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Posted by ashlynnmonroe on February 1, 2019 at 7:15 PM

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Publisher: Changeling Press

Cover Artist: Bryan Keller

Genres/Themes: MC Romance, New Adult, Silver Fox, Contemporary



Emmie -- I overheard my father promise my hand in marriage to a man who is so cold I’m not sure he even has a heart. So I did what any young woman would do. I ran. My sister, Federal Agent Lupita Montoya, gave me sanctuary in the US and helped me file the proper paperwork so I could stay indefinitely. Now Lupita is in prison and my time is running out. My father and Ernesto will be coming for me. When Lupita sends me to the Dixie Reapers compound in Alabama, I know they’re my last hope. I just didn’t count on falling for one of them.


Tank -- The hot little Latina I’ve had my eye on for three weeks is in trouble, and the time for waiting is over. I thought I’d claim her, get those Spanish bastards to back off, but then she knocked me off my feet. Emmie is really Emelda Montoya, sister to the woman I chased around Christmas, and someone my club owes a debt. It makes Emmie hands off, but I’ve never been good at backing down, especially when I see something I want. And I want Emmie to be mine. She’s over a decade younger than me, but I’m not going to let something like age stand in my way, and I’m sure as hell not going to let her mobster father get between us. I’ll bury him if I have to, along with that sick bastard, Ernesto.


But the more digging my club does, the more twisted the tale becomes. For the first time in my life, I’m not sure we can handle the trouble that’s landed on our doorstep, but I will die trying to protect the woman I’m falling for, the woman I accidentally knocked up, the woman I call wife.


Warning: Contains some violence and some darker themes. If you’re looking for a sweet read, this isn’t it. There’s melt your panties sex and a biker who will stop at nothing to protect the woman he loves.



Coming February 1 to Changeling Press

Pre-Order for February 8th at Amazon





EXCERPT (for general audience)


All rights reserved.

Copyright ©2019 Harley Wylde


The new waitress at the diner was a cute thing, and familiar somehow. Her dark hair hung down her back in curls, nearly falling to her waist even with her hair pulled back in a ponytail. It was the first thing I’d noticed. The second had been the killer curves that would be more than a handful. I’d always had a thing for short, curvy women. Her skin was flawless, even though she looked overly tired with dark circles under her eyes. Fatigue seemed to be weighing her down, and I noticed she struggled to keep up. She’d popped up a few weeks ago, and I’d been here nearly every day since the first glimpse I’d had of her. It was her eyes that seemed so familiar.


“Isn’t she a little young for you?” Wire asked, nodding toward my obsession.


I shrugged. It was true enough, she didn’t look very old, and I preferred my women closer to thirty, if not older. Didn’t mean I couldn’t look. Woman with a body like that, it was really damn hard not to stare. I got hard just thinking about that perfect ass of hers, bent over as she begged to be fucked. I wondered if she was a screamer.


I wasn’t the only one noticing her. Several of the male customers checked her out. I’d even seen one try to grab her ass, but she’d managed to twist away. I’d been about two seconds from getting up and handling the situation, but she’d kept going like it hadn’t happened. Made me wonder if she dealt with that shit all the time, and it only pissed me off. I’d never condoned men taking what wasn’t offered. There was a difference in fucking a willing woman and trying to grab someone who didn’t want your attention. Some assholes learned that the hard way, usually after I’d put my fist through their face to teach them some manners.


My conscience pricked when I thought about Wraith’s woman, Rin. I’d nearly tossed her out on her ass the first night she’d appeared at our gates. If I’d done that, she’d be dead right now. I’d been an asshole to her, and I wasn’t proud of myself. At the time, I’d been hurting over a stupid cunt who had tried to trick me into staying with her, and I’d taken it out on poor Rin. Blair had been a complete bitch, but I hadn’t gotten away soon enough. I’d apologized to Rin for my behavior since then, but I knew Wraith wouldn’t forgive me anytime soon.


The petite waitress didn’t seem like the kind of woman who would string men along, unlike the woman I’d been seeing up until two years ago. I’d found out Blair had several stallions in her stable, confronted her about, and then she’d tried to trick me into believing I’d gotten her pregnant. I’d strung her along a little longer, until I could prove her to be a liar. She hadn’t soured me on women, though. Pissed me off good and proper, but I still got my dick wet at the clubhouse often enough. No, the woman who had fucked me over in my early twenties had soured me on relationships. Blair was my first attempt to be with a woman longer than a few days, and look how that had turned out.


The little Latina waitress had a name tag that said Emmie and the name was as cute as she was. My brothers had given me hell, telling me I should just ask her out. I was always careful not to sit in her section. I’d noticed the first time we’d come in after she’d been hired she froze when she saw us enter the diner. The blood had drained from her face, and I’d thought she might faint. It wasn’t the first time a woman had been afraid of us, and I doubted it would be the last. I knew I was more intimidating than most with my height and size. I wasn’t the enforcer for my club without reason. Someone started a fight, I could finish it, usually with them requiring a coroner when I was done.


“Are we going to eat here all the damn time just because you want to bang the hot little Hispanic girl?” Tempest asked. “Because the food is decent enough, but I’m starting to get tired of it.”


“No one said you had to come along,” I told him, my gaze still locked on Emmie.


“And miss it when you finally find your balls and go talk to her?” he asked. “No, until you man the fuck up and ask her out, I’ll just keep tagging along. Might be worth it if she shoots you down. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman turn you away, except that federal agent. That one over there, she doesn’t look like someone who would be interested in a guy like you.”


“Why’s that?” I asked.


“For one, she’s what? Five feet nothing to your six feet five? How the hell would that even work?” Tempest asked.


I looked over at him and raised a brow. “Really? Do you need lessons? Is that why you’re still single? Not keeping the ladies happy in the bedroom?”


Tempest flipped me off, and I went back to watching Emmie.


No one knew her story. I’d asked around, but she was a complete unknown. No family in the area, and I’d heard she was staying at some shit motel on the other end of town. It wasn’t safe, and I’d taken to driving by there when I knew she was going home from work. Even though I made sure she got into her room without any problems, it was impossible to guarantee her safety past that. Not unless I camped out at her doorstep all night.


The bell over the door jingled, and Emmie went deathly pale, dropping the plate she’d been carrying. It shattered at her feet, but she was frozen in place. My gaze locked onto the men who had just entered the diner. It was obvious she recognized them, even though I didn’t, and I made it my mission in life to know all the big players in town. These men with their expensive suits, three hundred dollar haircuts, and arrogance weren’t small fish. They also didn’t look all that young.


“Emelda, it’s time to do your duty,” one of them said.


“How did you find me?” she asked, her voice soft and shaky.


“That doesn’t matter. Your fiancé is here, and he’s willing to forgive this transgression,” the man said, waving a hand at the guy standing next to him.


Fiancé? I hadn’t noticed a ring on her finger in all the days I’d been here. And yeah, I’d looked. I might be an asshole at times, but I never poached. If I’d have thought she belonged to someone else, I’d have backed off. Not that I’d really made a move yet anyway.


“I’m not going with either of you,” she said, tipping her jaw up.


The men advanced on her, and I knew I had a decision to make. Stand back and let things play out, or step in and extract the little angel from a situation she clearly wanted to avoid. I didn’t know who these men were, but it didn’t matter right then. They scared her, and that put them at the top of my list of assholes who needed to disappear.


I pushed my chair back and made my way over to her, but she didn’t even look at me. Her hands were clenched at her sides, but I could see the fear in her eyes, and I was willing to bet these men could too. They came closer, pausing a moment as I stepped up behind Emmie. I wrapped an arm around her waist and hauled her back against my body.


“Everything all right, baby?” I asked. “These men bothering you?”


“Stay out of this,” the supposed fiancé said. “Emelda is mine, and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll just walk away. This is family business.”


“Family business?” I asked. “Then I guess I’ll just have to stick around, seeing as how Emmie is my woman.”




The way he looked at me, the heat of his body and the touch of his hands, was enough to make me want to beg for more. I wanted to experience everything with him, wanted his lips on my body, his cock inside me. Even though I was a virgin, I’d read enough and watched some porn that I thought I was prepared for what would happen between us. When he cupped my breasts and took first one nipple, then the other into his mouth, sucking hard on the tips, then grazing them with his teeth, I shuddered and wished we had fewer clothes between us.

I wanted to see him, to explore every inch of his body. The thought of exposing myself like this to someone had always frightened me, but not with Zach. With him, this just felt incredibly right. I remembered my mother once telling me that when you met your soulmate it was something you just knew. She’d had a wistful look on her face, and I’d thought at the time she was speaking of my father. As I got older, I realized that she could have never loved my dad and had probably been in love with another man at some point. I didn’t want to be like her, look back and realize I’d missed out on something great because I was too scared.

He rocked his hips against me and I felt the ridge of his cock. He felt huge and I worried a little that he’d be too big for me, but I trusted him not to do anything that would hurt me. He might be this big brute of a guy, and he claimed to have a violent side, but with me he’d been sweet and gentle. Even now, he kept his touch light enough that he wouldn’t bruise me. From what I’d learned from my roommates at college, most guys didn’t think about much other than themselves. At least the boys at school were that way. Maybe one day they’d become men like the one sending waves of pleasure through me.

“Zach,” I murmured, holding him to me as he sucked at my nipple again.

I squirmed, wanting more but not knowing if I should ask. Would he think badly of me if I said wanted things to go further? He said we were strangers, and we were, but he didn’t feel like a stranger. When he held me, it felt like I’d come home for the first time in my life, like I was exactly where I was supposed to be. I didn’t think he wanted to hear that. Men didn’t like crap like that, did they?

“Please,” I begged. “Zach, I… I need…”

He nuzzled my neck, then licked at my jaw before kissing me. “What do you need?”

“More. I need more.”

Heat flared in his eyes and he tapped my thigh. I stood on shaky legs and Zach slowly reached for my pants, pausing with his fingers over the button. I gave him a nod and he unfastened my jeans and pushed them down my legs. I stepped out of them and he groaned as he stared at my plain panties. Lightly, he ran his fingers across the front of them before giving them a tug. They fell to the floor and I stood before him completely exposed. He licked his lips as he stared at my pussy.

“You shave the hair off?” he asked, his voice rougher than before.

“One of the girls at college talked me into going with her for a wax. I liked the way it felt afterward, so I kept going back,” I said. “Is that a good thing?”

“Really fucking good. I’ve heard it makes things more pleasurable for you.”


His gaze caught mine and he gripped my waist, then lifted me onto the table in front of him. He pushed my legs wide and I could feel myself opening to him. He groaned and stared before running his fingers down my slit.

“So fucking wet,” he said. “You ever played with yourself or used toys?”

My cheeks warmed. “No. At home I was too scared to try something like that, and at college I was never alone.”

“You’ve never had an orgasm, even by your own hand?” he asked.


“Christ, Emmie.” His eyes slid shut and his jaw went tight. “The things I want to do to you. You should tell me no, put your clothes on, and get the hell out of the kitchen. Go lock yourself in the bedroom or something.”

“What if that’s not what I want? What if I want you to do all those things to me?” I asked.

“You don’t know what you’re saying. If you could see the things I’m picturing, then you’d run.”

“Zach, I’m a virgin, not an idiot. I’ve watched porn and read erotic books. As long as you aren’t going to cause me pain, then I don’t care what you do to me. I don’t think BDSM would be my thing, but I trust you not to hurt me.”

He growled and stood so fast his chair tipped over. “You shouldn’t have said that, Emmie. I was holding on, barely, but I was managing. Giving me an open invitation wasn’t your wisest decision.”

I stared at him. “Maybe it’s exactly what I want. I’m probably the only twenty-one-year-old virgin at school. I want you, Zach. I trust you.”


Who is Harley Wylde?

Harley Wylde is the international bestselling author of the Dixie Reapers MC and Devil's Boneyard MC series. She writes alpha men, strong women, and romances so hot they'll melt your e-reader. Visit Harley at!



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