haze of delight. He chuckled against her ear. His hips thrust his rock hard member deeply inside her. She wrapped her legs around him, snarling with need, hovering on the precipice of release. ?That?s it, darlin?, scream for me. Come on, Dar, I?can?t hold?much longer.? He thrust hard, his penis rubbing against her clit and g-spot at the same time. Dar tumbled into the mindless abyss of orgasm, clawing at him and screaming. She tossed her head back reveling in his mastery of her body. Sawyer stiffened, and she felt the heat of his release as he joined her in bliss. ?Dar! Sweet Dar. Yes! Christ, yes!? He cried out, arching his back and closing his eyes. As the last of her orgasm ebbed, she gazed upon the awe-inspiring beauty that was her man. Dar?s world was complete. She pulled away as if it burned. Sawyer stumbled back, looking at her with confusion and anger. She was sweating, her body burning with lust and need. This man was the only thing that could put out the raging inferno in her pussy. She felt it contracting as if she?d just had a real orgasm. ?I didn?t do it!? she cried, feeling the need to defend herself. He was looking at her like she was some kind of mind rapist. ?It might have been you,? she suggested weakly. He stumbled away and left the cabin. She stood panting. Her face felt hot and she was sweating. Her underwear stuck to her pussy, soaked with the desire inspired by the realistic sensations of making love with Sawyer. The vision was more than sex??there?d been a deep sense of companionship, of contentment. Dar shook off the odd feelings. He was gone a long time, and when he came in she noticed the baby. She?d forgotten all about the boy while she?d been busy securing the cabin, and then after the erotic vision she couldn?t think of anything accept how right she felt in Sawyer?s arms.
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