Books by Ashlynn Books by Ashlynn Chemical Lust Leah is just your average military scientist working on a top secret project until the most deliciously botanist makes her think some very non-scientific thoughts! They have to develop lust in a bottle, but when Leah looks at Jericho her lust is definitely not staying in the bottle. An accident shows them just how well their lust in the bottle works and Leah discovers that Jericho looks just as good with his clothes off! But when the lust wears off what will be left? Could a guy like Jericho still want her without chemical lust? ~~~Excerpt~~~ Leah Thurman sat at her desk lost in concentration. She was working with a complicated formula and no matter how hard her brain tried to wrap around the numbers, she just could not get it to work. A resounding crash startled her, and she quickly looked up. One of the new interns had dropped an entire box of beakers on the laboratory floor and they had shattered, scattering broken glass from one end of her spotless lab to the other! Leah was less than impressed. Looking at her sheepishly, the intern quickly dropped to the floor behind a lab table and began to clean up his mess. With a tired sigh and quick, annoyed shake of her head, Leah went back to her formula. Unfortunately, her concentration was now completely shot. Looking up had reminded her that he was there, just assigned to this project, under her supervision, even more untouchable then before. Leah was depressed enough that the most appealing man whom God had ever created worked in her division of secret projects for the government?s chemical warfare and research facility. Fraternization was greatly frowned upon, and she was not a rule breaker. Even if Leah wanted to break the rule, with her plain face and boring brown hair and eyes, she would never turn that Adonis?s head! Six months ago when Jericho Bennett had come in as a civilian consultant, she?d never thought he would be staying long enough to be involved with her pet project. He was the leading scientific mind in his field, and when she had needed a chemical component that derived from a rare plant synthesized for the final stage of her project, the men upstairs had asked Bennett to stay on for her project. She never let on how much it bothered her that he was there and did her best to hide her attraction to him from herself and the rest of her laboratory staff. When she looked up again to study him, needing to see if her brain had exaggerated his perfection, he glanced her way and she quickly looked back down at his formula?but not before she noticed he had given her one of his sexy, relaxed grins. He was so beautiful. It made her want to curse and rail against the universe that he was a constant tormenting distraction during the most challenging project of her life! Even without his super-sexy deliciousness, it would be frustrating enough to constantly be thinking about sex when she had not experienced it for so long, she doubted she could remember how it all worked if the opportunity ever presented itself to her. For sex was what her project was trying to enhance and was all she had focused on for months. When she was promoted to chemical warfare research, she had never in her wildest dreams imagined her superiors would ask her to develop a sex drug! Nonetheless, here she was, trying as hard as she could to make a drug that, when inhaled, would make men or women so overcome with desire they would not be able to resist their carnal urges. How exactly the government wanted to use this compound was classified information; all she had to do was create it. Leah had been uncomfortable from the start of the project because she had little sexual experience. Her classified military career complicated every relationship she had ever tried to enjoy, so she had finally just given up, and for the past year and a half she had been as chaste as a nun. Making her discomfort worse, the day she had seen Jericho her repressed sexual needs had come clawing to the surface, and shortly after that first titillating glimpse of his sex-a-lusciousness she had been briefed on what her superiors needed her to create. When they had dropped her current project in her lap, it was extra awkward for her because she was horny for the first time in ages! Staring in vain at her numbers, instead of a complex equation she saw his perfect butt and sculpted abs and his gorgeously green eyes that always seemed to be smiling. Leah knew very little about the focus of her fantasies except for what she had read in his file. He had grown up in a nice middle-class Midwestern home and had been remarkably gifted in the sciences. He?d graduated from Yale at the top of his class. He had never married and had no children. He wore his black hair longer then was fashionable, but on him it looked right. Oh, and his body so begged to be touched. For a scientist, he was in extraordinarily good shape. Jericho was brawn with a brain, and Leah found that very appealing. His strong jaw always seemed to have a trace of stubble, as if he had not taken the time to look at himself in the mirror. It made her long to run her fingers over his face and then replace her fingers with her lips and follow the path with soft kisses. His voice had an almost lyrical quality, which was surprising as it was also very deep and authoritative. Shaking him off her mind, she laughed to herself?she was a very successful and talented scientist mooning over a subordinate like a teenage girl. Leah vowed to go out in search of someone to break her self-imposed vows of celibacy before she made a fool of herself. It was getting harder not to think about how good sex felt as the research and testing phase of the project got more and more about the sex and less and less about the formula. Her formula was almost perfect. Once the plant extract Jericho was working on was finished, if it did what she truly believed it would do, she would be climbing the ranks again. Several others who had attempted similar projects had failed completely, but she had come much closer to the necessary results. Leah could smell the spicy musk of his cologne before she looked up at him. It was just wrong that not only did he look great, he smelled great as well; fleetingly she wondered if he would fuck great too. Pushing the thought aside before it could become a scarlet blush on her cheeks, she looked up at him. He held out a test tube and simply said, ?I?ve got it!? Looking at his face, she could see the cocky delight he felt for having solved a problem no one else had been able to solve. She smiled warmly, unable to help herself. ?Mr. Bennett, I think we should add it to the mixture and see if we can?t get project Potion Number Nine to make history. I am very impressed with how swiftly you have accomplished this.? ?I still don?t see how this will be a weapon. I fear we might have opened a Pandora?s box if this becomes something that falls into the wrong hands.? His beautiful face was etched with intense concern. Leah had to repress her gut reaction to take his hand and reassure him that whatever the government?s plans for their drug, it was going to be well guarded. Instead she said in her best librarian voice, with as hard an edge as she could put to it, ?Mr. Bennett, it is a classified issue. Please don?t concern yourself with it any longer.? He quickly covered his surprise at her tone with a reassured nod and left her office. Leah cringed a little inside for how her words must have sounded to him, but she knew if she showed any sign of interest in him it would not be good for her career. Even if she had been free to see him, she was sure a man that good-looking could not have any interest in someone like herself, so the point was moot. Her desk phone?s annoying ring brought her out of her dark thoughts. Sighing with the acceptance that she could not change the situation, she took a deep breath before answering the line. ?Good morning, this is Lieutenant Thurman.? ?Hello, Lieutenant. This is General Miller, and I just received an email from our Mr. Bennett. I am truly impressed. I thought it would take Bennett longer; I guess this is why he?s the best. I would like you and Mr. Bennett to bring down the finished sample. I think we will begin human trials this afternoon. Meet me in the laboratory on level A1 in thirteen hundred hours, and Lieutenant, I want you to know what a service you are doing for our country. I know this project seems a little odd, but I assure you it is of the highest priority.? ?Very good, General. I look forward to showing you the full scale of this compound, and I think you will be impressed. I did believe we would be doing some animal trials before the human trials began?? ?Lieutenant, I hope you are not questioning my authority?? ?No sir, of course not, but for prudence?s sake I must request we do some lab and then animal testing before giving this to a human. It could even be fatal! We do not know what effect this will have on the patient?s reproductive and endocrine systems or if it could cause cancer or other long-term health problems as a side effect. Think of past mistakes made by our government in human testing. We don?t want to go down in history as another MKULTRA; the horrible things they did only forty years ago are unthinkable! I could not condone being part of anything like that. They used sex to blackmail and to alter perception; please tell me that is not what we are doing with this drug. I know the information is classified, but this sudden rush to human trials has made me very uncomfortable, and I would like very much to know what we have been creating here all these months.? ?That is classified information, but this drug could help us in ways you cannot imagine. Our volunteers are aware of the risk and wish to serve their country. If you are unwilling to do what we must do and what we have the authority from the highest levels of government to do, I can find other capable persons who would happily fill your shoes. I appreciate your concerns, but this will be done with or without your blessing. Do we have an understanding?? ?Yes, sir; whatever is in the best interest of this country is what we must do.? Leah gritted her teeth as she said the words. If this was going to happen, at least she was on board and could be the conscience of the project to monitor how it was being handled. ?Very good, Lieutenant. I will see you and Mr. Bennett at thirteen hundred hours.? Leah emailed Jericho, telling him to prepare for the human trials that afternoon, and she was very surprised when the door to her office suddenly banged open with rude force. Jericho stood very imposingly in her doorway, and Leah blinked repeatedly behind her thick glasses. She stared up at the man unable to speak. In three strides he was in front of her desk, his height and stormy countenance making her feel a bit uncomfortable. In her coolest and most assured voice, she asked, ?Mr. Bennett, is there a problem?? ?Damn it, Thurman! I can?t believe you?re willing to let them test this on a human already. We haven?t even started the animal trials with the new compound. Do you realize how strong that extract is? Too much and the subject may never be themselves again! Just the smallest miscalculation between the components, and we have killed your subjects! Do you want that on your conscience? I sure as hell don?t. How can you be so cold about this? We need to do more research. We need to be sure the subjects will retain a normal attitude towards arousal in the long term and that the strain from all the adrenaline this produces won?t cause long-term heart damage. Until we do so, this compound should not go anywhere near the inside of a human being! Do your subjects realize how dangerous this is?? ?Mr. Bennett, please control your temper and maintain your professionalism. Please do not demean their willingness to assist their country by assuming they do not know the risk. When we brief our test subjects they are told of the risk. These patriotic men and women agree to participate as test subjects because they love this country. For a project of this level, I?m sure the participants are all career military with sterling records; they have probably done much more dangerous things for your freedom!? ?We have been very honest with you about the intentions and ramifications of this project. This is a high-priority for national security; we do not have the luxury of waiting for the normal procedures and times. I am sorry, Mr. Bennett, but this trial will commence at thirteen hundred hours with or without your continued help. I would like you to be a part of this, as we may need to reevaluate the quantity of your plant extract, but if you choose to leave, I have several associates who would very much like a hand in this project. Are you going to continue to consult on this project, Mr. Bennett?? Indecision was evident on his face, and it added to his appeal. Leah could see the battle that raged in his caring and intelligent mind, but in the end, she had won him over. With his characteristic brisk nod, he left. It was going to be a long day. 82239537 Fallen Angels In a history very different from our own, the Civil War rages on in Texas. Zeppelins fill the air, steam power vehicles battle horses for space on the roads and bodies lay strewn through the wreckage of the Sisters of the Merciful Truth Convent, innocent victims of a local turf war. Three sisters, raised in the convent, emerge from the horror to find their lives of family and devotion over, and their separate lives of crime about to begin. In lawless times, where faith and love battle doubt and hate, Justice now sees the world from behind the barrel of a gun. She falls in with a handsome and mysterious miscreant as she attempts to carve a place in the ruined world and search for her lost sisters. But when her life of crime catches up to her, Justice will learn the meaning of true love, and family ties. ~~~Excerpt~~~As Justice walked down the dark hallway toward the back exit, a hand shot out of the darkness and grabbed her arm. She yelped, but she had her gun pointed into the shadows before the sound of her fear died away. She cleared her throat.?You?d better come into the light and state your intent,? she said harshly. ?I don?t kill for nothing, but if I feel threatened that?s not nothing to me, buddy.? A masculine chuckle, sinfully sexy, emerged from the darkness. ?I?d put that down. I don?t kill women, but I hear you?re as tough as any man is and you kill just as quick.? When he spoke, his voice was rich like warm brandy and soft as velvet. It made Justice suddenly very aware that she was a woman. ?I guess I could make an exception for you, but it?d be a helluva waste, Beauty, so let?s put our weapons down.? ?I?ll show you mine if you show me yours,? Justice replied, hand on her gun. ?I can?t see you in the darkness. How can I trust you?? He chuckled again. She hadn?t imagined it, the man sounded like sex. Justice was still a virgin, but she had certainly heard and seen enough, running with her rough crowd, to understand the complex mechanics of the act and that. If done right, it could be a very nice time. She just hadn?t found a man who could touch her heart. She had held that part of herself apart from who she had become. She had also held out the hope that if she died pure of body, it might balance out the unclean life she lead. The voice stepped forward, and Justice had to back up. Close up, the man was even taller then she had thought when he had stood next to Jimmy. Life hadn?t been soft for him, his body was a machine made of sinew and muscle and he didn?t have an ounce to spare. ?Why did you grab me?? Justice demanded. Her voice sounded soft and uncertain to her own ears. His bright blue eyes crinkled charmingly and his row of white teeth was bright in the darkness. His smile was wicked, but it made his face even more handsome. Justice was tempted to move the lock of thick dark brown hair out of his face, but she managed to restrain herself. ?I have a very profitable proposition for you. I?d like you to help me rob a train. Just the two of us, less people to split the profits with, are you in?? ?How do you think the two of us can pull it off?? Justice balked, ?I?ve never been involved in a robbery with less than four people!? ?You, little lady, will be able to walk right up to the gold. We won?t even have to draw our guns.? ?You?re crazy.? ?I?m not crazy. I?ll even buy your train ticket.? ?I?m a wanted woman. I can?t very well stroll onto a train. There are wanted posters everywhere, with my picture all over them.? ?I?ve seen those pictures, sweetness. You in that lovely hat and that lovely trench coat, with your hair up under your hat? You look like a young man in the posters, not a woman. You could easily board a train in a respectable dress and loose hair. Not a single passenger would suspect you. I?ll even buy you a nice dress. What do you say?? ?You?re not a lawman, right?? His laugh was loud and honest. ?Honey, I?ve been called a lot of things but ?lawman? isn?t one of them. You?d know who I am if you went north to Montana. My wanted posters out number yours two to one. I?m not exactly a law abiding citizen.? ?I need to think about this. I?m no coward, but I?m no fool and it?s a ballsy plan,? Justice told him. ?I?ll be at the boarding house down the street until Friday. Come see me Friday morning and I?ll give you my answer.? She ended with a curt nod. As she left the alley she realized she had never even asked Sexy his name. It made her grit her teeth at her own stupidity. How was she supposed to investigate a nameless man? 97050965 Protector Mine Larissa is on the verge of complete insanity. She has grown up feeling a connection to the rural woodlands near her home. She has never been able to find what or who has been calling to her. Dante comes from an ancient line of shifters whose sole purpose is to keep their charges safe from vampires. Dante is Larissa?s Protector. There are only two rules- never talk to your charge and never let them know that you are watching. Dante breaks every rule when it comes to Larissa when they are swept into a torrent of desire that threatens to consume them. Will the price of breaking the rules to follow their hearts be too great? Hunters lurk in the forest. Vampires are coming. Dante is all that stands between Larissa and the monsters who want to make her one of them ~~~Excerpt~~~Her fingers lightly skimmed the rough stubble gracing his surprisingly soft skin, and she saw the need and longing in his exotically beautiful eyes. No one had ever looked at her like she was so important, so amazing. She felt his wonder and his love. How was it possible? It was like she had a view into his mind and soul and only the truth of their magical connection existed. When she saw the raw need in his eyes something twisted in her heart, and she knew that she would not run. She pressed her lips to his chin. He bent down just enough so that their lips connected. It was gentle at first, testing, trusting. Then he pulled her against him, and it took the air from her lungs. Whimpering with joy and need, she returned his fervor with a desperation that was entirely her own. His rough hands caressed her cheek, and the moment of wonder brought the prickling of tears to her eyes. ?What have you done to me?? Her voice sounded breathless. ?I would never hurt you. I haven?t done anything to you, Larissa.? ?What is this?? ?This is chemistry.? Standing there in the middle of a wild place with a complete, albeit sexy, stranger wasn?t a safe thing to do. She wanted him, wanted sex, for the first time in her life. She embraced the lust. No, this wasn?t exactly where she imagined losing her virginity. It gave her pause that she was giving something away so easily she had so carefully guarded. Yet it felt as if this gift had always been his, and she had just been keeping it safe for him. She pulled her shirt off and let it fall to the ground. He wore no shirt and when their skin touched, an electric current traveled through him and into her. She gasped and her back arched involuntarily. He kissed her throat and she shivered, wrapping her arms around his neck and holding him close. His hands awkwardly battled with her bra, and he grunted with triumph as the bit of fabric joined her t-shirt on the damp ground. His calloused palms skimmed over her nipples, and she cried out with need. Larissa?s cheek pressed against his chest, and she felt enveloped in his primitive pheromones. His masculine growl made her smile softly against the hard wall of his chest. A sound, calling voices somewhere far away, registered in her mind. Her family was looking for her. She didn?t care; she was where she belonged, where she wanted to be. His chest began to heave, and his primal desperation against her belly was evident. He knew they were looking too. When he swept her into his arms, she did not protest, her trust was complete. She reveled in the foreign knowledge that made no sense and yet seemed to answer all the mysteries of the universe in the same moment. Mushy and useless, she let her brain turn off and let her heart take over. Nothing made sense and she loved every moment of it. He moved through the growing darkness with her, and she clung to him, content to go anywhere he chose to take her. Closing her eyes against the blurring trees and leaves, it only nibbled at her mind that he moved with inhuman speed. His voice sounded gruff and raw. Larissa wondered if he felt the pain of her leaving as horribly as she did. He spoke, and she clung tighter to him. ?I have waited a lifetime for you.? Her searchers were far from her mind as she found herself back in his dank wilderness dwelling. She had no idea what to say to his intense statement. After a moment, she found her voice and spoke. ?I think I?ve always been looking for you, too.? 98842292 Vengeance With her husband murdered and her city growing more dangerous each day, Audra Jacob struggles to build a new life for herself and her young son. Her first step is finding a perfect job at the offices of wealthy businessman Cain Maddox. Cain is hot, but Audra's sure a man like him couldn?t be interested in a nobody like her. Cain Maddox is more than a handsome CEO. He's a mysterious vigilante, the one thing that keeps the criminals from overrunning Roman Falls. Dark forces helped create the protector he?s become. His powers given by a demon inside he struggles to control. When he?s moments too late to defend Audra, the woman he?s grown to care for, he brings her to the one man he knows can save her. As a dormant creature inside of Audra awakens, so does her need for vengeance and answers. ~~~Excerpt~~~Spinning around, Audra found herself face-to-face with the tall, masked vigilante that had been on TV and in the papers. She knew beyond a doubt who he was. How many other masked man would be running through the city stopping crime? She could have sworn his eyes were red! Her heart raced. Adrenaline pushed her to run, yet, she stayed there. She stuttered, ?What...what do you want?? His dark chuckle rolled out of his throat and sent chills down her spine. Inhumanly beautiful was the only way she could describe his voice. ?A beautiful woman should never ask a man that question.? The vigilante pushed her bag at her. He?d rescued it back from the thief. She clutched it to her chest, unsure of what to say or do. When she looked up again, he was gone. Terrified, Audra fumbled in her bag to find her keys. She shook so badly, it seemed like years before she could unlock the door. When she finally got into the car, she relocked the doors and drove away as fast as she could. What did she do now? She didn?t want to call the police, because she believed in what he was doing, and the police wanted to arrest him. Crime fighting was as illegal as crime itself if you didn?t wear a badge. She just wanted to get out of the dark parking area and go home. She owed the vigilante a debt and didn?t want to expose him to legal troubles. She just kept driving. 110532697 Indecent Encounters Sometimes a woman needs more than a lover? Independent, lustful ladies find pleasure and intrigue with more than one man, from a scandalous vacation in Australia, to a forced seduction at a cabin in the woods. A witch needs to break a shameful spell, and an older woman slakes her sexual needs with two younger men. Cougars purr with unrequited desire and werewolves compete for the love of their mate. Satisfaction is just a sigh away as a surgeon bends the rules for her patient, and an over-stressed boss finds more than a little peace with secret admirers. Find out what wicked delights await you with Indecent Encounters. 111905412 Retribution The Phoenix breaks her silence, revealing to Audra why she?s been chosen. When Audra and Cain learn their ?inner? demons have unfinished business with each other, Audra realizes there are far more obstacles to loving Cain than she?d imagined. Cain struggles to help Audra cope with her new powers and their tentative partnership begins to take shape. When Cain?s life is threatened, Audra will have to fight the Phoenix to save him. Darkness threatens to consume them and secret enemies are revealed. ~~~Excerpt~~~Suddenly the image in the mirror burst into bright, frighteningly beautiful flames. Audra stepped back, away from the danger. The bathroom remained cool, but the fire lived inside of her. She could feel it there. She looked at the Phoenix. The sorrowful young girl was gone. Now, the reflected eyes glowed with unnatural green fire. The flames were beautiful and surreal. Her long hair flowed behind her like a red cape as the winds of a firestorm blew. They whipped her robes of crimson and purple around her body. Audra burned from the inside and the intensity was a physical ache. Her inconsolable anguish was fuel for the flames. ?Goodbye for now, Audra. Thank you for being such a pure sprit. Without such a heart, I could never have come so close to my enemy.? The lights popped, and the room literally vibrated as everything went dark. The smell of burning flesh and hair filled the room and Audra knew she was smelling a memory, the last memory of the young woman her Phoenix had once been. Gagging, she stumbled out of the bathroom and down the hall. She ran out of the house into the darkness to get sick in the garden. Falling away from the mess, she sucked in deep breaths of the cool night air. 113806339 Master of Mine Pleasure is just a smack and gasp away, as men and women push their boundaries for sexual satisfaction in ways many can only dream of fulfilling. A collection of BDSM short stories, Master of Mine will take you on an erotic escape with characters you won?t soon forget. From forced seduction to the tried and true, let the authors of this anthology take you on a ride screaming with pain and pleasure. 121721076 Slave To His Desires Is it possible for a woman who is kidnapped and sold into slavery to find love with the man who purchases her? As Madison Edwards is walking home one night, she finds herself face-to-face with strange creatures?aliens. They kidnap her and sell her into slavery. Out of place and alone, she struggles to understand the alien world where she?s being held captive. Her feelings about her new master are conflicted, and she?s torn between wanting to go home and wanting to fulfill all his desires. Spontaneous and out-of-character, Jul purchases a rare human female at the market. Her people are known to have mystical sexual powers. He believes the tales are only myth until he has Madison in his home, and she soon consumes his life. She?s valuable, magical, and he fears he can?t protect her. His friends complicate the situation when they become involved, but they also offer him hope. When everyone on the planet desires what you value most, it takes more than love to protect her. Content Warning: light bondage, f/f kissing, graphic m/f sex ~~~Excerpt~~~?I don?t want you to fear me. I won?t beat you or hurt you.? He stared deeply into her eyes for a few seconds and then said, ?The seers say the eyes are windows to the mind and heart.? Vague much? ?Earth?says?almost same.? More words seemed to be filling in Madison?s gaps. She understood him, but translating the words in her head into speech was challenging. ?I must go into the office. Rex, the man who left with Raette, he?s my business partner and believe me when I say he?ll be none too pleased that I?m already late. I?ll see you tonight, Meekra.? She couldn?t understand his last word, it didn?t translate in her head. She nodded, and he quickly left. Turning, she looked at the pixie and mute. ?Hi.? They both just looked at her. Maybe they didn?t have the translator thing. She tried again. ?Hi.? ?You are going to be nothing but a sex object. I feel that it?s beneath me to speak to you.? The pixie?s words shocked her. Great, a class hierarchy among slaves. Super, looks like I?m at the bottom. Oh, joy. As if being a slave wasn?t bad enough. ?I care for Master. I cook, I clean, I bathe, and I satisfy everything he needs. I wish you weren?t here.? She folded her arms and turned so that Madison couldn?t see her face. Her little wings kept fluttering, suspending her eye level with Madison even if she was only two feet tall. Bathe? Was the man that lazy? The way the little pixie said ?satisfy? made Madison think of sex. If he already had a sex slave-maid, what purpose would she serve? ?I wish I was home. It doesn?t seem that anyone is going to get their wish today. So what does a slave do? We don?t have slaves on my world.? The pixie looked shocked. ?How do menial tasks get done?? ?Hired workers.? ?Your world isn?t very smart.? ?You suck.? Madison had no idea where she would or could go, but she didn?t want to stick around for Tinker Bell to insult her. The word ?suck? didn?t seem to make sense to the winged brat, because she just looked confused as Madison whirled and stomped toward the door. Suddenly she felt the crushing force of arms around her waist. Goliath the mute had hold of her. 124170065 Salvation Audra Jacobs finds herself alone and uncertain, her overwhelming power keeping her from her family, and her lover. The mysterious Phoenix has revealed things about her power that she can?t believe are true, yet she was brought back from the dead for a reason, she just doesn?t fully know what it is yet. How can she be a hero when her life is falling apart? Could she even accept being normal again if she?s given the chance? Cain Maddox loves Audra?the demon living inside of him loves her, too. The Phoenix within her wants to keep them apart, but he?s determined to save her?again. When a higher power gives him an ultimatum, Cain has to choose between Audra and his freedom. Their enemy is closing in, and hurting the innocent people who love her. Who can a hero call when he needs a hero? How can Cain keep her safe when he can?t even touch her? ~~~Excerpt~~~When she?d caught a glimpse of herself the day before in a storefront window, Audra didn?t even recognize the pale, haunted woman who stared back at her. Hunger was a constant, along with a terrible, bitter loneliness. She missed her three-year old son and her mother, but going home would be the most selfish thing she could do. If she loved them, she would stay as far away as possible. Protecting them was all that mattered to her, even if it hurt like hell. To be honest, it was a living hell, to know they searched for her, worried, but it was better that way. She couldn?t lose control of her powers and hurt them. Cain Maddox had beautiful blue-grey eyes, his black hair soft under her fingers, the hard masculine sensation of his body against hers pure erotic magic. He was rich, powerful, and the best looking man she?d ever seen. Somehow he?d managed to fall in love with her even when she?d been nothing but a plain and quiet woman. The amazing man fulfilled her in ways she?d never imagined possible. He?d been the only man to warm her heart she?d thought cold and dead after her husband had been murdered. Unfortunately, the new frightening force that?d overtaken her stole him from her life. The phoenix told her she was immortal, and yet she?d almost died in the hospital?nothing made sense anymore. She simply wanted her family back. Her super-powered lover tried to get into her head, their powers allowing for an amazing telepathic communication, but she?d blocked him, unwilling to risk letting something slip and having him find her. Sitting in the cold, alone, Audra bit her lip and tried not to cry. Who knew superpowers would be so hard? She wanted to be the quiet, shy cleaning woman again. You?ll never be that woman again. I?m sorry. 125570413 A Healer's Touch As if being a young single mother wasn't challenging enough, Phoebe is also the last adult descendant of the witch who cursed Willow Lake in response to her betrayal and murder. Phoebe inherited the family curse, but with love and compassion, she uses her magic for healing. Fabian Sterling likes money, he likes power, and he likes Phoebe. He's also the ancestor of the man who burned Phoebe's witch ancestor at the stake. Can passion overcome a centuries old grudge? When he looks at Phoebe he doesn?t see a witch, only an angel. How can anyone so beautiful be reviled by an entire town? Fabian vows to protect her, whatever the cost. ~~~Excerpt~~~A loud squealing made her jump. Shutting Simon?s door she looked up to see the pickup truck trying to stop, a little girl no older than Simon had gone running out into the street after a cat. It had snowed the previous night making the road slick. She started to run, not thinking of the danger, not thinking about anything but saving the child. A mother?s heart extended to all children and she knew she had to do something. It was too late, the truck hit the child. To her horror, she saw the red blood in the white snow. Running to the scene, she heard the man get out of the truck, sobbing. She recognized him, he had a large family himself and she knew he had to feel as sick as she did about the child. When she got to the girl, she knelt down into the snow beside her. She was breathing, there was hope. Phoebe had never attempted what she was going to do, but she had to try. In the background, she heard the child?s grandmother screaming. She heard the driver apologizing to the woman and the woman sobbing. Phoebe blocked out the rest of the commotion. Closing her eyes, she thought of the sun, the warmth, and her favorite spot by the water. She thought about her son and about how much she?d loved her parents before they?d died. Calling on all the wonderful joy of those memories, she took a deep breath and put her hands on the little girl?s midsection where she just knew the child bled inside. She was no doctor but she could feel the girl?s life draining away. Phoebe felt something warm, something tingling. Her hands began to burn, but she didn?t move them. Her mouth began to move and she heard foreign sounds coming out of her throat, it was not her voice but the voices of her ancestors. Phoebe felt her father?s presence, he was with her, helping her and giving her his strength. Stirring, the girl cried out for her grandmother. Phoebe?s mind was still numb from the healing trance, but it registered the girl?s recovery. Relief filled her just as the cold inky blackness claimed her. 142025379 Back in the Saddle All Jesa wants is peace from her father and aunt meddling in her life. When she decides to use 1 Night Stand to find a date, she never imagines she?d be matched with the very type of man she?s trying to avoid. David is a werewolf. As the oldest male in his family he must battle the inner violence that his wolf begs him to unleash. His sister?s meddling leads him and Jesa to a meeting that will rock their worlds, bringing them an emotional connection and ecstasy neither expected. 129726034 Star Prince Tasmin Robins has worked hard to earn her coveted diplomatic internship on the mysterious imperial world of Aurora. Driven and smart, though occasionally impulsive, Tas has a ten-year plan -- and it doesn't include love. When Tasmin risks her life to save a stranger, she has no idea her sacrifice will leave her fate entwined with the most powerful man on Aurora -- DeMarcus Le'JeMur, Prince of the Stars and Ruler Of The Seven Kingdoms, ruler of the planets under Aurorian control. When DeMarcus impulsively declares he owes Tasmin a life debt, she must convince the Imperial Council to grant them both their freedom. But after a night of erotic delights with the sexy alien, will she be able to let him go?~~~Excerpt~~~This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers. "Stay down!" Tasmin Robins pulled the man at her side behind the large refuse bin. He was wearing a baseball cap pulled low on his face and sunglasses, hiding his expression. Screams from her fellow humans made the usually quiet terminal chaotic. Glistening metallic and marble surfaces usually made the shuttle port's loading dock feel orderly and sterile in an utterly comforting way, reminding her of her home back on Earth. Now the shining surfaces reflected laser fire from a source she couldn't pinpoint. Ball cap guy tried to stand up again. Her hand was small, but she managed to snag a substantial handful of his oversized blue sweatshirt. She yanked sharply, pulling him back down. His faded blue jeans made a small tearing sound as the rip over his right knee widened. "Je'L afremtal," he cursed in a language she hadn't expected to hear. "You aren't from Earth. Why are you here? These ships are for Earth Embassy personnel only." Tasmin did her best to stop glaring at the interloper. He wasn't the first, and certainly wouldn't be the last, to try to score a free ride to Earth. "You know nothing." With his heavily accented comment, he managed to convey a rude superiority she found instantly irritating. "I know you're going about visiting my home planet the wrong way. It's gotten a lot easier to get a visa now. Only a criminal would need to sneak onboard an embassy flight," Tasmin hissed. She paused, her eyes round and her mouth forming a subtle Ohh. "Are they shooting at you, specifically?" she whispered, hearing the horror in her own voice upon realizing she was hiding from an unseen gunman with his probable target. "Yes, but not because I am criminal." The man's English was good, but not perfect. "Stay down, woman!" He abruptly crouched and began to move to the left, around the corner. Tasmin saw the red dot on his back. The shooter had his laser fixed on the Aurorian. Without thinking about the consequences of her reckless action, she sprang forward, pushing the man down. Pain radiated through her middle. A gasp escaped her lips as she fell. Lying on the cold marble floor, she saw a red trail creeping across the smooth white marble in front of her face. Blood. Her blood. Transfixed at the sight, she lay quietly while chaos erupted around her. Tasmin felt cold. Strangely, she could hear screaming and shouting, but no more shots. Blinking, she cleared the moisture from her eyes. They'd watered, but she wasn't crying. Weak tears weren't in her nature. She hurt too much to move. All she could do was listen. "Je'L huten le grubi Me'L?" She tried to make sense of another male voice. He, too, spoke in Aurorian. This part of the terminal was human only. Why so many aliens in the restricted area? she wondered through the haze of pain. Her fuzzy mind strained to translate. She'd studied hard when she learned she was coming to Aurora for her internship. She spoke the language better than some of the long-term personnel. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Focus. "My prince, are you hurt?" She was almost positive she'd translated correctly. My Prince? It can't be. Medical staff began to swarm around her. "Leheck leheim ge ha Je'L Velhum." See to the woman, your prince has commanded it. The Star Prince. I can't believe it. The paramedics murmured humbly at their liege. More aliens where they shouldn't be. She could see the boots of both human and Aurorian soldiers swarming around him, protecting the valuable man. She saw her reflection in the mirrored door across from where she'd fallen. Her long auburn hair lay tangled around her. She could see it absorbing some of her pooling blood. Her normally fair completion was ghastly white. She already looked dead. Tas could see her charred wound, and her internal organs. She stared into her own big brown eyes, unable to look any lower. Her wound was horrifying, survival unlikely. Her mother and sister would be so sad. I just wish I could tell them I'm sorry. "Tetung Valumspar. Hejar L' Vomek." I owe her a life debt. She belongs to me. What he'd said didn't frighten her because she didn't think she'd live long enough to worry about the consequences of his proclamation. She couldn't hold on any longer. Even with the realization that she'd just saved the life of the Star Prince, the most powerful man in all of Aurora, the man who ruled the seven kingdoms, she couldn't keep her eyes open. Her lashes fluttered. Darkness overcame her and her mind shut off. * * * Dripping. The sound of dripping woke Tasmin from her deep, dreamless sleep. She forced her blurry eyes open. Her mouth felt as dry as dust. The window was open and a slight breeze ruffled the gauzy pale peach curtains. The walls were the same shade. Her body hurt. Turning away from the window, she noticed a large bank of medical monitoring equipment, all of it Aurorian design. She could tell she wasn't in a hospital, but there was nothing in the small room to indicate where she actually was. "Oh... ow... ouch, fuck," she muttered, forcing herself to sit up in the bed. On the wall across from her sat a long table filled with bouquets, rows of them. They also covered the floor under the table. Many looked wilted, and it made her wonder just how long she'd been out of commission. Looking down, she noticed the huge hole in her body was gone. She wore a sheer light nightie in a color she'd never seen on Earth. The only way to describe it was blue with a dark pink sheen. There was more to the color, but she just didn't have any reference on Earth to describe it. She felt a sensation akin to joy just looking at the way the garment shimmered, reflecting the light. Many colors and scents on Aurora were so multidimensional that they actually caused physical reactions in humans. The style of her scant clothing reminded her of something a sexy genie might wear. Blushing, she couldn't help but wonder who'd dressed her in the garment. Moreover, how many people had seen her naked, unconscious body? 147215660 Beauty Beauty beyond compare... and a curse just made to be broken. Brand's the perfect prince for the job. But not every fairytale princess deserves to be freed from her bonds. Sometimes it's better to let sleeping beauties lie, lest you rouse the demon within. Fortunately, our prince thinks outside the box. 149268063 A Gift of the Darkest Magic Would you be willing to betray the person you love in order to save their life? Clarissa's husband Matt is dying of cancer. They've tried everything that medicine has to offer, both traditional and experimental, and nothing's worked. Clarissa spends her days in the hospital, watching the man she loves slip closer and closer to certain death. When her sister tells her she knows a way to save Matt, but it involves visiting a local club run by vampires, Clarissa is outraged that her sister would believe something so insane. But then she learns the truth. Braden, the sexy and mysterious vampire who runs the club, does indeed have the means to save Matt, but he demands a high payment in return. He doesn't want money, her blood, or even her life...he wants something she never expected. Clarissa has a choice?spend twenty-four hours in Braden's bed or let her husband die. But what she never foresaw was how much more the vampire would truly want after he'd given her the gift of the darkest magic. Content Warning: infidelity, light bondage, anal sex, and rough sex ~~~Excerpt~~~The quiet drip of the IV and the occasional bleep of the monitor were the only sounds in the dim hospital room. Clarissa Blair held the cold hand of her husband, Matthew. Matt's diagnosis of cancer, just after Christmas, had been a horrible surprise. His condition rapidly deteriorated. The vibrant forty-year-old lay reduced to a thin husk, wasting away in the small room on the fourth floor of Mercy General Hospital. Clarissa could only wait and mourn quietly. She'd tried to hide her pain and stay positive for Matt, but it was getting harder to pretend as he slipped closer to the end of his life. Their twin seven-year-old daughters spent a lot of time with her mother. She didn't want them to remember their father as the corpse she saw each day when she came to the hospital after work. Her life was a cycle of working and grieving. She knew the girls missed her, but she just didn't have the strength to be there for them and keep up with the day-to-day battle of holding herself together. Matt was leaving them. The sound of the door opening roused her from the dark, sad thoughts. She stood up and hugged the visitor. "Hi, sis." Caren, her younger sister, breezed into the room smelling of sunshine and fresh air, in contrast to the stale stench of death she'd come to associate with her husband's hospital room. "How is he today?" Her sister's sadness only added to the weight in Clarissa's heart. "About the same. The nurse said last night was tough, but he pulled through. He's a strong fighter." She knew the last words sounded bitter. He was the strongest man she'd ever known; she couldn't understand why he couldn't beat the disease ravaging him. His once handsome face was pale and sunken. Her Matt had left long ago, leaving the dying man in his place. Her Matt would never have abandoned her and their daughters as this man was doing. For a long moment, Caren looked into her face. She knew Caren wanted to say something, but was holding back. "Go ahead and say what's on your mind. You're always so afraid of saying something that'll make me cry. I'm past that stage now. Just talk, you're irritating me." She knew her shrill statement bordered on cruel, but she didn't care. What was the use of pleasantries when her whole life was over and she'd never be happy again? "Sorry, sweetie," Caren whispered, laying a gentle hand on Clarissa's shoulder. The simple act of kindness tore at her soul, making her want to lash out again. She shrugged off her sister's caring touch. The unwavering love in the deep turquoise eyes, the same shade as her own, sent a little stab of guilt through Clarissa. "I'm the one who should be sorry, but seriously just tell me what's on your mind." Caren gave her a weak smile. "You know I love Matt too." Clarissa nodded. Matt had no siblings. She'd married him when Caren was still in high school and he'd taken to her sister as if she were his own. "I know." She sighed. "I think I know a way to save him, but I need your help," Caren whispered. Clarissa's eyes narrowed. Her whole body began shaking. "How dare you!" She hissed at her beloved younger sister. "Really. I mean it, Clarissa. I think I know a way that we can save Matt's life." She said the words with genuine hope. "We've tried faith healers, herbs, expensive specialists, what more can there be? I can't believe you'd spout such bullshit. Especially when he's so close to?" She couldn't say "the end", but it was true. Her husband only had a few more weeks to live, maybe less. The doctors had made it perfectly clear. It was time to give up hope. She'd already picked out his casket and bought the plot. Matt was gone. "I'm not pulling your leg, or giving you false hope. I saw it work!" 150783517 King of Time-Lords of Time Series Death?Thanatos has walked the Earth for centuries. One woman stirs his passion and obsesses his immortal heart. Nyssa. Lifetime after lifetime he loses his love due to the vengefulness of fate. Sleep?Hypnos is Thanatos?s brother also loves Nyssa. Together they will battle time to unravel the fabric of fate in an attempt to give Nyssa one more lifetime and a chance to fulfill her destiny. ~~~Excerpt~~~Dressed in worn grey slacks and a black turtleneck sweater, Thanatos sat at a sticky wobbly table, watching and blending in with the shadows. The god of death was quiet, doing his best to be as unworthy of notice as possible. The Queen of Hearts Bar and Grill bustled with joviality as the dozen or so patrons cheered and drank. There was some sporting event on the large television in the corner of the room and men shouted, made bets, and over indulged in the beer these modern Americans were so fond of drinking. He looked at the top of his table; playing cards lay scattered, shellacked in a clear plastic on the surface. Everything in the bar had playing cards affixed to or painted onto it. A combination of red and white paint on the walls, and a playing card border, gave the place a cheerful feeling. She seemed comfortable here in this rural tavern. He relished her casual teasing manner, watching her every movement. Thanatos hungered for the sight of her. The years of waiting had been sheer torment. The mortals drank and gambled, casually enthusiastic in their vice. These men didn?t know it, but they were marked for a violent death. He couldn?t see one who?d die peacefully in bed after a long life. A moment of sympathy filled him. His sisters could be real bitches, and these men would eventually become their sustenance. He couldn?t see their deaths clearly, so he knew their fates had intertwined with the woman tending the bar, his woman. ?Hey sweetheart, sell me a pull tab. If I win, I?ll take you home tonight and rock your world. I love a girl with a nice round ass. What?cha say, baby?? A man in his fifties spoke loudly, drunk. He licked his lips. His lust emanated from him strongly. The drunken man?s desire, completely tainted with thoughts of pain and punishment, focused directed at Thanatos?s woman. Water-grey eyes traveled over her body with interest, but remained hard and cruel. Thanatos?s hands balled up into fists. He held them under the table and took a deep breath, struggling against the urge to kill the foolish man. He felt his glamour waiver and refocused to hold the plain, inconspicuous form he used when he walked among mortals. If he became a muscular seven-foot-tall tattoo-covered god with wings and a bad attitude, these tavern goers would run away screaming. Or worse, snapping pictures with the camera phones they all carried. These times of instant communication made keeping secrets almost impossible. ?Thanks so much, Frank, but no thanks.? The woman tousled his hair as if he were a child. A man relaxing at the bar burst out laughing. Another joined in, and soon they were all laughing themselves into tears, except Frank. Frank glared at her. She didn?t see the danger. Thanatos?s hands bled as his nails dug into his palms, he?d clenched them so tightly. He fought his natural urge to protect her. Frank stood up so quickly his bar stool fell and slid across the room. He gave her the finger. She chuckled. The irate man looked at the surprised men who sat along the bar. They stopped laughing, watching his reaction. ?Fuck all of you assholes. No one laughs at me. She?s lucky anyone offered her fat ass a lay.? Frank stomped out, slamming the door open with the full force of his rage. The walls shook. A card shaped clock fell from a nail, clattering onto the grey floor. Everyone remained silent. The whole room was still except for the banging of the screen door outside as the energy dissipated from the forceful treatment it received. Then a skinny man sitting at the end of the bar started laughing again. A short chubby man stood, retrieved the stool and returned it to the bar. ?Hey don?t worry about him.? The speaker was tall and thin, dressed in worn dirty work clothes. ?Frank?s an asshole.? She smiled at the slurred words of comfort, unfazed. ?I own a bar. I?ve seen dogs with bigger bites than Frank. The next round is on the house.? A jubilant shout went up in unison from her clientele. She was beautiful in a way that defied human eyes. Around thirty-six, her full figure and soft curves made him hard. Thanatos had never experienced her at such a mature age, it just made him even more desperate to relish every moment she had left. Long reddish brown hair this time, he liked it. He?d never been disappointed with her incarnation. Her eyes twinkled, so big and grey he could see the color clearly, even from across the room. Each time she looked so different, and yet the same. The last thirty years had been hell, pure complete hell. He?d tried so hard to stay away, break the cycle. Knowing she was out there in the mortal realm had burned in him like fire, eating him alive, torturing him. She noticed him there, in the shadows. Frowning, she leaned over to whisper in the ear of the younger, shorter woman standing behind the bar with her. Both of them wore red t-shirts with the tavern logo and denim jeans. He could see Nyssa was the woman?s superior from the way she?d been instructing and directing the woman earlier. The woman moved to the end of the long ?L? shaped bar, retrieving a fresh beer for one of the thirsty patrons. His woman moved in his direction. He couldn?t breathe. The first meeting was always the hardest for him. ?Hi, what can I get you? I hope you haven?t been sitting long. I never saw you come in. Two for one tap beers during the game.? Her bright smile warmed him. He was always cold unless she was near. I just want to touch her one more time. Just once and I?ll accept this. I?ll let her die this time. Thanatos felt desperate. He couldn?t speak. Emotion clogged his throat. ?Are you all right?? Her head tipped to the side a bit. A puzzled look crossed her face. She wrinkled her nose just a little, adorable. ?Yes, thank you. I?ll take a glass of red wine.? Her surprise made him realize his mistake. ?Forgive me. Give me a bottle of your darkest beer please.? One of her eyebrows shot up. ?Sure thing. There?s plenty of room at the bar, you can see the game better from there.? Curious and kind, her tone reminded him why he couldn?t get her out of his head. She was always in his heart, century upon century. Her t-shirt clung to her breasts. Thanatos tried not to stare, but her frown told him she?d noticed his eyes trained on her chest. ?Thank you.? He gave nothing away. He could see it irritated her as he watched her frown deepened. He knew her well enough to know how much she liked solving puzzles. She shrugged. He remained where he was. She was back with a bottle of beer very quickly. When she handed him the beverage their hands touched. He felt the electricity of the contact. She flinched and pulled back. ?Ouch, static can get bad in here during the fall, sorry. I haven?t seen you here before. Are you new to our fair city? We have happy hour specials every night of the week, and almost every Saturday night local bands come and play.? He could feel her gaze on him. I can?t look her in the eyes. If I look, I won?t be able to stop myself from saving her. ?Thank you, just passing through.? ?Okay then, thanks for stopping in. I?m always happy to have a new face here. There?s still room at the bar.? He nodded without looking at her. His heart beat wildly in his chest. ?Are you sure you?re all right?? Her genuine concern touched him. There was something special about her. Magnetism pulled him to her. He couldn?t fight it. Thanatos wiped his hands on his thighs to keep himself from reaching for her. ?Yes. Thank you.? Her shadow left the table. He looked up, she was already back to the bar serving another customer. He gazed at her longingly. If only they had more time?time was his enemy. He was a king of hours, endless immortal time, but after loving her, he was a slave to her humanity. He?d never felt vulnerable before he?d fallen for her. She?d changed the universe. She made his existence worthwhile. ?Coward,? His brother?s voice startled him. ?Hello Hypnos, why are you here?? Thanatos kept his tone quiet and neutral. ?The question is why you have come, now, after all this time. You can?t do it, can you?? The accusatory tone set him on edge. He glanced over to where the other man sat. His lips thinned in disapproval. ?Leave. Now.? He didn?t need Hypnos?s taunting presence. Today would be difficult enough without his brother?s interference. Worse, he wasn?t even trying to hide his godhood. Six-five and massive, his brother?s handsome face caused riots among mortal women more than once. The man hadn?t dressed to blend in. His black t-shirt stretched over his taunt body as if it would rip at any moment. He wore black leather pants, and thick silver chains on his wrists and neck. The tattoo of the moon on his right upper arm had the words sleep well written in Latin and permanently inked on his immortal body. Other symbols for sleep covered both of his forearms. Hypnos?s golden blond hair had been crew cut the last time he'd seen his brother, but now he wore it loose in a shaggy glorious golden mane. Riots?eesh! They were twins, but not identical. Thanatos wore his raven black hair long, tied back in a ponytail. His face was always bearded, it grew too quickly for anything else. He didn?t have his brother?s strong jaw, green eyes, or straight nose. His eyes were black, the color of death. His color. He?d never been the handsome brother, but that hadn?t mattered to her. She?d always chosen him. Her eyes saw something in him no other had seen. She was the only person who?d ever made him feel like he was more than his duty, as if he could be part of life instead of destruction. ?You know as well as I that Atropos won?t give up until she?s permanently in Hades? realm. Her thread of fate and yours can?t intertwine. Why do you constantly try?? Hypnos?s weary tone irritated him. ?She should?ve been mine. If you?d let me have her she?d have been safe,? Hypnos spoke with unapologetic assurance. ?She hasn?t got a thread. This isn?t right, but if this is what must be to keep her from worse pain, it must be. I have to see it. I can?t let her die alone. I can?t imagine turning my back while our sisters feed on her corpse. I want to be there to guide her in peace, at least they?ll give me that, and you know they will.? He slammed his fist onto the table. ?I?m not the only one who?s played a part in this.? ?I love her too, but we have to accept this. It?s getting worse, if we don?t let it happen this time I refuse to think of what they?ll do next. Accept it.? ?Shall I accept it as you have? Never. I?ll let it happen, but I?ll never accept a world without her. I wish I were mortal so I could die with her.? Thanatos scowled at his twin. ?You?ve had years with her Hypnos, even if it was only in her dreams. You promised you?d stay away too, but I know you haven?t, I have my sources.? ?You know nothing of my work. Mortals die without dreams. How could I let that happen?? Hypnos crossed his arms over his chest and glared. ?Keep your voice down. The mortals are starting to notice,? Thanatos knew he was raising his voice. ?I don?t care if they know me. Let them tremble.? He knew they weren?t whispering anymore, and he no longer cared. He couldn?t help blaming his brother. He?d been the one to speak to Atropos; he should?ve kept her to the bargain. ?It is my birthright. I had to give her dreams.? When he gazed across the room, there was a look of profound sorrow on Hypnos?s face. Thanatos felt a moment of camaraderie in the pain they mutually endured. ?If you had to go to her every night would you have been able to leave her?? ?You didn?t have to stay with her, every damn night. You could?ve just done your job and left.? He picked up the bottle of beer and took a deep drink. ?You know she?d never have allowed you liberties if she?d been able to choose.? ?Hi.? They?d been so engrossed in the argument they hadn?t noticed her return. ?I see you brought a friend with you, are you both ?just passing through?? I can?t believe I didn?t see either of you come in. So what language were you two just speaking? Sorry I?m nosey.? She smiled brightly. The hot look she gave his brother sent a red-hot shaft of jealousy into Thanatos?s heart. ?We were speaking English.? Thanatos lied. ?Wow first my eyes, now my ears, what?s next my memory? Sorry. So what can I get for you?? She flashed Hypnos another brilliant smile, her precious attention fixed on him. Did she just bat her eyes? Gods I know that look, she?s hot for him. Jealousy made his emotions almost impossible to control. Thanatos did all he could not to attack his brother, somehow he managed to stay calm. ?I?ll take the same drink you just served my brother.? He smiled back, almost flaunting his supernatural beauty. How can he smile at her when he knows what?s about to happen? ?Great. Brothers traveling together, very cool, I?? Her voice trailed off as she looked at Thanatos. His eyes met hers, the very act he?d been trying desperately to avoid. ?Do I know you? Your eyes, they look?never mind. Sorry.? She blushed and fled. ?Damn it, Hypnos. I don?t want this to be any harder than it has to be, on her, on either of us. Now she?s upset.? Thanatos couldn?t look at his brother. ?Something you want to tell me?? Dammit. Thanatos glared at his brother. Hypnos just grinned, cocky as always. ?Don?t look at me like that. I have nothing to say.? Thanatos took another swig from the bottle. Hypnos shrugged. ?Suit yourself.? ?What?s she called?? He couldn?t resist asking. Hypnos would know her name. He?d spent years in her dreams. ?Nyssa,? Hypnos?s voice held no emotion. He gazed at the wall. Thanatos stared at his brother in disbelief. Blood dripped down his palm from the deep punctures his nails had left his hands due to the force of his clenched fist. ?You lie.? Hypnos wore a faraway expression, wistful. His twin pulled himself from wherever his mind had been. ?Nyssa is her name now, just as it was. Fitting,? ?Nyssa,? Thanatos breathed the single word with reverence. As if he?d conjured her by saying the name, she appeared at the table with Hypnos?s beer. He noticed her hand shook a bit, as she set it down. She looked at them both for a moment, the color drained from her face. ?On the house,? she stated, then left without another word. She returned to her place behind the bar, but every now and again, she?d glance at their table and grew paler. The door to the bar flew open with a loud bang. The conversation and laughter died as the men all turned to gaze at the newcomer. Frank stood in the doorway. The bright afternoon sun haloed him making it hard for the mortals to see, but Thanatos saw. He held a twenty-gauge shotgun in his hands. Frank raised the gun and began shooting. The man who?d picked up the barstool was the first one to die. More shots rang out, more blood. Nyssa bled from a wound in her stomach. She crawled across the floor. A smear of red coated the grey floor behind her as her precious lifeblood left her body. Thanatos gripped the table so tightly his arms shook. He rose. His brother pulled him back down to his chair. He watched her suffering and it tore through him ripping apart his heart, making him crazed. ?I have to stop this.? ?No. If you try, you?ll only make it worse. They?re already here.? Thanatos looked where his brother pointed. Several dead men lay on the cold cement floor. Frank pulled a pistol out of his belt and fired more shots. Six of their sisters, the Keres, Hovered over the bodies of the dead feasting, mortals couldn?t see, but the brothers did. Taina, one of the few he could actually stand to carry on a conversation with looked up at him. Blood covered her mouth. She smiled at him gruesomely. Then she returned to her grizzly meal. He?d come to keep them away from his woman?s soul. If anyone would be leading her to the underworld, it would be him. He couldn?t give her the peaceful death she deserved, but he could at least see she had as little trauma as possible after the fact. Neither brother spoke as Frank continued to kill. He reloaded the shotgun. The petite young girl who?d been tending bar with Nyssa suddenly jumped up from a hiding place and made a dash for the phone. A blast rang out. She screamed. Thanatos watched her slide down the wall in a bloody smear, the phone still in her hand as she attempted to call for help. A middle-aged balding man tried to tackle the gunman. A shot to his face, at point blank range, stopped him from being a hero. He fell to the ground already dead. Nyssa tried to crawl to where the brothers sat undisturbed. No one else in the bar could see them now, and yet she could. She held out a bloody hand towards them, trembling, looking for help. She?d always been more than mortal but even after all these lifetimes he had no idea what she really was or why she had no fate. He felt wild with rage. Her death shouldn?t be like this. That bitch Atropos always manipulated everything so she suffered, because of him. They?d had a deal that as long as he stayed away from her she could live out a mortal lifetime, undisturbed. The promise was that after a long life he?d be able to go to her and lead her to the underworld. This morning that small piece of solace tore away from him. He?d felt those around her had a change in fate which would lead to her imminent and violent demise. ?I?ll make this easier for her. Stay here and don?t do anything foolish.? Hypnos spoke authoritatively, and then he was gone. 151593309 Aurora Skies (Aurora #2) For Earth geologist Mallory Blain, permission to explore Aurora's alien geology represents the opportunity of a lifetime. Tasmin, Mallory's college roommate, is now consort to Aurora's Star Prince, who grants Mallory the unheard of chance to explore Aurora's rocks and minerals. There's only one problem: Mallory's escort, the sexy duke DeBaron, a warrior priest and the prince's cousin. The man hates humans and resents her intrusion into his world's sacred mysteries. Worse yet, she'll be at his mercy in an alien wilderness for seven days. Every rock on DeBaron's world is the womb of mother Aurora. Earth's analytical scientists have no concept of how mystical life is, or how to study his world with appropriate reverence. However, disobeying the Star Prince is not an option. DeBaron must keep the Earth woman from disrespecting his world while protecting her for an entire week in the wilderness. When an alien rock-creature bites her hand, Mallory learns how real the mystical forces on Aurora are, and how much her body craves her protector. DeBaron knows there's only one way to save the foolish Earthling from the creature's bite -- sex, and lots of it. Together they will discover the secret of Aurora's mysteries may be a chemistry of their own. ~~~Blurb~~~"Tas!" Mallory hugged her friend tightly. "How was your trip, Mal?" Tasmin's voice had acquired a trace of an Aurorian accent and the lilt made Mallory smile. She noticed her friend carried herself... regally. Tas certainly wore the mantel of consort well. "A bit terrifying. I hate flying, so space travel wasn't any easier for me to stomach, but it was totally worth it. Wow, is this place beautiful or what? Pictures can't do it justice. I cried just smelling the flowers in front of the hotel. I felt like an idiot." "Don't feel bad. The scents and colors here have a unique effect on humans. DeMarcus is always teasing me about it. What happened to your hand?" Mallory looked down at her bandaged hand. "Nothing, just an accident when I went out exploring this afternoon." Shrugging, she changed the subject to a more enjoyable topic. "Where's your hunk? I can't believe you've slowed down long enough to let a man into your life. You never did tell me how you ended up consort of the Prince of The Stars." Tasmin blushed and looked away with an uncomfortable gesture. "Oh hon, you don't have to tell me." "It's not that I don't want to tell you. Please don't tell anyone back home, but I... I was technically married to him for awhile." "What?" "I saved his life, and the end result was that we were married. Sort of. We had to -- have sex to fulfill the requirements of his life debt to me. Then he saved my life and everything turned out okay. Thank God. I love him, but I'm the alien here. People have been wary of our relationship due to how strained relations between Aurora and Earth have been. I'm not ready to marry him, so to keep the more traditional Aurorians happy I accepted the title of consort." "You've been his consort for a year now. Do you think you'll ever be ready to be his princess?" "Essh, don't say princess, it makes me queasy. I like being me, and a title like that just freaks me out. It's so damn un-American." "Isn't that the truth. But if anyone can be both, it's you. I know you can do anything you set your mind on doing." Tas chuckled and put her arm around Mallory's shoulders. Tas had sent her a traditional Aurorian evening dress and Mallory was still feeling a bit naked. She was glad to see her friend appeared comfortable in the scant clothing. Mallory's larger body strained against the cloth and she knew her nipples were far too visible for comfort. She'd piled her long brown hair up in a creative style of curls and braids, as was popular on Aurora. Mallory glanced at her reflection in the hotel door. She wished non-transparent clothing was in fashion, too, but unfortunately it wasn't. She felt naked seeing how clearly visible her body was under the beautiful cloth. The evening breeze ruffled the gauzy garment. It reminded her of a toga. The material wrapped around her body tightly and belted at the waist. The light purple was more of a blue than lavender. She'd never seen such an exotic color before. She'd considered wearing her own clothing, but she wasn't willing to offend her hosts. "DeMarcus's mother is away, but she asked me to pass along her welcome to you. She's really sweet. I adore her. At first, I hated her for instigating the trial of flesh, but now I understand why she did it. There's so much political intrigue here. That's the worst part of being consort, making sure you don't offend anyone or give the royal family's enemies a reason to strike." "As if I wasn't nervous enough... Are you sure this dinner is a good idea? You could just tell everyone I'm sick." Mallory hated how hopeful she sounded. "It's a small gathering. Just me, DeMarcus, and the man you'll be working with in the field." "What man?" Mallory stopped dead in her tracks. "I know how much of a lone ranger you are, but this was a condition of allowing you to explore. Aurora is a very religious place and the rocks are as much a part of that as the sex. DeBaron is DeMarcus's cousin and the equivalent to a geologist on Earth, but also a priest of sorts. It's complicated." "So I'll have your rock priest tagging along? I suppose this means I can't take samples." "I'm not sure about the samples. We can ask tonight. I'm sorry, this is the best I can do." Tas sounded a bit hurt. "Please don't think I'm ungrateful. I appreciate all you did to get me here. It's just going to be a bit weird." "Welcome to my world. Once you understand everything, Aurora is great, but weird pretty much sums it up. They are very -- organic. Sex is life, literally. Makes sense. Life begins with sex. It's just the whole planet is considered the womb of their gods. These people have a lot to teach Earth about being "green." I'm impressed at the recycling they do here, but hurting the planet is a crime. Be careful of DeBaron. He's not impressed with his cousin for allowing you to come. Part of the reason they're so interested in Earth's resources is to protect their world. I think that's causing some suspicion at home. I assure you they aren't going to start a war, but I worry we'll start one out of pure paranoia." "Believe me, the rhetoric is getting louder since you've been here. How are they handling you being with the prince over at the embassy?" "I'm afraid I may have to make a choice soon, but not yet." "I'll keep my fingers crossed that they don't force you to decide. If anyone can walk in both worlds gracefully, it's you, Tasmin." 151965143 The Vampire's Plaything What would you do if you found yourself helpless and vulnerable for the most attractive man you?d ever seen? Zoe finds herself a naked captive of a vampire and impossible memories of two men surface in her mind. Passion overcomes her as the long suppressed need for these men turned monster?s touch rekindles something from another time inside her, and makes her a willing plaything for these dangerous but sexy creatures. 153840486 Raven's Crew #1 Raylin Fabian has loved Captain Sterling Tristam for ten long, lonely years. Unfortunately, he still sees her as the child he rescued so long ago, when her war-torn home world's barbarity caught up with her once elite family of telepaths. When Raylin's injured, her captain makes a decision she can't accept. She finds herself left behind on a world Tristam thinks is safe. However, there's no place unreachable enough in the galaxy to escape the captain's nemesis. Caught in the crossfire between Tristam and an angry battalion commander's ire, Raylin has but one avenue of escape -- seducing her captain. Can she convince the man she loves it's all right to love her back? ~~~Blurb~~~This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers. Laser blasts hit the steel doors ahead of her. The reverberation made her head feel as if it might explode. Skidding to a halt, Raylin Fabian watched the metal bubble and melt where the coin-sized blasts hit. Each of the numerous deadly projectiles missed her by just inches. Thank God that traitorous bastard is such a bad shot! She couldn't hear her captain beside her anymore. Together they'd turned down the corridor a moment ago. Raylin paused just long enough to look for Captain Sterling Tristam, the man she'd flown with for the last decade, the only person she truly trusted. Tristam wasn't behind her. Panic rose like bile in her throat, making it hard to breathe. Her heart pounded painfully. Raylin bit her lip, resisting the urge to scream his name. Cap wouldn't just leave her. He was -- he was the only noble man she'd ever met in Free Space. She turned and climbed back down the spindly metal ladder, leaving the crew quarters. The only sound was her feet against the floor as she raced down the long unlit corridor, turning again, almost making it to her destination. The sound of running brought her up short and she paused to look for some place to hide on the enemy craft. Turning again, off course and further from escape, she rushed down another hallway. Seeing the cargo crates, Raylin rushed towards them and managed to wedge her small body in the shadows between them, obscuring her slight form in the dark place between two large containers standing nestled next to the wall. She held her breath. Three men in Galaxy Battalion uniforms ran past her. Damn it, Cap! I told you this was a trap. Fuck. A produce transport out of Battalion-controlled space was too good to be true. The second freedom war had been raging a full two years, and this time it was all or nothing. The rebels would die before they agreed to peace after what the Battalion army had done to them last time. They should have known. Food that good never made it to the refugee camps, even if the majority of those refugees were helpless children. Sterling, why do you have to be the one to answer every time someone needs a hero? She should be glad he was, or she'd have been screwed, but right now, the endearing trait was pissing her off. The long narrow corridor was quiet now. Two turns and she'd be back at the airlock. She'd press a button and Esta would send the shuttle for her. She'd have to endure running ten feet across the flimsy emergency connector, nothing but two inches of plastic between her delicate flesh and the vacuum of space, but she'd do it to get the hell off this ship. But she couldn't leave without her Cap. She'd never leave him behind. Tenuously, she worked herself out of the claustrophobia-inducing hiding nook and scanned the path in both directions. Her way was clear. Now to pick a direction, Raylin closed her eyes a moment and focused. Cap. Where are you? Nothing. She had no sense of where he was -- no connection to him. Not a good sign. She should be able to feel him. He needed her, she was sure of that fact. The urgency she felt told her the powers she'd long suppressed were roaring to life. Survival. The Galinian telepathy she'd pushed away for a decade hadn't left her as she'd hoped. She could feel the crew's panic on Raven. Cap wasn't back. He hadn't left her behind. Equal measures of relief and terror surged through Raylin. Cap! Her mind sent the call without her conscious thought. Leave me. Get away... She gasped. His returned thoughts were so weak. Sterling Tristam was a lot of things -- privateer, rebel, freedom fighter -- but never weak. Help me find you. What happened back there? No... run! Damn it, Cap, I'm not leaving without you. You wouldn't leave me. I can't live -- live with myself if you die here. Cap, tell me or I'm just going to go looking. Fuckin' telepathy! I'm not getting off this ship alive, Raylin. Bartholomew paid Crandel to set us up. I'm so sorry, Star Shine. Get off this bird! Oh, it was bad. He hadn't called her Star Shine in years. Sorrow filled her. No! I'm on the cargo deck and I'm climbing to the crew quarters again now. Go back. Press your emergency beacon. Esta will get you home. There is no home for me without you, Cap. 154911314 Keyboards and Kink Anthology A night at home on the computer doesn?t have to be boring? Feel like chatting? Or maybe doing something more daring? The stranger reaching out across cyberspace could be a creepy pervert, but what if he wasn?t? What if he?s a vampire, the sexy boy next door, or even your gorgeous boss? Thirteen tales explore all the delicious possibilities when online relationships lead to sexy encounters away from the keyboard. 154911715 Raven's Crew Book 2 Some days it sucks being a telepath, especially when your lover's nemesis is digging in your brain and picking apart your memories. Raylin Fabian endured a lot growing up in a war-torn universe, but nothing has prepared her for the special kind of hell Commander Bartholomew Tristam has in store for her. The commander has a score to settle with her captain and lover -- his brother -- and she's just a pawn for the sadistic man's revenge. Enduring the agony, she takes solace in the occasional thought or feeling she gleans from the man she loves as he too suffers unspeakably. When an alien offers to help them escape, she's willing to do anything, including a telepathic three-way to save herself and her friends. ~~~Excerpt~~~Raylin slowly became aware of her surroundings. She knew she was alive, because her entire body felt like hell. Moaning, she tried to sit up, but her head felt incredibly heavy. She reached up and felt the hard polycarb shell of the hurt dome. Memories flooded back. Sterling. Esta. Where were they now? Could they have survived? Darkness surrounded her. She lay somewhere cold. Images of her friends being tortured made her feel the urge to run to them, save them, but right now she didn't even know where she was. Now let's see what's in that pretty head of yours. The commander's final words before she'd passed out hadn't made her feel warm and fuzzy. Ominous much? she thought and this time only a small twinge accompanied her mental words. Sighing with relief, she realized her body was dampening her telepathic abilities as a self defense mechanism. As much as she'd learned to hate who she was because of the danger it brought upon her, the thought of losing her talent made her unbearably sad. Once she'd been proud of her heritage, but she'd learned to hide her abilities. Almost every life-sustaining world bowed to the superior forces of the Battalion, and they'd committed themselves to the genocide of her people. Fear gripped her, making her heart pound. She'd always hated the dark, and the fear had only grown worse after living on a deep space cargo ship for the last decade. She loved the Raven, but every night before she closed her eyes she'd think of the stories about ghost ships and the mummified remains of the crewmembers who had died in their sleep when life support failed. Dark meant she might not wake up. Gulping down a deep breath of air she reassured herself it smelled fresh. The scrubbers here, wherever the hell here was, were working just fine. She crawled forward, feeling her environment. One of the first rules of war Cap had taught her was to know and assess your situation fully. Captain Sterling Tristam was an amazing man. She'd loved him since her teens, and a decade later she'd finally thought there was hope for them to be together, but now she doubted they'd live long enough to see each other again. "You're awake. Excellent." Bartholomew's voice drifted toward her from overhead. "Where am I?" The villain had the nerve to chuckle. Raylin longed for a knife and ten minutes alone with the bastard. Then he'd see who was laughing. "Inconsequential, my dear. Let's see what secrets are in that pretty young head of yours. I'm going to be taking a special interest in your interrogation." The door opened and light flooded the room. Raylin saw her cell wasn't very large; there was no cot, no toilet, just four white padded walls. Her heart raced. This was a room for someone who wouldn't be staying long, and she highly doubted they had any plans to release her alive. Two large men wearing medic uniforms rushed into the room. When they grabbed her, she let them drag her to the door, but the moment she was in the hall she began to fight. Battalion personnel walked past, giving her quick looks, some curious, some hostile, but she could see no one wanted to help her. Her earlier pain had left her body weak and the men kept a tight hold, even as she fought. Sterling. Pain caused her to stumble. Her unconscious cry for the one man who'd always saved her left her body twitching with the residual effects of punishment as the device on her head reminded her that Bartholomew was in control of her mental abilities. The sense of entrapment was so crushing Raylin screamed, bearing down on her anger. The sound was low, guttural. The two men shoved her into another room. There was a table and the lights hurt her eyes. She blinked into the white uncomfortable light. Her eyes burned. The men left and the sound of the door lock snicking into place gave her an empty feeling, beyond dread. Raylin knew she walked with death now -- it could come at any moment. Sterling. If only she could see him, touch him, one last time. She'd been so close to having him as her own. The unfairness of the situation made her crazy with frustration. Her eyes burned from the intensity of the light in the room. When the door opened again she shielded her face with her hand, trying to see who was entering. Bartholomew. His scarred face and superior demeanor could belong to no one else. The bastard had come calling, but Raylin wasn't feeling friendly. 156726458 Saving Sawyer Daron, daughter of Gayle, is a witch. When her sister dies during a dangerous spell, the coven council lays her death on Daron?s shoulders. To redeem herself she must save someone that shouldn?t exist, a warlock. Protecting the warlock and his dangerous infant son is more of a challenge than the powerful witch expects, especial when she starts having visions of the warlock?nude! ~~~Excerpt~~~He reached for the same doorknob she did. Their hands touched. Electricity seemed to crackle between them. The world bowed and her vision narrowed yet again. Sawyer?s tongue was in her mouth. Dar moaned, his hand slid down her body and she pressed herself into his touch. Her hand reached out and fondled his cock. He groaned, causing her to smile. Dar loved that sound. ?Damn it, Baby, you know how to touch a man. Squeeze me tighter, Darlin?.? She did. ?I also know what you like best.? He grunted. ?I know you do.? He lay on his back and she turned to her side and shimmied lower on the bed. There was a certain angle that made him crazy when she sucked him. Dar tilted her chin and put her lips over her teeth. Tenderly she took his cock in her mouth and drew him in, sucking hard. Sawyer writhed. The sensual power went to Dar?s head and she sped up just a bit, increasing his pleasure. She loved the sound of his pleasure. He wasn?t very vocal in bed, but when she did this he couldn?t repress the groans. She pressed her tongue against the channel on the bottom of his cock as she pulled back. ?Oh God, Dar!? She sucked harder, and pulled back farther, letting him slide from between her lips. He kissed her, hard. She loved the way his tongue slid against hers, and the taste of cinnamon on his breath. He smelled like the woods, and tasted like sin. She loved this man. He pushed her back against the mattress. A primal male sound escaped him and she grinned daringly up at him. His large hands brushed her belly. He leaned down and pressed a kiss just above her navel. She jerked, the sensation tickling. ?I love that about you. So strong and yet this little spot can make you jump.? He did it again with the same result. His hard cock pressed into her thigh. She felt like she was on fire, and she knew he was the only one who could put that blaze out. Love so deep filled her, making it hard to breathe. ?I love you so much,? she gushed. He looked up at her smiling, and the joy reached his warm gorgeous brown eyes, making them crinkle. ?I love you too, baby. I?m going to taste you, so spread your legs.? Dar spread her legs as wide as she could. Sawyer glanced up at her one final time before he flicked her clit with his tongue. She bucked her hips. He?d played with her earlier, and she was still very sensitive. He loved making her wet, and she was happy to accommodate him. He lapped at her, his rough tongue making her crazy. Swirling around the sensitive nub, he pushed two fingers deep inside her pussy, curving them and rubbing her on the spot he knew drove her wild. Dar cried out as she arched her back. He pulled his mouth away a moment. ?You taste so damn sweet. Come for me, baby.? ?Fuck me! Sawyer, yes, please? I want you to fuck me.? She was so close, and he knew it. The man knew how to blind her with pleasure. She felt the bed dip and then his stiff cock impaled her in one swift graceful move. The beauty of their union made her scream, uncaring if the whole world heard. She clawed at his back, reckless in her haze of delight. He chuckled against her ear. His hips thrust his rock hard member deeply inside her. She wrapped her legs around him, snarling with need, hovering on the precipice of release. ?That?s it, darlin?, scream for me. Come on, Dar, I?can?t hold?much longer.? He thrust hard, his penis rubbing against her clit and g-spot at the same time. Dar tumbled into the mindless abyss of orgasm, clawing at him and screaming. She tossed her head back reveling in his mastery of her body. Sawyer stiffened, and she felt the heat of his release as he joined her in bliss. ?Dar! Sweet Dar. Yes! Christ, yes!? He cried out, arching his back and closing his eyes. As the last of her orgasm ebbed, she gazed upon the awe-inspiring beauty that was her man. Dar?s world was complete. She pulled away as if it burned. Sawyer stumbled back, looking at her with confusion and anger. She was sweating, her body burning with lust and need. This man was the only thing that could put out the raging inferno in her pussy. She felt it contracting as if she?d just had a real orgasm. ?I didn?t do it!? she cried, feeling the need to defend herself. He was looking at her like she was some kind of mind rapist. ?It might have been you,? she suggested weakly. He stumbled away and left the cabin. She stood panting. Her face felt hot and she was sweating. Her underwear stuck to her pussy, soaked with the desire inspired by the realistic sensations of making love with Sawyer. The vision was more than sex??there?d been a deep sense of companionship, of contentment. Dar shook off the odd feelings. He was gone a long time, and when he came in she noticed the baby. She?d forgotten all about the boy while she?d been busy securing the cabin, and then after the erotic vision she couldn?t think of anything accept how right she felt in Sawyer?s arms. 158023590 Tender Warrior (Auroria #3) The Earthling Tasmin Robinson, consort to Prince DeMarcus, has been kidnapped by separatist cultists. LaJesa is a trained warrior and resents being sent after the prince's wayward Human. To make matters worse, she's forced to work with an Earth soldier, Master Sergeant Thaxton Mick, the most infuriating creature she's ever met. LaJesa's no separatist, but she's worked hard to gain the respect of her fellow warriors, and that has meant putting heart and soul into her work. She's got no time for relationships. Certainly not with some annoying Human. And she's definitely not falling in love with him. No matter how skilled, or handsome, the Human proves to be, she needs him to concentrate on his job, not on seducing her. Can they save the consort without killing each other in the process? ~~~Excerpt~~~Shielding her eyes against the bright Auroran midday sun, Lady LaJesa looked out into the distance. No sign of the Earthling. She sighed. Years of training and devotion had finally paid off. She'd been called to service in the palace -- for a human. The insult was almost unbearable. LaJesa loved her prince and the seven kingdoms, but the idea of running off to find the prince's pet irritated her. The Earthling's military presence on the capitol world needed to end. She'd come from Bellatine. This was the second largest world under the Star Throne's control. Most on Bellatine agreed Aurora had no reason to humor the inferior Earthlings. Of all the Earthlings, the United States variety seemed the most rude. They had no respect for Auroran values. If she weren't waiting for her tag-along Earthling, she'd have the consort returned by evening meal. LaJesa required no outside assistance with this simple task. Her heavy zora required adjustment. The blade was the traditional weapon of her people, and still in use on her home world. Twisting the belt at her waist, she managed to find a more comfortable position on her hip for the beloved family steel. Her father's father had forged the beastly weapon himself and of all her siblings, she'd been the one to inherit the fine blade. She had the blood of the first Auroran warlord in her veins. There was no need for the alien to delay her. She'd be the one to return the consort to her prince. This wouldn't even be happening if the prince did his duty and married seven wives as was traditional. A monogamous bond corrupted. If her prince had a harem to occupy him, he'd be far less concerned with one alien female. Looking up she noticed someone moving in the distance. Her mouth fell open. The foolish Earthling wore the uniform she'd seen their men wear on patrol. Strange, splotchy colored heavy canvas garb. The Earth fabric would hold in the heat of the sun. Not a safe choice. He'd probably be dead in two hours. Good riddance. She had to allow him to follow her, but the prince hadn't ordered her to keep the man alive. A warrior who couldn't do the battle dance well wouldn't live long. Her prince had said he'd be the best they had. Earth would be easily conquered if this were the best they had to offer. As he moved closer, she noticed he was attractive -- for an alien. His chin had a cleft. He looked young, far too young, but a jagged scar on his cheek gave her some hope. If he'd earned the mark in battle then he might be redeemable. She had to admit he was one of the most sensual looking males she'd ever seen. He moved with confidence. She watched the way his muscles bulged underneath the cumbersome clothing. The Earthling passed through the gate. His armband gave him uninterrupted permission to enter. The guards held back as he came to a stop in front of her. "You are Thaxton of the Mick clan?" she asked him in English. Her skill with the language wasn't yet perfect, but it was better than most Aurorans spoke. She believed in knowing her enemies. "Master Sergeant Thaxton Mick, United States Marine Corps. And who are you, Sexy?" The man spoke with a husky accent that made the Auroran words even more beautiful, but he clearly had confused the word woman for sexy. She decided to correct him in English. "You meant to say LaShal for woman or Ge'AmShal for lady. I am not nobility, so LaShal is fine." "You speak English well, Ge'Amou." He replied in English, but called her sexy in Auroran again. She felt the heat of a flush on her cheeks. "I am a warrior of the royal guard, and as such I deserve your respect. Do not trifle with me or I will show you how well I fight, Earthling." 163648466 Sinfully Yours (Raven's Crew 3) Xever, a powerful alien lord who rules outside of the Battalion authority, promises Raylin and her captain, Sterling Tristam, freedom in return for the use of their bodies. He's inhabited their consciousness, but he's also linked the three of them using his own powerful psychic energies. In return for their lives and their freedom from certain death at the hands of the Battalion, Raylin and Sterling now owe Xever one year of servitude under his command. As he's shanghaied Sterling's body for a year, Xever has taken over captainship of the Raven. The crew is wary of their new/old captain, but happy to be able to watch over Sterling. Raylin also has a year of belonging to Xever, and while she tries to remain faithful, the alien who looks so much like her lover attempts to seduce her at every turn. Not easy, when she owes Xever her life. Somewhere in space the Battalion's supreme commander, Bartholomew Tristam, deserves every bit of their wrath -- and the time for vengeance is coming... ~~~Excerpt~~Beauty surrounded Raylin Fabian. The peace of her grandmother's healing garden was like no place else on Galina. The noble house of Fabian was well known for its talent to grow even the most difficult of plants. A flutterbug landed on her hand. Raylin's hands were small -- she was only five years old. This flutterbug was blue. She liked the purple ones best. The luminescent wings would light up the night, but here in the sunny garden she could only see the normal azure blue the bug used to blend in with the Seabuds. The purple ones used Queen's robe as their home. Her father had noticed her interest in the creatures and sent a collection of Knowing files to her very own comm. Her family was wealthy. Most children didn't warrant the need for such expensive toys, but Raylin would one day lead house Fabian. Her father believed in advancing her knowledge as quickly as possible. She knew he loved her and it made her young heart prideful. High-pitched squeals of laughter caught her attention. She looked over to where Jilmara and Magalia, her younger sisters, played. They were chasing a small marsh-cat through the flowers and the terrified little red and black animal weaved between the walking paths. Her heart ached. Jilmara's long blond hair was free. Raylin watched it streaming behind the child like the house flag in the wind. The sight gave her pause. Ray knew when she was five Magalia hadn't been born yet. Maxwell rushed after his sisters. Wait. I want to play! Feeling the private family link was so comforting. She felt as if no one had spoken with the thought pattern for years, but that couldn't be true. At breakfast Mama had just sung thought songs, as she did every morning as the servants brought in the meal. Raylin squinted against the bright mid-morning sun. Maxwell hadn't been born yet either. Her siblings were spaced out enough that they all hadn't played this way together before. She was the eldest. She'd been fourteen when Maxwell was old enough to play as he did now. Something was terribly wrong with the glorious garden. Dark clouds gathered overhead. The warmth became a chill. Then she heard it -- laser fire. Raylin sat up with a start, gasping and pushing at the blanket. Xever's arms were around her -- holding her. She pushed him away, too. Instinct caused her to claw at the personal air recycler on her face. The device became essential when the ship went into power save operations at bedtime. The only room with the normal oxygen level was the pilot's house at the highest level of the ship. She pushed herself out of bed. "You were messing with my dreams again!" she accused. The contrite expression on his face made her look away. For a moment, he looked so much like Cap... but she knew it was her alien captor. The purple bastard was inside him, using Cap's body. It wasn't her lover who sat on the bed looking back at her. "You've been sad, Raylin Fabian. I thought happy memories might make you more content. I tire of your anger and unpleasantness." "Stay the fuck out of my head!" She could understand why people had feared and mistrusted telepaths now. Xever was far more powerful than any Galina telepath she'd ever known. His ability to use mental manipulation was terrifying. His games were a bit overwhelming. She slapped at the door release and rushed away. The oxygen concentration was still a bit low. She felt light headed as she rushed for her own cabin to get dressed for the day. Hard work was what she needed to take her mind away from how much she missed Sterling. * * * Raylin handed Owen a wrench. The heavy metal slipped from his hand. "Ouch! Fuck! Damn it, Ray, I thought you had it," he shouted from under the large cylinder-shaped turbine. "Sorry," she muttered. Being home on the Raven felt surreal. Her distracted thoughts weren't helping her focus on the task. Owen rolled himself out from under the machinery. His green spandex flight suit, covered with grease smears, looked like it was ready for the recycler. His face was filthy, too. She could see the strain on her friend's face. The Raven had been problematic lately, making Raylin glad to be the gunner and not the mechanic. "Hey, don't worry about it. I'll live." The large bump on his forehead made her cringe. "I keep thinking about how everything is my fault. My abilities made it easy for Xever to use Cap. Now we're stuck with the pompous ass as our captain." "Shh, he might hear you. I don't trust that thing inside of Cap, but we have to keep him happy or God only knows what he might do with the two of you. At least here, we can keep an eye on him. I don't like the idea of him suddenly dragging you two away from us." Owen paused, smiling briefly. "It'll be all right. If his people hadn't shown up Bartholomew would've killed you all. It wouldn't be the same here without you and Esta. I miss Cap too, but he knew what he agreed to." "Are you sure about that? I know he didn't agree to let an alien take over his body completely. Xever admitted Cap thought he would be sharing his body, not losing control of it." "I'd have agreed to anything to get away from Battalion, too. Cap knew you didn't have many options. Maybe one of you might have escaped, but there was no way all three of you would've gotten out alive. You were hurt badly. If we want him to stay, we can't push back too hard. Remember when you all returned? We all agreed to this." She'd never forget. 163763690 Burn The only survivors of a terrible crash, two women from Earth become the unwilling guests of a tribe of aliens who've lost all their women. Will Bianca and Coreen escape the Sloth-King before he makes them the "goddesses" of his tribe, or will they embrace their slavery? 166195594 Given Coming January 21st from Beachwalk Press! In a world without choices, one woman will find herself caught in the middle of six men and the emotions they develop for her. Krista is one of the last women on Earth, and her patriotic duty is to make babies. Her ?six?, the men who have won the right to call her their own, know they have to impregnate her quickly or risk losing her back to the government. As society fills with additional violence and unrest, her men keep her sheltered in a fortress of maximum security. Krista has left a her prison at the Young Women's Educational Protection Facility for another. When a mysterious man arrives and offers her the chance for true freedom, will she be willing to leave the life she knows behind or will she remain ?given??~~~EXCERPT~~~They left her alone. She sat down on the bed and air whooshed from her lungs as she sat in a state of nervous anticipation. Oh God, who should I pick? She couldn?t help wondering. Choosing felt so very wrong to her. She may belong to these men for a long time, and the idea of alienating any of them, or getting off on a bad start, twisted her stomach in knots of nervous anxiety. She stood up and unpacked her few belongings. The closet looked so empty after she?d put her scant possessions into it. She began walking down the stairs and she heard their voices. Krista paused to listen, feeling a bit evil for eavesdropping. ?It?s only right that she pick.? ?We?ve all waited so long, shouldn?t we draw straws or something?? ?For God?s sake, she?s a human being, not a new toy. Let the girl have her pick. We?ll all have a chance.? ?What if we all share her tonight? Then it?s fair to all of us.? ?It wouldn?t be fair to Krista. If she was your new bride, would you want to pass her around to five other guys?? ?There?s no more marriage, so the question isn?t valid. The world isn?t nice and romantic. The fact is, she?ll have to sleep with all of us.? ?For tonight, let her have some peace. I say no one should touch her.? ?Are you fucking kidding? Hell no, she picks at least one of us and that?s final!? ?Shh, she?ll hear you.? ?It?s not like it?ll hurt her the first time, they have their cherries popped by the doctor. I say we ask. She seems understanding.? She?d heard enough. She finished walking down the stairs, one squeaked. They all turned, giving her guilty looks. ?Yes, I heard. I was thinking about the same thing. I don?t know if I can pick. I don?t want to cause infighting here, and I don?t want anyone to feel hurt. I don?t know what to do,? she finished miserably. ?We won?t force you to do anything you don?t want to do, but you should sleep with at least one of us tonight,? Damon said. ?If you want to pick more than one, that?s okay too,? DeAnthony amended. Krista blushed. 166906174 Kendren's Prize Will Kendren give into temptation ? and risk his soul -- or sell his prize to the highest bidder? Kendren, a displaced lord, has just been given the most valuable commodity on this primitive planet -- Princess Calisa. She?s a Faery in heat. Now he has to decide if he should keep the ethereal creature or sell her. Calisa is the eldest of King Francisco Orik?s three daughters. Their mother died when they were small girls. Whispers of what her mother was have followed her since she was old enough to understand what they meant. Faery. Calisa doubts the truth in the rumors. Faeries aren?t real. Her doubts end on the morning of her nineteenth birthday when her body suddenly burns with unquenchable need. Her overpowering lust changes her from demure princess to sex crazed woman in seconds. Kendren has the one thing that can end the moaning, writhing minx?s torment -- a cock. Will he give into temptation and put his very soul at risk by making love to a Faery, or will he sell the beauty to the highest bidder? As he gazes down at the lovely naked girl tied to his bed his renowned iron will is tested more fiercely than he?s ever experienced before. Will her large, pleading lavender eyes prove more tempting than enormous profit? 167161688 Queen of Time Gods and humans clash in book two of the Lords of Time series. Nyssa returns with a dream. Become the best nurse she can be. But powerful forces come in to play when Nyssa finds herself in a battle for the right to exist . . . again! Nyssa Summers is an ordinary nurse. However, since she began working on the coma ward, she is seeing things she shouldn?t. Such as Thanatos, the god of death, who arrives to escort the souls of the dead to the afterlife. She?s drawn to him, despite his macabre job, and they have established a bizarre sort of friendship. With the arrival of Thanatos?s brother, Hypnos, Nyssa finds herself pitted between the siblings, reigniting a rivalry as old as time itself. After a killer begins to target the women at the hospital where Nyssa works, Thanatos offers to hide her from danger. As tempting as it is to spend some time in seclusion with him, even his realm isn?t safe. Because the killer who wants her dead is a god, as well. 167631248 Holiday Kisses Christmas anthology from Beachwalk Press 169424778 Aliens Stole the Turkey Nothing exciting ever happens on the family farm, so Betty doesn't expect anything unusual when she's home alone on Christmas Eve -- until the most horrendous sound brings her out into the snow. What she finds makes her doubt her sanity. Betty Jean never expected to spend her Christmas Eve searching for three tiny alien tumblers with the sexiest ringmaster in the galaxy. This was so not a typical afternoon in Iowa. The universe -- and Christmas dinner -- are depending on her! 169424779 Sushi in Atlantis Long ago, the people of Atlantis were cursed. Their world sank into the great blue waters surrounding the sacred island. They've lived all these centuries deep within the ocean as dolphin-shifters -- avoiding the world of men. If Prince Reil cannot find a land-dweller to be his mate by his twenty-fifth birthday, he will be a dolphin forever. Riel decides it's better to die as half a man than live as all of a fish. He leaves the safety of what he knows for a world he can't imagine. Caprice is on vacation with her girlfriends. She's been planning this cruise for two years, so when she becomes separated from them, and sees her ship sailing away, she's crushed. As she walks down the beach, watching the sun sink in the horizon, she wonders what she's going to do. Then she sees the hottest blondie ever and decides being stranded doesn't mean her time in paradise is ruined. Just because she missed the boat doesn't mean she's missed the fun. Can Reil convince his mocha beauty to make whoopee before he becomes sushi? 172272279 Touch Jena lost her sight at sixteen, saving her friend?s younger brother and his puppy. She?s done her best to adapt, but after losing her long time lover her friend, Beth insists she try cyber hook-up site. She?s faced a lot of adversity, but she?s not sure if she has the courage to go through with a single night of no regrets sex. Peter suffered disfigurement during combat in Iraq. He lost his good looks and the woman he loved. Everything he wanted for himself was gone the moment his bandages are removed. Feeling lonely and depressed he decides to use the Sexual Encounters site to find a partner for just one night. The site claims to have the most advanced system of matching couples in cyberspace, but he?s skeptical. After years of feeling like a monster, one night in Jena?s arms makes him feel like a man again. When the sun rises, he?s not sure if he can let her go. Can two wounded heroes heal each other?s hearts? 172556975 Operation Bliss: Dr Feel Good The crew of the Galactic Alliance exploration vessel Bliss has discovered many uncharted worlds. They've faced many dangers. Yet nothing has prepared them for the new threat burning through the crew like fire. Lust. When they rescue a dying alien, they have no idea he's infected with an undetectable pathogen that will attack the crew through their most primal desires. Doctor Arely Sampson fights to save her fellow crewmembers even as the fever burns inside her. Only one man on the ship has ever made her question her dedication to the Galactic Alliance no-fraternization policy -- Nikili Berak, the Morian Chief of Security. He's the hottest -- and most frustrating -- man she's ever met. But then her long-time friend Lydon Zo, the ship's telepathic counselor, admits how much he wants her for himself. Lydon is just as sexy, in his own way. And he's Nikili's best friend. How can she choose between them? Will she be able to fight her primal urges, or will the Alliance policy book go straight out the airlock? This is one virus the crew will enjoy catching. 174609190 Operation Bliss: Sexual Healing The Bliss, an intergalactic exploration vessel for the Galactic Alliance, is under attack. After helping an unconscious and very naked male alien, the crew suddenly finds themselves infected with a pathogen. The raging fever induces primal desires. If anyone on the ship doesn't do the nasty -- and fast -- they'll die. Telepathic counselor Lydon Zo thinks he's in love with the ship's doctor, but when he's forced to save a warrior woman he'll find out he likes it rough. Just because he's a telepathic therapist doesn't mean he can always see the truth of his own emotions. The crew is still in danger, but saving themselves never felt so good. 174609191 Jewel Jewel's father, the smuggler king, decides to take his honorary title a step too far when he offers her in trade for an army and a secure port to do his illegal business. She finds herself on the run from her father, and the evil mutant prince who wants to impregnate her with his heir. Jewel faces a brutal world alone as she attempts her escape. With a fortune in bounty on her head, she soon discovers staying free isn't as easy as she'd hoped it would be, but her cunning and fighting skill help her evade capture time and again. Only one bounty hunter, Rion, is man enough to capture her, but she's also the true mate to his inner wolf. When he makes love with her, the act of taking her virginity bonds him to this woman of worth. Now, keeping his mate alive and safe make Rion and his friends wanted men. Rion can only think of one way to insure his woman remains safe, she needs a guardian. Rion asks his mentor, Makis, and the other shifter agrees to bond with the woman. Can Jewel find love and happiness with both men? ~~Excerpt~~ When the girl looked at him with hunger, Rion?s cock hardened. She was stunning. Most women used surgery to enhance themselves, but not this one. Her soft gray-blue eyes and simple braid of brown hair made her look younger than twenty-one, but he knew he?d found his prey. Guilt twisted inside of him. To give this beauty to the prince was almost unspeakable, but he wasn?t hired to like the job, just to do it. She did more than make him guilty, though. She bewildered him. The scent of her subtle arousal was on the air. He sensed her genuine attraction. His wolf gave him an insight a human male wouldn?t be privy to. He was pure menace, and women normally looked at him with fear, not lust. She looked away, but he knew she wanted him. He moved into the shadows. When she looked back he saw her confusion. He was very good at blending into the darkness. Her reaction to him had been primal, and the wolf inside of him wanted to howl. She reeked of innocence...which made her someone he?d never touch. There were dire consequences for the Denari if they were foolish enough to bed virgins. Then he noticed a pair of Bezonian hunters approaching her. ?Fuck!? he swore quietly to himself. What would?ve been exceedingly simple had just become complicated. Now he?d have to fight them for the girl. The shorter of the two hunters had a bent leg and wing, and he could almost smell the malice rolling off the little one. He felt the hunter?s pure hatred directed toward the girl, and curiosity filled him. Bezoni were aggressive beasts. He watched the angry one suddenly launch an attack behind the girl?s back. She arched with agony, and Rion felt his wolf rising, ready to defend what he?d already claimed as his. Rion?s eyes narrowed as he caught his reflection in a polished tin sign on the wall. His eyes glowed with a green light, indicating his wolf was at the surface. The slightest provocation would induce the change in him now. He forced the animal down, keeping the man in charge of his body. He was just about to spring forward when she whirled on the Bezoni. He watched her block the taller one?s blow. The other one lunged like he was going to attack and changed directions. The girl easily anticipated this standard tactic and kicked the male?s weak leg, sending him flying. No one in the tavern tried to help the girl. Rion watched his prey artfully defending herself, and he felt something for a woman he hadn?t felt in a very long time...respect. He had never seen a woman fight so well--like a warrior would. Her sleek body made his cock ache. But her beautiful violence only fueled the beast?s hunger for her, even as it captivated the man. She was different and more interesting because of it. Her wound must have pained her, but she kept moving. As graceful as a cat, she dodged the two hunters while inflicting damage. As her lithe body whirled, he admired the ease of her skill. He fought back a growl of approval. Watching fighting or fucking always made the wolf inside of him harder to control. Passion awoke his inner beast, and it was hard to put him back to sleep. He could see the Bezoni were holding back while using their telepathy. The larger one pulled a laser from his belt. People began running from the building, screaming. The little one kept the girl distracted. It was time to act. Rion had seen enough. Rion pulled his knives from his belt and stepped in front of the one with the laser. The nasty larger hunter made a squealing sound Rion recognized as mirth from his previous dealings with this unpredictable species. Rion smiled menacingly, knowing the creature could see his fangs. In a split second, he?d severed the bugman?s hand from his body. The Bezonian gave a shrill cry and his friend?s head jerked around. The woman used the distraction to land a blow to the center of the Bezonian hunter?s face, knocking him unconscious. She gave Rion one brief, respectful nod before she darted out the door. ?By the gods' balls!? he shouted. After only a few steps, he felt the claws of his opponent graze his wide shoulders. ?I don?t have time to play with you right now,? he informed the hunter, sending the one-handed creature back with a powerful kick. His adversary flew through the air, hitting the wall--hard. A large oval tin advertising central-world whiskey landed on his enemy?s head, rendering him unconscious. With a single stroke, he could kill the pest, but he avoided dealing death whenever possible. The gods had enough to condemn him with, so the male would live. With both the hunters out cold, he continued his pursuit of the girl. In the distance, he could see peacekeepers running toward the tavern, so he immediately headed in the other direction. He had no idea where the girl had gone, but if he were her, he?d go to the port. He sheathed his knives quickly and ran in that direction. The last thing he wanted was for the girl to board another ship. He?d had his fill of rock jumping. She?d seen him now and would know he was after her. Capturing her if she escaped would only be that much more of a challenge. He rushed through the crowded streets until he found her in a back alley. She screamed as he snatched her in midstride, throwing her over his shoulder. She writhed and kicked, but he held her legs. ?You!? she shrieked. ?Put me down.? Rion kept his pace at a jog and continued toward the port. All he had to do was get her on his ship. She pounded his back and he resisted his urge to laugh. Her strength was no match for...agony shot through his shoulder. He growled, the beast demanded freedom, but he maintained his hold. THE HOT SHIFTER who?d saved her ass back in the tavern held her prisoner. He was taking her toward the port, and she knew he wasn?t trying to help this time. Everything about him screamed hunter, and she realized he was no different than the Bezoni. She was a bounty. Her earlier feelings of lust-turned-camaraderie evaporated. Resentment filled her and she fought him. Her blows didn?t faze him, but then she noticed his injury. She could see he was already healing, but there was enough of a puncture for her to push her finger into his wound and tug. The shifter dropped her as if she were on fire, and Jewel landed hard but quickly recovered. Terror and outrage put her back on her feet, and she ran off down a narrow opening between two buildings. She stumbled out into the crowd. Behind her, she heard screaming, then growling. Complete panic kept her moving. She could hear him right behind her. The menacing sound of his panting and growling made the hair on the back of her neck rise. Shaking off her fear, she focused on the gate. If she could just make it, then she had a chance. She?d come too far to let the hunter win. The sensation of heat was the first thing she felt before pain erupted through her legs. Knocked off balance, her feet came up and out from under her. ?Aww,? she cried. Jewel heard a sickening crack as her head hit the ground. She blinked up into the wolf?s face. Saliva dripped from its mouth onto her chest. The creature?s bright green eyes glowed eerily. She fought, but too much trauma had taxed her body to its limit. Darkness rushed up to claim her. 174782632 Zombies Don't Make Good Pets Coralee Bradley is proud to be the only veterinarian in the small town of Davis, Wisconsin. The picturesque community sits nestled in the river valley surrounded by lush wooded bluffs. Everything about Davis is tranquil except for one thing -- zombies. Coralee finds herself battling for her life against the same people she called neighbors 72 hours earlier. Sergeant Jordan Parks invades Cora's private domain after his black ops zombie fighting unit is overrun by the horde. Injured, he seeks refuge with an angelic redhead. When she suddenly becomes a threat to their safety there's only one thing he can do -- make love to her. Cora has never seen a better looking man, but it's just her luck to find him when the world is going crazy and certain death waits outside. Jordan soothes her fear using his buff body to bring her to heights of pleasure she'd never imagined possible. One night of end-of-the-world sex will never be enough, but can they survive long enough for another roll in the hay? Cora only knows one thing -- zombies sure as hell don't make good pets. 178347387 My Heroes (Star City Crusaders) When Doctor Death comes looking for a little fun at the Moonlight Studios Gentleman's Club, Korine Kerry finds herself at the mercy of the dangerous super villain. The Hunter, and his companion Untamed, show up just in time to keep Kory from becoming the Doctor's next experiment. The villain wants Kory. When the heroes tell her they plan to draw out Doctor Death by having sex with Kory she doesn't know if she has the courage to let the hunky heroes have their way with her. She'll never look at a silk mask the same way again. Will they be able to keep her safe, or will she be the Doctor's next victim? 182916813 Willing Captive (Outpost) "Humans are a legend. They don't exist." When Lord Xev and his lover, Ra, leave their home in search of a woman to bond with them, they know exactly where to go. Risen Outpost is the most lawless place in the galaxy, and Pale Moon Auction House offers the finest sex slaves on the market. What the Zaronians don't expect is to find one of the legendary humans for sale to the highest bidder. Kirin Ellison doesn't know what's happened to her. The shock of discovering aliens exist is bad enough, but realizing they plan to sell her as a sex slave is far worse. Kirin watches the other women preening and displaying their attributes, begging to belong to someone, with growing alarm. She wants her freedom. At least she thinks she does --- until one touch from Xev and Ra enslaves her in a far more binding way than a simple exchange of a currency could ever manage. She longs to feel everything the strange beings have to offer, but unless Xev is willing to make a sacrifice of his own, she dare not let him capture her heart. 182916638 Cyber Fantasy (S.I.N.) In the future, everyone has the internet in their heads, and "Big Brother" is always watching. When Aryn Black is suspended from her job for having impure thoughts, her friend Jazmyn tells her to use her time off to indulge in her fantasy of sex with two men at the same time. Aryn is already being punished for her fantasy, so she decides to follow Jazmyn's advice. This illegal act can only be experienced in one place, and Jazmyn knows just where Aryn needs to go -- S.I.N. Socially Inappropriate Networking is an underground program Jazmyn loves. Aryn only hopes she has the courage to make her cybersex dreams a reality. 182916640 Ruby Isser and Sol's pack is in trouble. Jewel's newborn cubs are ill and the pack needs money to treat them. Leaving the more experienced wolves to protect the women and children, the two bounty hunters agree to undertake a questionable assignment from known criminal Linus Lilymann. He wants them to find his stolen ruby and he insists he can't possibly go to the police. Normally, Sol and Isser wouldn't even consider it, but right now, it looks like the cubs only chance. The mission turns out to be not what the expected at all. For one thing, Ruby's a person, not a jewel. And for another, she's a dangerous tiger shifter who escaped her kidnappers only to spend her life in a convent worshipping a cat goddess. She's never been out in the world, she's utterly unprepared to deal with men like Sol and Isser, and what's worse, her first shift and her first sexual heat will happen on her twenty-fifth birthday. Soon. And only sex will help her hold onto her humanity. A tiger in heat will make a mate--or a meal--out of her first lover. Sol and Isser might be able to help her, but if they fail, their entire pack will suffer. It's a difficult decision: protect the pack or protect their new treasure. 186255956 All Dressed Up Halloween isn't just for trick-or-treating. Sometimes it's about playing dress up. When Isaac's wife brings home a friend on Halloween, he never expects them to show him just what his sex life has been missing or that demons are real. Will he be willing to share his wife with two demons? 186255869 Zombies Don't Know When To Knock Emily Bradley has saved her sister's skinny ass from zombies. She has survived when almost everyone she knows is dead. Now PFC Jordan Parks, her sister Coralee's apocalyptic squeeze, has led them into a situation filled with chaos and death at Fort McCoy. It's time for Plan B. Emily finds herself on her own, running from a group of mindless, flesh eating zombies, until two very hot and still very much alive men come to her rescue. Yankee and Thad are just what the Dr. ordered. Emily wants to give her rescuers a proper thank you. The men are good with their... manly weapons... and not just when while fight zombies. Emily can't think of a more stress reliving way to show her appreciation than to get naked with her handsome heroes! 186268582 Don't Take Candy from Werewolves Jenica Bradley isn?t ordinary. She?s the descendent of the last of the Atlantian race and the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter. Her fate is to mate with the alpha male of the local werewolves. She must keep the pact her people made long ago with the gods to keep their town safe. Malone Luna returns to take his father?s place. He soon finds himself feeling a confusing need to protect the little Atlantian witch who?s to be his mate. All Jenica seems to want is any fate other than to belong to him. He?s torn between his responsibility and his burgeoning feelings. Can he let her go? This book is 18,000 words and was originally published by Silver Publishing. 187658220 Betrayal Dyanna Archer loves her husband, but Anthony begins to act strange?dangerous. She doesn't know why until she discovers his connection to mysterious and dangerous Club Silver Moon. Dyanna is desperate to save her marriage and discover the mystery of Anthony's unusual behavior. What she discovers there will change her life forever by ending it. Her husband's selfishness leads her down a path of terrible transformation, and after her first night at Club Silver Moon, Dyanna wakes up a vampire. With the help of a new and powerful friend, she learns to control her new needs and understand just what she's become. Dyanna imprisons herself as she and her friend plan their revenge. Even after all the pain, Dyanna can't bring herself to hate Anthony. Can she save herself and her husband? This book is 13,650 words and was original published by Silver Publishing. 187658221 A Daddy for Christmas Charlie?Charlene is a social worker. When she meets three adorable, but strange little boys, her heart falls head over heels for the orphans. There?s only one problem, the boys aren?t orphans and the father lives in-the-middle-of-nowhere in Alaska. She needs the father to sign away his rights so she can adopt the boys. They want to see their father. Charlie takes every penny out of the bank to make the boys Christmas wish of seeing him come true. She doesn?t know what to expect, but a fight for her life, werewolves, and falling for the sex mountain man was not what she?d imagined. This book is 18,000 words. Silver Publishing originally published the story. 187658224 Dreamscapes A warrior unlike any man she?s ever seen haunts Ava?s dreams. His suffering makes her ache. When a mysterious man arrives in her ER, she wonders if she?s losing her mind. Dreams aren?t real. This man can?t be the one battling in the alien dreamscape of her nightmares. This short story was original published in a short run anthology published by Silver Publishing. 5,375 words 187658225 One Night in Aphrodite's Panties One Night in Aphrodite's Panties Once again Zoe Lane finds herself dateless for Valentine's Day. To add injury to insult her sister Torie expects her for lunch. Torie has never lacked a date and Zoe can't get one to save her life. When Torie re-gifts the book, her boyfriend misguidedly gave the shallow girl, as her gift Zoe is offended, yet intrigued with the book. The book is written as if the writer is a God and after a few moments of reading Zoe finds that she's been given something much more than a mere book. Aphrodite is annoyed. Mortals no longer worshiped her and the thankless holiday left her exhausted, all she wants is a bubble bath and a gallon of ice cream. Zoe's bitter feelings mirror the goddess's own and soon Zoe receives an offer she literally can't refuse. For the first time in her life, she feels completely free to express her sexuality. Finding herself in the goddess's panties? err? shoes; Zoe learns being the goddess of love isn't all it's cracked up to be. This story is 7,400 words and was originally published in 2011 by Silver Publishing as part of the Captured...Heart and Soul anthology. 187658226 Unexpected Gift On Christmas Eve, Aarika Marshal wanted to give her lover a gift he'd never forget: Clara. Her best friend had always been attracted to Rafe. When Rafe gives her a gift in return, Aarika learns it's sometimes even better to receive than to give. Rafe's twin brother, Rhett, shows Aarika that sexual talent runs in the family. As the snow falls, dusting the world in a pure white blanket, there's nothing pure about what goes on in Aarika and Rafe's small apartment. This story is a 6,000 word short story that was original published by Silver Publishing under the title A Most Unexpected Gift. 187658227 Claimed Part 1 Lexa's mouth felt dry. She tasted a bitter metallic tang on her tongue. For a few seconds she lay, hurting, with her eyes closed. Her head ached as she sat up. She didn't remember much at first, but then the horror of Dom's death and her sham of a trial came rushing back in a torrent. She groaned and opened her eyes. The room was small. Bright light shone down from a single fixture in the ceiling. She was dressed in a dark brown leather corset and matching -- too tight -- leather pants. She ran her hands over her backside. The horrible pants weren't ass-less, and she was glad of that, at least. There was a black nylon utility vest over her shoulders. A row of silver and gold sequins sparkled on the hem of the vest. The combination of style and material was strange. Glam survivalist? She closed her eyes and rubbed the bridge of her nose in an attempt to clear her foggy mind. Her stomach rolled. Someone had seen her naked when she'd been at her most vulnerable. Shivering, she forced herself to stop thinking about how dirty having been stripped made her feel. Pushing herself up, using the wall, she managed to get to her feet. The door slid open with a whoosh. Whoever designed the room had hidden the door so well she'd never even noticed it until it opened. A tall woman watched her mutely. Lexa flinched under the scrutiny. "Why are you here? What's happening to me?" Lexa screamed the questions at the woman as her hysteria rose. "You'll have a ten second head start. Go right to avoid the desert. Get to the trees, and you'll have a better chance. Here is your pack. It's all any of the contestants start out with. Inside you'll find a utility knife, canteen and matches. Millions of fans will be watching you. Take solace in knowing you won't die alone." The woman spoke without any hint of emotion or remorse. "I don't plan to die at all," Lexa said. She hated how this woman had written her off. She wasn't doomed. She wasn't going to give up. Just because wealthy men had paid for a license to hunt her didn't mean she was automatically condemned. "I'm going to serve my time and return home." Sympathy flickered across the woman's features, but she quickly covered the expression with a scowl. "Few have lived long enough to serve their time. No woman has left this place alive. Many find it easier just to walk out and wait for the end." "I've never been good at taking the easy way out. I'll take my chances with the woods. Why are you giving me advice?" "It's been a long time since we've had a woman as young as you on the show. I'd like to make the most of your time." The tall stranger's words held the ring of truth. Lexa shrugged. "I'll do my best to outlast my sentence. I'd hate it if Interplanetary Broadcasting lost ratings due to my untimely demise. How bad can a month be?" Lexa spoke as sarcastically as possible. She didn't know if the cameras were already watching her, but she had a feeling they might be. Hatred for the mindless people watching her injustice boiled in her core. Until now, she'd been just like them. The reality of how meaningless human life was hit her with shocking force. The woman's eyes darkened. "May the enlightenment of justice guide your path." Her sentence had begun. The cameras were watching. The woman's use of words made that clear. "Um, thanks, I'll make my own light. I've had a taste of justice, and it wasn't for me." Her new reality was a terrifying example of how deep a lie could burrow to masquerade as truth. She glared at the woman. No matter how afraid she felt she refused to let her fear show. The emotionless expression taking over the woman's face made her shiver. "What happens now?" Lexa asked. "Now you survive, or not. Either way, it'll be good TV." Lexa's eyes widened as the woman shoved her out the door. She ended up on an elevator and not in a hallway as she'd expected. As her brain kicked in, she realized it was now or never. With shaking hands, she took the items from the pack and shoved them in the few pockets her thin vest offered. She'd seen this show a few times -- enough to know the bright orange backpack was a good way to die. Now she wished she'd watched more often. Her mother hated the show and always said it was low class and not what her daughter should watch. Just as she put the last item into a secure place and dropped the bright bag, the elevator stopped. Her heart raced. Her heavy breathing was the only sound she could hear. The doors opened and bright sunlight flooded the dark space to blind her. She took a shaky step and saw trees in the distance. She took the woman's advice and ran toward them. In her mind, she started to count. One... two... three... The ten seconds would be over long before she reached the trees. She didn't look back, afraid of what she'd see. They'd be waiting. Men had paid for the privilege of killing her for the entertainment of bored television viewers back home. A breeze ruffled her hair. Everything felt so real here, but it wasn't a planet. It was a space station. Terror hit her in the stomach so hard she stumbled. Horrified, she watched the ground coming at her face as she fell forward. She was giving her life to those bastards too easily. Her eager executioners would be upon her in seconds. Eight... nine... ouch. She landed as her ten seconds ended. Rolling to her back, she sat up only to see three well-armed men wearing body armor aiming old-fashioned high-powered automatic rifles at her. Death. She wasn't ready. Hands grabbed her roughly. The brutality of their grip caused her shock to turn into terror. She didn't scream or struggle. The raw panic kept her still. She was standing because those large hands hand pulled her to her feet. "Run!" She spun around and her breath hitched in her throat. He was glorious. Roan of the Northlands, one of the sexiest men on TV, was rescuing her. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her forward just as the first shot rang out. Dirt erupted next to her foot. "Go!" 192837132 Captivated Digital ISBN: 9781940744346 Length: Novella Publication Date: July 21, 2014 Price: $3.99 Will Franny choose to live or just to survive? Hardship, pain, and strife describes life on Utopia, a mining colony far from Earth. Women are a rare commodity. When an alien trade ship arrives with a cargo containing a human woman, every man on Utopia shows up to bid. Three friends pool their funds in the hope they'll have a human woman in their beds to keep them warm on the long nights of the coming harsh winter. Francesca Dehart suffered the terror of aliens abducting her from a country road. The horror of being kidnapped and then sold as a sex slave is beyond anything Franny has ever imagined. With no hope of being rescued she finds herself with a new definition of hell?Utopia. Can Cade, Nebraska, and Dawson show Franny her new life is more than a prison? They need her, but will she stay with them or run at the first opportunity? Can they hold onto the woman they've grown to love and protect her from the others who will stop at nothing to have her? Content Warning: graphic sexual content and multiple partners 192837133 Book 2 Heroes series, Old Heroes Never Die Anneliese Stewart's father died to protect Star City. She never knew her dad was Hawk, a superhero, until he was gone. She suffers the same mutation that gave him flight. Annie has no idea why her father never told her what he'd done about his mutation, but she was left feeling alone and shut out after his death. When Hawk's old friend, a man who'd haunted her teenage fantasies, Wolf, comes for her father's notebooks, Anne makes a choice. Her father may be gone, but the courage he instilled in her lives. Annie wants to take her place as a superhero and help Wolf stop the organization of evil that killed her father, once and for all. Wolf can't believe Hawk's little girl is all grown up, but he won't allow the untrained beauty to join the crusade. He can't let the pretty little hawk take flight on his watch. Her determination speaks well of who she is, but when he sees the lust in her bright amber eyes he has a hard time reminding himself he's nearly old enough to be her father and she deserves a man her own age instead of a battle-scarred veteran of the war on crime. Wolf was powerless to save her father, but he'll be damned if he'll watch Annie die, too. 192837551 Book 3 Heroes series, Villians or Heroes When Kory was taken into Doctor Death?s embrace, she found a long lost friend. Her connection with him has left her with an inner battle against good and evil that is pulling her in two directions. Can Kory convince her dark lover to switch teams -- or is she doomed to watch the man she loves destroy himself from the inside out? 192837552 Claimed Part 2 Framed for a crime she'd never even contemplated, Lexa Mercer's doing thirty days or death on the Intergalactic Broadcasting Channel's hit reality show Nariasma. She owes her life to one of the show's hottest contestants -- and a ghost of a man no one is supposed to know exists. Roan of the Northlands has more to lose than his future. He's made the mistake of falling in love with Lexa, and that makes him the one thing he's never been on Nariasma -- vulnerable. Roan and Jenner will give all they've got to protect Lexa. Jenner's convinced she's the only one who can save them. But does she have the strength to change their reality? 194160534 Sex, Love, and Aliens Volume 1 Sex, Love, and Aliens A science-fiction anthology, which includes: Tangled Webs by Imogene Nix The Spaceship Captain's Wife by Ashlynn Monroe His Human by Jaye Shields Gravitation by Beth D. Carter Publication Date: October 20, 2014 195315234 Star Bride Tasmin Robinson has almost died, twice, for the man she loves. She's finally ready to take a leap of faith and accept him and his very different ways. She opens herself and her heart to everything he needs and finds out the Aurorian isn't as bad as she'd thought. Candy Robinson isn't happy that her beloved sister, Tasmin, is planning to spend the rest of her life on Aurora. The hypersexual aliens are nothing like Earthlings and Candy is afraid Tas is making a terrible mistake. She loves her sister and doesn't want her to regret her decision. Her sister is marrying the most powerful man on the planet, the ruler of the seven kingdoms, and there's no divorce in the polygamous culture. If her sister regrets her marriage, she'll never be free to return home to Earth. DeXac, Prince DeMarcus's cousin, doesn't want his bloodline tainted with alien blood. His cousin means too much to him. When he sees the American sister of DeMarcus's Le'Amara he knows she's the key to stopping the wedding. He never expects Candy, a female as sweet as her Earthly namesake, will also be the key to his undoing. Publisher's Note: This book contains multiple partner scenes including both M/M and F/F elements. 195315235 Zombies Don't Give Up In the two months since a mysterious infection turned people into monsters, Emily and her sister Cora have lost their home, watched friends die, and found love. Still, they are unprepared for the decision that will change everything. Inside of them burns the salvation of humanity -- if they can stay alive long enough to realize the cure. 196025989 Captive Desires One book, two great stories... SLAVE TO HIS DESIRES Is it possible for a woman who is kidnapped and sold into slavery to find love with the man who purchases her? As Madison Edwards is walking home one night, she finds herself face-to-face with strange creatures-aliens. They kidnap her and sell her into slavery. Spontaneous and out-of-character, Jul purchases a rare human female at the market. Her people are known to have mystical sexual powers. He believes the tales are only myth until he has Madison in his home, and she soon consumes his life. She's valuable, magical, and he fears he can't protect her. When everyone on the planet desires what you value most, it will take more than love to keep her safe. Content Warning: light bondage, f/f kissing, graphic m/f sex CAPTIVATED Will Franny choose to live or just to survive? Hardship, pain, and strife describes life on Utopia, a mining colony far from Earth. Women are a rare commodity. When an alien trade ship arrives with a cargo containing a human woman, every man on Utopia shows up to bid. Three friends pool their funds in hopes of winning the auction. Can Cade, Nebraska, and Dawson show Franny her new life is more than a prison? Will she stay with them or run at the first opportunity? And will they be able to protect her from the others who will stop at nothing to have her? Content Warning: graphic sexual content and multiple partners 196665065 Captivated: Return to Earth Captivated: Return to Earth by Ashlynn Monroe - Romance>Erotic Romance Saving her men requires Franny to be their salvation. Francesca Dehart has rescued the three men she loves from a hellish mining colony on the Earth-like planet Utopia. Cade, her strong leader, was the first to win her heart. Nebraska burned her with his lust, and Dawson loved her first and hardest. Franny's futuristic world is beyond anything the men expected after their rough, primitive existence. Chicago is a city of progression, but old values still make their living arrangements unacceptable to many. With the media scrutinizing them Franny longs to make the world understand. Is the love they've found worth the battle and struggle to hold on, or will Franny give up on having her own little piece of utopia? Content Warning: contains multiple partners, sexual content, and spanking. 199869834 Beloved Darkness There is more lurking between heaven and hell than most mortals are burdened to see. Saffron Thorne flees to her younger sister's house when something in the darkness attacks her four-year-old son, Carsten. Saff doesn't believe in the supernatural woo-woo that her sister loves, but she trusts Sage with her son's life. Convinced that evil forces are at work, Sage invites her friend Judson over. Jud is the hottest guy Saff has ever seen, but he's also a medium who talks to the dead. Saff is suspicious and leery, but for some reason she feels inexplicably drawn to him. Judson soon proves he's legit, but can she trust him enough to put her feelings about the mystical aside and embrace the darkness? She'd do anything to keep her son safe. But as dark surprises are revealed, the danger intensifies even more. Content Warning: contains graphic sex scene, creepy descriptions of the supernatural, and a love that defies the laws of death 199869835 Untaming Deliliah Untaming Delilah (Destined Mate 1) (Destined Mates) by Ashlynn Monroe - Romance>Paranormal/Horror Delilah's rare medical disorder has made her a virtual prisoner of her guardian, Doctor Peter Amun, and the drug he created to keep her alive. She spends much of her time alone, buried in Gothic romance novels. But she often feels a strange connection -- as if someone's watching her. Mick's uncle has kept him locked in the old dungeon-like basement of the hospital since he was a teenager, but his consciousness can escape the hell of his existence for a time as he sees thru the eyes of the one woman he cannot live without. Delilah stirs what's left of the man left inside the beast Mick has become. Delilah's blood is an addiction he cannot escape -- his body burns every time he feeds. When a stranger joins forces with them to put a stop to Doctor Amun's experiments, Mick is forced to accept a bond he doesn't fully understand. The need to possess Delilah controls Mick, but the urge to protect her from what he has become fills him with bitter rage. He knows he'll do whatever it takes to keep her safe. 199869838 Bad Alpha Bad Alpha (Evernight Anthologies) by Amber Morgan, April Zyon, Ashlynn Monroe, Elyzabeth M. VaLey, Harper Shaddock, J.R. Gray, Jocelyn Dex, Khloe Wren, Lynn Bur Bad Alpha features a select collection of stories with shifters so ruthless they will stop at nothing to protect their pack. These aren't sugar-and-spice heroes. Our alphas are feared, inked, and don?t ask questions first. They take what they want, never give in to their enemies, and think love is for the weak?until they meet their mate. Are you ready to learn how to tame a savage heart? 199869839 Sex Lave and Aliens Vol. 2 This is an Collection of multi author stories. THE SPACESHIP CAPTAIN'S DAUGHTER by Ashlynn Monroe Briz will face death to save a race of strangers, but will her pirate's love be enough to save her? Briz Julius isn't afraid to break the law to save the lives of strangers. Briz insists she can get an important shipment of medicine between worlds without incident. Her family reluctantly agrees to allow her to make the trip in their oldest, smallest vessel. The decrepit ship doesn't look like much, but that's exactly what she needs to get to her designation without attracting attention. Matek's family was massacred by the captain of the pirate ship, the Heartless. Becoming one of the crew was easy, but remaining silent while the ruthless villain takes an innocent girl captive isn't. Matek has spent years plotting his revenge. Is he willing to throw away his only chance to avenge everyone he loved in order to save the bold and beautiful stranger? Content Warning: contains sensual love scenes 199869840 Spirit Bonded When you've been deceived your entire life and everyone suddenly wants to use you for their own purposes, how do you know who to trust? Annika thought not knowing her parents was rough, but knowing the truth is even worse. She has always felt out of touch with everyone around her. Since she was a teenager, she's seen impossible things. When she's suddenly attacked by shadowy creatures, the truth come out, and it changes her life. It appears Annika has an out-of-this-world destiny, and if that wasn't crazy enough, she's beginning to accept the fact she's an alien. It helps that she has some friends to see her through. Cas, her best friend, is bitter that in the chaos he lost his birthright to be her magical protector, Jai is crazy and trying to make his death wish a reality, and Mikol is?hers. Her guardian is the only part of her insane new life that makes sense. The feelings growing between them are forbidden. But rules don't stop Annika from wanting more than his ability to shield her from the darkness. When Annika is with her hot-as-hell bodyguard she knows what it is to really be human. Can she save a distant planet from a tyrannical ruler and find a way to be with the man she loves? Content Warning: contains sex scenes and some violence 199869841 Delilah Restrained Delilah Restrained (Destined Mates 2) (Destined Mates) by Ashlynn Monroe - Romance>Multiple Partners Delilah and Mick discover they?ve been transported to their rescuers? home world, where almost all children are born male, and women are becoming a rare commodity. Delilah finds she craves Mick?s touch more than ever, but Jon, the wolf shifter who found them on Earth, also holds a growing fascination for her. Her transformation to wolf form is nearly complete, but Jon warns them her survival will require the love of two men to save her. In this world where they are the aliens, are two mates really better than one 199869842 Aurora Box Set All the novellas in the series in one handy collection. 199869843 Claimed Box Set Both Novellas in one handy book! 199869844 200299412 200299413 200299414 200299415 201893507 201893508 201893509 201893352 201893353 201893354 202211602 Moonlight's Peril Desperate to find her missing daughter, Bianca risks investigating an off-the-grid commune. The pack?s safety is paramount for Law, but when she sees him shift, he?s forced to choose?turn her, or trust her. 202299603 Moonlight's Gift A decade after kidnappers stole her life, Joy is home. But the pack treats with suspicion?except for the one wolf whose love she doesn?t deserve. Nik aches to heal his she-wolf?s scars, but some wounds may be too deep for love to reach? Ashlynn Monroe?s Moonlight series. Book 3 coming soon! 202299604 Moonlight's Destiny 202299605 Untamed Shifter Love 203817247 Starbright 203817257 His to Command (Commanded 1) Look-alike. When nothing, not even your face, belongs to you, how do you find the courage to say no?... 204982559 Commanding The Stars (Commanded 2) When she doesn't understand the game how can Brisa possibly find the courage to save worlds? 204982560 Alexa (Married to the Aliens 1) Post Economic Collapse Earth, Alexa's only commodity is her future as a bride - to a pair of aliens. 204982571 Tegan (Married to the Aliens 2) Is Tegan brave enough for life on an unknown world with two alien warriors in a galaxy far far away? 204982572 Shaalon (Married to the Aliens 3) Shaalon is to be sacrificed to an alien warrior, but will he turn out to be a demon, or her hero? 204982573 Kiijan (Married to the Aliens 4) Kiijan longs to escape her fathers' rigid rule, but is her freedom worth sacrificing her virginity? ... 204982574 Scars and Scales This is coming out 2020 and HOT PARANORMAL...YESSSSSS! 206093499 Scorpio Sexy Bikers...Need I say more? 206093533 Ashes Sexy Bikers...Need I say more? 206093534