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A Healer's Touch

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A Healer's Touch
As if being a young single mother wasn't challenging enough, Phoebe is also the last adult descendant of the witch who cursed Willow Lake in response to her betrayal and murder. Phoebe inherited the family curse, but with love and compassion, she uses her magic for healing. Fabian Sterling likes money, he likes power, and he likes Phoebe. He's also the ancestor of the man who burned Phoebe's witch ancestor at the stake. Can passion overcome a centuries old grudge? When he looks at Phoebe he doesn?t see a witch, only an angel. How can anyone so beautiful be reviled by an entire town? Fabian vows to protect her, whatever the cost. ~~~Excerpt~~~A loud squealing made her jump. Shutting Simon?s door she looked up to see the pickup truck trying to stop, a little girl no older than Simon had gone running out into the street after a cat. It had snowed the previous night making the road slick. She started to run, not thinking of the danger, not thinking about anything but saving the child. A mother?s heart extended to all children and she knew she had to do something. It was too late, the truck hit the child. To her horror, she saw the red blood in the white snow. Running to the scene, she heard the man get out of the truck, sobbing. She recognized him, he had a large family himself and she knew he had to feel as sick as she did about the child. When she got to the girl, she knelt down into the snow beside her. She was breathing, there was hope. Phoebe had never attempted what she was going to do, but she had to try. In the background, she heard the child?s grandmother screaming. She heard the driver apologizing to the woman and the woman sobbing. Phoebe blocked out the rest of the commotion. Closing her eyes, she thought of the sun, the warmth, and her favorite spot by the water. She thought about her son and about how much she?d loved her parents before they?d died. Calling on all the wonderful joy of those memories, she took a deep breath and put her hands on the little girl?s midsection where she just knew the child bled inside. She was no doctor but she could feel the girl?s life draining away. Phoebe felt something warm, something tingling. Her hands began to burn, but she didn?t move them. Her mouth began to move and she heard foreign sounds coming out of her throat, it was not her voice but the voices of her ancestors. Phoebe felt her father?s presence, he was with her, helping her and giving her his strength. Stirring, the girl cried out for her grandmother. Phoebe?s mind was still numb from the healing trance, but it registered the girl?s recovery. Relief filled her just as the cold inky blackness claimed her.
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