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The Phoenix breaks her silence, revealing to Audra why she?s been chosen. When Audra and Cain learn their ?inner? demons have unfinished business with each other, Audra realizes there are far more obstacles to loving Cain than she?d imagined. Cain struggles to help Audra cope with her new powers and their tentative partnership begins to take shape. When Cain?s life is threatened, Audra will have to fight the Phoenix to save him. Darkness threatens to consume them and secret enemies are revealed. ~~~Excerpt~~~Suddenly the image in the mirror burst into bright, frighteningly beautiful flames. Audra stepped back, away from the danger. The bathroom remained cool, but the fire lived inside of her. She could feel it there. She looked at the Phoenix. The sorrowful young girl was gone. Now, the reflected eyes glowed with unnatural green fire. The flames were beautiful and surreal. Her long hair flowed behind her like a red cape as the winds of a firestorm blew. They whipped her robes of crimson and purple around her body. Audra burned from the inside and the intensity was a physical ache. Her inconsolable anguish was fuel for the flames. ?Goodbye for now, Audra. Thank you for being such a pure sprit. Without such a heart, I could never have come so close to my enemy.? The lights popped, and the room literally vibrated as everything went dark. The smell of burning flesh and hair filled the room and Audra knew she was smelling a memory, the last memory of the young woman her Phoenix had once been. Gagging, she stumbled out of the bathroom and down the hall. She ran out of the house into the darkness to get sick in the garden. Falling away from the mess, she sucked in deep breaths of the cool night air.
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