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Welcome Sidda Lee Tate!

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Hi all and thanks for joining in the celebration of my newest release, Give in to Me, the third book in The Night Series.

The attraction between Jennica and Scott is undeniable, but will her past show up to ruin it all?

After years of being gone, Scott Sims has returned to his hometown. Life is good. He likes his new job, has reconnected with his sister, and even met a "friend with benefits" at the local bar. He does his best to ignore the flurry of rumors—none of them true—about where he's been and who he's become.

Jennica Moss's last relationship ended badly, leaving her guarded and untrusting. She's new in town, but the local gossips have kept her informed about almost everything. The latest hot topic—Scott Sims, the area's most promising star, the guy who threw his football career away and disappeared for years.

When Scott and Jennica meet, emotions run high. Scott can't resist the urge to get to know her. But Jennica's past threatens to come between them, and Scott can't seem to shake his present. When he broke things off with his last fling, she didn't take it well, and she keeps showing up at the most inopportune moments, making his time with Jennica strained.

Now one, or both, of their lives may be at risk, and Jennica must face the consequences of giving in to her heart and falling in love with Scott.


"Friend of yours?" Scott cut his eyes at her, a single brow raised as they stepped on the sidewalk in front of the Italian restaurant, heading in the direction of her parents' house.

Jennica shook her head even though he was a few steps in front of her and wouldn't see. He walked fast, still hanging on to her hand. He'd punched Troy right in the face. Taken up for her, something no one had ever done. Her heart swelled with appreciation, followed by an anxious panic racing through her veins. In a matter of minutes they would be at her childhood home. There hadn't been much time with him…not what she needed.


He didn't respond, just charged ahead. A man on a mission to drop her and her giant baggage off where he'd found them. A massive lump formed in her throat, blocking her words. She wanted to explain. Tell him about Troy and what he'd done. Let him know why she was so screwed up, but nothing came out.

She glanced at the house with a quick mental note that all the lights were out as he led her by the front walkway and through the manicured grass, not stopping until they were hidden from the streetlights under the carport. Once there, he released her hand and took a few steps, pausing at the edge of the light. The darkness kept her from seeing his expression, but his silhouette against the moonlit night sent thick surges of frenzied tension straight through her, making her chest feel caved.

"You didn't deserve…" he said, in almost a whisper. An angry one. "Is he the reason you think you're screwed up?"

She didn't answer. She didn't need to. He knew. She could tell it in his voice, see it in his stride as he moved toward her. Felt it in his touch as he cupped her face with his hands, lifting it so her tearful sight had no other choice but to look him straight on.

"You can't believe him. You're no one's trash." His eyes seemed to grow darker, pained, fixated on hers. Lost in them, she couldn't look away. Couldn't speak. "You are beautiful…so beautiful it hurts." He bent down, resting his forehead on hers. "I would do anything to have you."

She swallowed hard at the way he'd spoken, slow and determined, as if those words were a concentrated version of everything he'd ever wanted to say. And she understood why. Through all the confusion in her mind, the war with the tug in her chest, the burning need to touch him, she realized, she felt the same way. "Then have me."

Give in to Me, as well as the first two installments of The Night Series can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, and at

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Cover Reveal! Welcome Milly Taiden

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Scent of a Mate


Mission: Scent a Mate

Jordan Alvarez knew that a promise to her best friend involved staking out the local wolf pack's scenting ceremony and recording the graphic details, but she was the writer and the only one with the balls to finish the task. No one would know that four human women had sneaked proof of their rituals, or at least, that was the plan until Aric Wolfe showed up. 

Mission: Stake a Claim

Aric Wolfe knew his baby sister was up to something, and expected her best friend, Jordan, to be in on the chaos. He finally had an opportunity to lay claim to a mate that had been under his nose for years. Jordan's scent called to both the man and the animal, and he was done fighting the call of the beast. It was time to mark his mate.

Mission: Survive an Alpha

When a good intention creates a problem for the Wolfe family, Jordan finds herself being stalked by a woman intent on claiming Aric as her own. Battle lines will be drawn, love will be put to the test, and Aric will have to fight Jordan's strong personality to keep her alive. Two alpha hearts seeking control will either find the balance or risk losing their love forever.


Chapter One

“Please?” Jordan leaned forward on the sofa and gave her best imitation of what Ellie called “puppy eyes.” A soft squeaking protested Jordan’s wiggling on the leather. She knew her enthusiasm probably rivaled that of a four year old at Christmas, but she was so close to cracking Ellie, she didn’t care.

“No.” Ellie’s voice didn’t sound as sure as it had the first five times Jordan had asked the same question.

“I thought you wanted me to write this book on shifter mating rituals? Don’t you think I need to watch it? I mean, I can’t just write a book on your history, for your family’s records, based solely on what you tell me. I have to see it.” Not really, but she was not telling Ellie that and messing up her chance of watching something so cool.

Ellie frowned. “Well—”

“Come on.” Jordan huddled closer to the edge of her seat, almost falling off in the process, once again rubbing the leather and making it whine. “Look, I swear to you, I will be on my best behavior. I won’t do anything to call attention to myself. I will just observe from the sidelines. Heck, I’ll observe from the distance with binoculars.”

Ellie rolled her gorgeous blue eyes and ran her fingers through her short blonde bob, making the strands glimmer under the light of her sitting room’s lamp. “I don’t remember a single time you have ever been on your best behavior.”

That was true. Jordan’s mouth always got her into some kind of trouble, especially with the other faculty at the school where she taught.

“Okay. I pinky promise.” She lifted her hand, curling all her fingers until only her wiggling pinky stood.

Ellie bit her lip and groaned, still unsure.

“I know shifters are not exactly common knowledge with most of the world. But you have to admit that with more human-shifter interaction, it’s only a matter of time before you guys lose a lot of your history. I promise to write a specific detailed account. Nothing but the history behind this event.” Her heart pounded so hard. She wanted to shake Ellie and order her to agree already.

“Jorda-a-an!” With the way Ellie said her name, in that soft sigh of defeat, Jordan knew she had her. “If I agree to this insanity, you have to swear not to do anything to let anyone know you guys are there! You will get me in so much trouble.”

Jordan struggled and failed to stop the smile from splitting her lips. “I promise! I promise! You know I am dying to see this whole scenting ritual.” She rushed to say. “Now why is it such a big deal to keep this all quiet?”

“Because,” Ellie leaned back on her sofa and stared at the ceiling, “this is an old tradition. Males and females from all over will come together to meet each other, some for the first time. Kelly and Marco are going to see if they are compatible.”

“But they’ve met once, right?”

“Yes, at a family gathering some months back. They didn’t even get a chance to talk. From what Mom said, their eyes did the talking for them. Apparently, it was instant. It’s why we’re having this ceremony. Tradition dictates we have it yearly, and the family is hoping it works out for Kelly and Marco.”

Jordan frowned remembering Ellie’s cousin Kelly and the guy they’d kept referring to as her potential mate. She tucked a long strand of dark hair behind her ear. “I still don’t understand. How can you guys just allow some tradition to tell you who your mate is?”

Shit. Jordan had a hard time with anyone telling her what to do to begin with. It was why she loved being an independent woman.

Ellie’s smile was weak. “We are part of a pack, and my father is Alpha. As such, I need to follow rules like everyone else. You’re lucky you’re human and don’t have to worry about any of this. And we don’t allow the tradition to tell us who our mate is. This is like a first date.”

“In front of a whole bunch of people.”


“Who happen to watch to see if you hit it off?”


“And who’ll know who she has sex with at the end of the night.”

“Correct. Wait. What?”

“Sounds like the perfect date.” She snickered and almost choked on her wine.

“This is why I didn’t want you there. You, Emma, Nicole, and Karla are so going to get caught.”

“We won’t! We won’t. We’ll be super–spy, research ninjas. Quiet, but sexy smart.” She grinned.

“Oh brother,” Ellie groaned.

“Speaking of brothers. Are, um, your brothers going to be there?” What she really wanted to ask was if one particular brother was going to be there. God, she hoped not. The first time she’d seen Aric Wolfe, she’d been a thirteen-year-old with a crush the size of Alaska. One look was all it took, and her poor teenage heart had been in puppy-love for years. And though it’d been a crush for a long time, it had never gone away. In fact, with years, it had grown. She’d tried to date other men and rid herself of the idea that he’d ever look at a non-shifter for more than a friendship, but it was useless. With time, her attraction for him had grown deeper, into something she didn’t want to think too much about or it would make her hyperventilate.

Blue sparkles lit in Ellie’s eyes. “Yes, all my brothers will be there.”

Oh hell. “Then, yeah, I will hide off somewhere and never move a muscle. I promise.”

Ellie’s laughter, filled with unabashed delight, made her smile. “I still don’t understand why you’re so afraid of being around them.”

Yeah well, Jordan knew all about that super smelling-power shifters had. The last thing she wanted was for Aric to know how one glance at his body and those damn sexy muscles got her so turned on she’d likely start a fire. She could probably melt butter on her skin. “I think it’s best to keep my distance. I know your parents weren’t fond of their only daughter hanging with so many humans.”

Ellie shrugged. “It was either send me to regular school, or deal with packs of horny wolves hitting on their baby girl.” She grinned, grabbed her glass of wine, and sipped. “They knew humans don’t have our scenting or go into heat, so they decided to take the chance.”

Jordan drank her own wine, letting the fruity flavor slip and slide over her tongue. “Yeah, but I bet they didn’t think you’d end up bringing home an annoying, fat Latina for your new pet.”

Ellie rolled her eyes. “Who’s the wolf here, you or me?”

Good point. Ellie’s parents had cared for Jordan. A lot more than Jordan herself could ever understand. Even after all those years being so close to them and Ellie, she still couldn’t make any sense of why they done so much when her parents hadn’t cared at all. What was it about them that made them different? And there had to be some resentment in there. They’d practically adopted her.

“Alright. I’ve become like a second daughter since we became friends. That has to be annoying for them. I mean if they wanted more kids, they’d have had more the old fashioned way.”

Jordan found the whole shifter community absolutely fascinating. If it were up to her, she’d be all in their business trying to figure out how the whole animal-human thing worked.

“Why would you say they’d be annoyed by you?” Ellie’s face creased in a frown. “They like you. Heck, they love you more than any of their sons’ previous girlfriends. In fact, they like you more than most family we have. You’ve grown on them.”

Jordan snorted. “Yeah like fungus or a rash.”

“No, not like that. Like an unusual but lovely woman who needs a mate.”

“What?” She spit out the wine she’d had in her mouth. “Who said I needed a mate?”

Ellie laughed, put her glass down on the coffee table, and settled into the sofa with her feet under her. “My mother. She thinks you just need a strong man to help you realize what you are missing out on.”

“And that’s a mate?” Jordan coughed, trying to stop the choking. Her tummy churned with anxiety. She held Barbara Wolfe, Ellie’s mother, in high regard. But Jordan would never think a long-term relationship would fix her. Thinking of any kind of dependence on anyone made her feel slightly sick. She didn’t really trust most people enough for that.

“Yes. She was highly upset when I told her you broke up with your last boyfriend. She thinks you just haven’t been chased by the right one.”

Jordan continued to cough while Ellie giggled. “Mrs. Wolfe thinks I need to be chased?”

Well hell, maybe she was on to something. Chasing sounded fun. Usually Jordan was too prickly for men to make a move, unless they were sure of themselves. But even then, most of them turned out to be full of shit.

Ellie nodded, flipped on her back and stretched, rubbing her bare feet on the leather. “Of course, dad thinks you’re too independent and need a man to rein you in.”

Rein her in? What the hell was she, cattle? Tristan, Ellie’s dad, was so old school. “Yeah, that sounds like your dad.”

“Although, Aric—”

Jordan’s gaze jerked to Ellie’s face. The bemused smile on her was one Jordan had often seen when Ellie was up to no good. “Aric was present during these conversations?”

Ellie knew Jordan liked Aric to some degree. It’s not like she could hide it from her. The woman was a wolf. She could smell Jordan getting all kinds of turned on when Aric’s name popped up. But what she never told Ellie was how deep her feelings ran. That was something Jordan had trouble even thinking about.

Ellie’s eyes widened, filled with innocence. “Oh, yes.”

Fuck. Sweat gathered in her palms. Now her nerves were getting the best of her. Her stomach did all kinds of acrobatic flips. She’d have to ask or die wondering. And she was too curious not to know. “And what did he say?”

“It doesn’t matter. We both know you’re not looking for long term anyway. You like your independence.” She shut her eyes and sighed.


Ellie jerked her eyes open with a chuckle. “Fine, if you want to know, Aric thinks you are fine just the way you are.”

“Which means what?” She asked before she could stop herself. She’d always tried to control her interest in Ellie’s older brother, but sometimes Jordan’s hormones just ran away from her.

Aric. With his piercing dark eyes, eyes she swore begged her to strip every time he glanced her way. And that tall slightly tanned hard body filled with boundless muscles. So many muscles.

She cleared her throat. Visuals of running her nails down his six packs and nibbling on his belly button made her reach for her wine again. But it was the strong jaw and “I’ll eat your pussy really good” smile she couldn’t stop thinking about.

Ellie’s smile dimmed. “Aric said, in time, you’d find your mate and for everyone to leave you alone to decide your life yourself.”

Her hope deflated. It was what she’d always told everyone. Somehow, hearing that he’d said the same made her want to run to the liquor store and buy a barrel of wine.

A sharp pain pierced her heart, deeper and deeper until she wanted to cry. Though Jordan would rather dance around naked in public than admit her feelings for Aric, she had secretly continued to hope. Now, that hope was dead.

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Author Bio

Want to know about me? Milly Taiden (aka April Angel) was born in the prettiest part of the Caribbean known as the Dominican Republic. She grew up between New York, Florida and Massachusetts. Currently, she resides in New York City with her husband, bossy young son and their little dog Speedy.

She’s addicted to shopping for shoes, chocolate (but who isn’t?) and Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.

A bookworm when she can get her hands on a good story, she loves reading romance, thrillers and suspense.

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A Hero Scarred


Welcome Jude Liebermann

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Preorder today!  

Buy it on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble 9-1-13

Excerpt from A Modern Myth: Drew's Awakening

Chapter One

Sara Howard looked at him across the cluttered store. His bangs shielded his eyes from her inquisitive gaze, but his full lips intrigued her. She watched him lick those lips and couldn’t help but lick her own. Her gaze followed his tongue as if it moved in slow motion. A hand brushed the dark bangs aside, and she discovered a stunning set of green eyes staring back at her. She looked away, swallowing a lump in her throat before returning her attention to the gorgeous man.

He was gone, and her heart lurched. She opened her mouth to call out but closed it instead.

Why had she looked away? She turned back to her basket, checking her grocery list. With her thoughts scattered, she dropped an apple and watched it roll across the floor toward a sneaker-clad foot. Her gaze went up long legs, narrow hips, and then a strong chest.

He bent down to pick up the apple and stepped closer. She held out her basket to him and tried to smile.

His full lips parted. “You might want to get another one that isn’t bruised.”

It took her a moment to realize he spoke of the apple. His voice sent shivers down her spine, and she nodded. “Would you pick it out for me?” Her voice was barely above a whisper.

A corner of his mouth moved up to a smile. “Sure. By the way, my name is Leo.”

She stared at the hand he held out before sliding her fingers up his palm. His name was her zodiac.

Flecks of brown made his eyes almost electric close up, and she forced herself to release his hand before he might fear she wouldn’t let go.

“Do you come here often?” he asked, his voice radiating through her.

She almost choked, and a nervous giggle erupted as she nodded. They were in a supermarket, not a nightclub.

He smiled. “You blush so prettily, but I was only teasing.”

A hand moved up to touch her cheek, and she held her breath. She knew she should move his hand away, but she didn’t want to. She’d never experienced such a connection with a strange man before. His long brown bangs fell in front of his eyes again, and she smiled, wanting to reach up and brush them aside. Instead, she looked at his basket, which contained a six-pack of her favorite brand of beer.

“Going to a party?”

His smile deepened, and he nodded. “Want to come?”

She looked down at her basket to hide her surprise. Had a gorgeous stranger just asked her out? She swallowed the lump in her throat. “I’m not dressed for a party.”

His gaze traveled her body before he shook his head. “You look hot.”

Her cheeks heated with even more of a blush. “So do you.” She said it fast and shrugged, though she didn’t feel hot. She went for a run that afternoon and still wore her sweaty shorts and tank top.

He rewarded her with a smile. “You ready to check out?”

She nodded and led the way, self consciously smoothing her hair back, making sure all of it was still secure in the ponytail.

After buying their purchases, they left the market together. He stopped at the curb, and she looked in shock at the motorcycle.

“That’s yours?”

He nodded. “So, how about that party?”

“You were serious about that?” A nervous giggle slipped out.

He nodded again. “Of course.”

Her gaze went from him to the cycle and back again. “But I don’t know you.” A voice inside her head screamed that she shouldn’t ride off with this mysterious man, and she realized it was her mother.

He reached out a hand to touch her arm, his fingers caressing down to her hand. “You’re safe with me.”

Her brows creased at the touch, which spread through her body, and warmth blossomed between her thighs. She suddenly did not want to be away from him and inwardly told her mom to butt out.

Glancing again at his motorcycle, she bit her lip. She’d never been on one before and feared it more than just a little. “Maybe we should take my car?” He laughed and pulled her closer. “Live a little. It’s fun.”

She frowned and looked at the bike, slowly shaking her head. Pointing her thumb over her shoulder, she tried to take a step back. “I should follow you. My car is parked right over there.”

He looked toward the parking lot before shifting his intense gaze to her, strongly but gently preventing her retreat. She stared into his eyes and had a brief flash of déjà vu. Something about him seemed familiar, even though she didn’t know him. His warm smile began to melt her resolve.

“You could never keep up,” he replied with a wink.

She opened her mouth to object, but he took her hand in his, and she forgot her fear. Looking down at their joined hands, she gave him a subtle nod.

He stowed their purchases in the saddlebags before mounting the cycle, holding out his hand to her. Swallowing the lump in her throat, she swung her leg over the cycle and wrapped her arms around his waist. When she felt firm muscles hidden beneath his shirt, she sucked in a breath.

“Shouldn’t you wear a helmet?”

He shook his head. “Don’t much like to follow the rules.” He laughed and gunned the cycle.

She tightened her arms around him to keep from falling off, and her scream was a mix of excitement and sheer terror as he raced for the highway. Her face buried in his back, she feared opening her eyes. He shook with laughter, and she almost pinched him but instead tightened her hold. She didn’t raise her head until they stopped moving. Taking a breath, she looked around and stared at the ocean. “Where’s the party?”

“Down by the shore.” He slid off and held a hand out to her. She took it slowly, scanning the beach for signs of life. The crashing of waves was the only sound, and she bit her lip. He retrieved the six-pack of beer from the saddlebag and then led the way.

“Where is everyone?” Doubt grew within her as she wondered if she’d made a mistake going with him.

He smiled at her. “Trust me.”

With a frown, she followed. He removed his shoes, and so did she. The sand filtered through her toes, the sun warm on her face. “Leo, I don’t see anyone.” She cursed the fear in her voice.

He caressed her arm. “The party is down the beach. Trust me.”

“You said that already,” she replied with a tremulous smile. He nodded and gestured toward the shore, holding out his hand. Feeling a bit reckless, she consented. Although, as they walked together, leaving wet footprints behind, she realized he’d never asked her name. She looked down at the wet sand. “So, do you make a habit of picking up strange girls?”

His eyebrows shot up. “Are you saying you’re strange?”

Not expecting the question, a bark of laughter escaped her lips, relaxing her. “I think you’re the strange one.”

“Why do you say that?”

She shrugged. “You don’t even know my name.”

He looked at his feet and chuckled. “Yes, I do…Sara.”

Her brows shot up in surprise. “How do you know that?” she sputtered, and her toes sunk into the sand like roots.

He laughed, walking along the shore. “You’ll find out.”

He turned about twenty feet ahead and waited for her. Puzzled, she followed silently and kept an eye out for the so-called party.

A few minutes later, they came upon a pier, and he ducked behind a column. She stepped into the surf to avoid him jumping out at her. Someone else jumped out in front of her though, and she screamed and fell back into the water. Laughter and applause erupted around her as her best friend held out a hand.

“Damn it, Tina!” She threw a handful of sand as she jumped to her feet.

Her friend laughed and embraced her. “Sorry, hun, couldn’t resist.”

As she looked around at all her friends emerging from behind the pier, she scanned their faces for Leo.

“Couldn’t have done it without my accomplice,” Tina snickered, pointing over her shoulder.

Relief flooded her as she locked gazes with him. “How did you know I’d come?”

He winked at her. “Tina said you couldn’t resist me.”

She gasped and swung on her friend. “You didn’t!”

Tina laughed. “What can I say, I know your type, girl!” She slung her arm around Sara’s shoulders and squeezed. “Now, let’s go eat some cake and get drunk.”

“My type?” She gaped, her cheeks hot as flames. “What’s my type, exactly?” She avoided looking at Leo as Tina steered her through the pier’s columns.

“Oh, you know…hot!”

Before she could question Tina further, her friend ran off toward a group of guys. She looked to her left to see a long table covered with food. Balloons were tied at all four corners, and she shook her head in awe.

“You mad at me?” Leo asked, handing her a beer from his six-pack.

Not turning around, she shrugged and took a big swig of the beer. “Not really.”

He nudged her face toward him. “Liar. Couldn’t help it though. Tina swore me to silence. I hope you’re happy with the surprise?”

She finally smiled at him and nodded. “Yes, though I thought you didn’t like to follow the rules.”

He looked puzzled for a moment. “Only with my friends.” His expression softened as he moved closer. “Happy birthday, Sara.”

His breath caressed her face as his soft, warm lips gently touched hers. She lost herself in that warmth, her body molding itself to his. The whistling from behind reminded her they were not alone. Her eyes shot open as she stepped back, stumbling in her haste. His hand shot out to steady her, and she smiled her thanks.

“Enough with the cat calls.” She laughed and looked at her friends. “Can I get another beer?”

She downed the rest of the one in her hand, and Leo took the empty can. Her friends rushed over and pulled her along with them. She resisted looking over her shoulder at him. Someone handed her another beer, and she took a sip as they led her to a volleyball net. “We’ve been waiting for you, so let’s get started.”

She smiled to see Leo on the other team.

* * * * *

A few hours later, Sara and Tina stood beside the table and watched the men play. “Leo’s hot, huh?”

She choked on her beer but tried to shrug and act disinterested.

Tina laughed. “I know you like him. Don’t deny it.”

She blushed and looked toward the game. Leo saw her and waved. “How do you know him?” she asked Tina, waving back.

“He’s my instructor.”

That got her attention, and she gave her friend a questioning look.

Tina laughed at her raised eyebrows. “He’s teaching me to drive a motorcycle.”

She cringed and watched him serve the ball. He’d taken off his shirt, and the muscles in his chest and abdomen stretched as he spiked the ball. Her gaze lingered on his sexy tan skin, unable to look away. “I didn’t know you wanted to learn.” She imagined her friend seated between his spread thighs on a cycle, and the surge of jealousy surprised her.

“Yeah, for a while now. You should learn, too.”

Even as she shook her head, she debated the thought. It would give her a reason to see him again. It hadn’t been too bad riding his earlier.

“Does he ride with you?”

Tina shook her head. “I practice on my own bike.” A smile crept across her friend’s face. “You can ask him to ride with you. I’m sure he won’t mind.” She playfully bumped Sara’s hip for emphasis.

She blushed hotter as she noticed him watching them. “Maybe I should rejoin the game.” Not giving Tina a chance to respond, she ran over to the net.

He smiled as she neared. “How’s the birthday girl?”

She mustered up her courage before responding. “I just realized my groceries are probably getting too hot in your cycle. Can you take me home so I can put them in the fridge?”

His brows rose slightly. “Now? Sure.” He walked over to retrieve his shirt, pulling it on as they walked along the shore.

“We’ll be right back,” she called to Tina, who winked at her with a knowing grin.

“Take your time. We’ll be here all night.”

When they got to the cycle, she tried to work up the nerve to ask the impossible.

“You want to check on your stuff before we leave?” His question threw her at first, and she stared blankly at him.

“Your food?” he clarified.

“Oh, sure.” She held her breath as he leaned over the bike, her gaze moving over his ass, the denim stretching across its tautness.

He looked over his shoulder and caught her stare. His lips softened in a smile as his gaze traveled her shapely curves. She took her bag from him and busied herself with checking inside, though she didn’t really look. Her mind stayed on the sexy man in front of her.

“Can I ride in front?” She braced herself for his response, which didn’t come. She slowly looked up to meet his unreadable expression.

“That’s not really safe,” he finally said.

She shrugged. “Guess I’m feeling a bit reckless.” She hoped he couldn’t see her trembling with fear.

He sighed. “Where do you live?” He looked thoughtful after she told him. “Sure, why not? Hop on.”

Not expecting him to agree, her courage waned. “I, uh…” She stammered, unable to speak.

A corner of his mouth moved up as he held out a hand. “Come on, don’t be scared.”

She shook her head. “I’m not scared.”

To prove her point, she walked over to the cycle and mounted it. In an instant he nestled behind her, and she smiled. His arms slid across her ribcage to grip the handles. She shivered in the forced embrace, closing her eyes with a deep sigh. Lifting himself to start the cycle, his crotch slid down her back as he reseated. Happy he couldn’t see her face, she licked her lips.

As the cycle jerked forward, she dug her fingers into his thighs and closed her eyes, then laughed and screamed at the same time.

She feared opening her eyes and kept her back pressed to his warm chest. Though the air was cool, his enveloping heat kept the chill away. She’d just begun to relax when the bike stopped, and she opened her eyes to see her apartment. Unable to move at first, she kept her hands on his thighs. His hands covered hers and squeezed. She looked down and smiled. His chin rested on her shoulder, and their cheeks touched. Wanting to stay like that forever, she let her eyes flutter shut.

“Don’t forget about your food.” His voice broke the spell, and she forced a nod.

“Right,” she muttered and crawled off the bike.

He held her elbow to keep her from stumbling. “Should I wait here?”

She froze. Did she want him in her apartment? Hadn’t that been the reason for them leaving her party? “I might be a while. You can come in if you want.”

His nonchalant shrug looked strangely sensual to her, and she fought licking her lips. She gestured toward her home and then led the way, carrying her bag of food. Nothing really needed to be kept cool, but she wanted to be alone with him. As she unlocked the door, his breath caressed the back of her neck, but he didn’t touch her. Would he?

She opened the front door and stepped into the living room. The cool air inside made a sharp contrast to the moist heat from outside, and chill bumps rose on her arms. She resisted the urge to rub them as she held out an arm toward the couch. Leo looked around the small room, which was barely large enough for the couch and TV stand. His gaze lingered on the wide screen television, and she shrugged.

“It’s too big for the room, I know, but I couldn’t resist it. Don’t need to go to the movie theaters now.”

She gave him a sheepish smile, and he nodded but didn’t move from the door after he closed it behind him. The kitchen was directly off the living room but visible from the front door. She sensed him watching her as she carried her grocery bag to the fridge. Not caring to put anything away right then, she merely put the full bag inside and then leaned against the door once she’d closed it. Her gaze met his across the room. His face was mostly in shadow, but she could still see his eyes.

“I need to get cleaned up. Didn’t expect you to take me to my own party.” A nervous giggle slipped out, and she cringed.

“No problem,” he said with a grin, his expression unreadable.

She nodded, sidestepping the kitchen and then backing out of the living room. “Make yourself comfortable,” she suggested, pointing at the couch. Closing the door to her bedroom but leaving it unlocked, she placed her forehead to the cool wood and took a shuddering breath. She had been stalked in the other room and wasn’t sure how to feel about it. Something told her that she wouldn’t mind being that man’s prey. Smiling at such a thought, she pushed away from the door and began to strip off her clothes.

She knew it was wicked getting naked with a man in the other room, especially a man she barely knew. She caught her reflection in the closet mirror and smiled at the flush in her cheeks. Her gaze traveled down her nakedness, wondering if he would appreciate her flawless, dark skin. She shook her head at her own foolishness and headed for the bathroom. After turning on the shower and testing the water, she stepped under the hot spray.

At first, she did nothing but stand under the water, enjoying the feel of it against her skin. Once the heat began to relax her tight muscles, she washed her hair and soaped up her body. As her fingers roamed along her curves, she fantasized that Leo’s hands followed hers from her breasts, down her stomach and between her legs. His soapy fingers delved through the black curls to slip inside her body. She threw her head back with a moan.

The shower door slid open, and she held her breath.

Welcome Emily Wood!

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Business and Pleasure by Emily Wood


Hi everybody! To celebrate the release of The Right Kind of Wrong (Rags and Riches Series #3) you can get Business and Pleasure for just $0.99 for the entire month of August!


Can mixing business and pleasure ever result in a happy ending?

When sexy, rich Lawrence Russo asks Mia to come and work for him in Italy for two weeks, she jumps at the chance. After all, it beats pole dancing, and the salary he offers her is practically obscene.

A relationship quickly begins to develop between the two, but Mia can't help but wonder if Lawrence's feelings for her are genuine or if he feels he's just paying for a service.

Even if their relationship is strong enough to survive her insecurities, what will happen when somebody from her past shows up and threatens to reveal her deepest, darkest secret?

Content Warning: explicit sex


Lucy looked around nervously. "What's wrong?" she asked.

"I…don't know," Mia admitted. Perhaps she was just being paranoid.

"Mia." She heard a familiar drawl coming from the shadows. Her heart raced in anticipation as she turned to see the speaker. He walked out of the shadows and toward them like a jaguar stalking his prey, but Mia didn't feel intimidated, only excited by his presence.

"You shouldn't go sneaking around in the darkness. You could give a girl a fright." Mia laughed.

"I could leave, if that would please you," he purred. She loved the way he emphasized please. He gave no indication that he was going to leave. Mia was glad.

"Er, maybe I'll just go wait around the corner," Lucy said awkwardly. Mia nodded to acknowledge her, feeling a little guilty, because she had actually forgotten Lucy was still there.

"So, what are you doing here?" Mia tried to seem nonchalant, despite the fact that her body was having some kind of chemical reaction to his presence.

As if from nowhere, the handsome man produced the bottle of champagne he had purchased earlier that night. "I do believe we have plans to share this." He took a step closer to her.

"Oh. I would, it's just we aren't supposed to socialize with the clients outside of the club," Mia said teasingly, although it was technically true.

"Tell me, Mia, do you always do what you're supposed to do?" It seemed as though he had expected her reaction.

"No, I guess not."

"I've been watching you, Mia."

"I've noticed." She took a step in his direction and looked challengingly into his dark eyes. "So, do you like what you see?"

They were close enough to touch, and Mia's every nerve was tingling, hoping to feel his fingers on her skin. He swayed forward and, for a moment, she thought he was going to kiss her, but he leaned toward her ear instead. "I have a business proposition for you," he breathed, sending a shiver through her body before he pulled away from her.

It took Mia a moment to compose herself, and his eyes sparkled with amusement, no doubt he was enjoying her confusion. "Business…a business proposition?" Mia attempted to sound as casual as she possibly could.

"I'm returning to my home in Tuscany tomorrow," he announced.

Mia felt her heart sink, but was determined not to let it show. "Oh, it must be beautiful in Italy this time of year. But what does that have to do with me?"

"I was hoping you would accompany me."

Buy Links:

Beachwalk Press


Barnes & Noble" target="_blank">All Romance



Author Info:

I have always believed that the best stories are the ones that you can't put down, the ones that transport you to a different place and make you believe in the characters. This is exactly why I write… I have always loved the escapism that reading and writing provides, and there is nothing more exciting than imagining your own set of characters, and then letting them practically write the story for you. Writing has always been a dream of mine, and I'm lucky to have the kind of people around me that have always nurtured and encouraged my passion.

I live a cozy little life in Wales, and when I'm not writing I'm taking care of my young family, and studying for a degree in Classical Studies. I love traveling to new places, meeting new people, and experiencing new things…it's all great inspiration for my books!

Author Links:






A Interview with a vampire...oh wait no...even better! Sascha Illyvich is in the cyber house!

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Sascha Illyvich is my special guest again today. 


Hello Sascha, Thank you so much for giving us a glimpse into your devious imagination. It’s an honor to have you visiting me in my cyber home. If there are questions, you don’t want to respond feel free to leave them blank. I know how busy writers are so I will keep this short and sweet.

What inspired you to be a writer? Are you one of those people born hearing characters whispering in your ear, or did you experience something that prompted you to share your imagination with the world? Inspired? I'm not sure honestly. I've never been one to shy away from playing fantasy and make believe, and now I get to do that professionally!

What does your family think about your books? Are you one of those lucky people with support and acceptance or do you write incognito? I DO write incognito, or did until my ego started to get in the way LOL! My Soul Mother and Princess of a sister support me, my blood family is glad I'm happy doing what I like.

Do you have a fun story about the first time you had a fan approach you? What was it like? I can't remember the first time honestly. I'm guessing it was damn sexy though ;)

What makes you the “Bad Boy” of romance? Your books have so much passion and depth that I am always happy to one click you for my kindle. Is being male in such a female dominated genre a challenge? Bad boy of Romance - It's like a dance. An unassuming partner that just keeps being drawn in until they realize they are prey. Letting the Prey feel they have conquered the threat. Probably the fact that if this were a live interview, you'd be in my lap too. Thank you by the way, I'm glad you enjoy my work so much and you get the message I'm putting out! The true challenge isn't so much about gender as it is about understanding the needs of the readers, because while we differ on perceptions, we're still all searching for a great story.

You have an extensive backlist. What is your favorite book on the list? It's a very hard choice honestly. My favorite book is still being written, let's leave it at that.

I know you’ve been published for many years. Who was your first publisher and how did you feel when you realized you’d been contracted? First in e-books was Sizzler Editions back in 2001 I think, or maybe even the year before. I remember sitting in Francesca's apartment while spending the weekend in Dallas and receiving the contract made the weekend much better.

When you aren’t writing what kind of books do you like to read? I'm a diehard romance reader actually. I also enjoy cigar and alcohol trade journals, the occasional motivational book and of course educational stuff.

I haven’t read Surrender to Love yet. Tell me a little bit about it. I’d love it if you shared an excerpt from the story too! Surrender to Love was the second 1NS I wrote for Decadent and the inspiration came much like my other stories do, from someone very close to my heart. The lesson I thought she needed to learn was about realizing her own power and the way I chose to do that was through light D/s play with a handsome, yet kind of dorky male submissive.

Is there anything you’d like to tell readers? If they haven’t had the pleasure of reading your work, what would you tell them to spark their curiousity? If they haven't had the pleasure of reading one of my books I'd start off by telling them they'll need to have their toys handy. Or partners. Preferably both, honestly. Second, my Decadent titles are kinky but kink light, so any of those will satisfy a range of reader interests. And lastly, I'm forever grateful to every single reader I have, and will have. You're what keep me going.

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to this interview.


In order to cure the dreaded creative rut she’s in, Livia ends up in Las Vegas by suggestion from her therapist. Oh and there’s a catch. Livia ‘s been set up to have a one night stand with a very handsome man who promises her freedom through submission. Can she surrender to more than just passion?


Livia smirked, bumped into the desk, and leaned into it. Matchmaking was the same as an adult service. Right? She was supposed to get laid, right? Wasn’t this what Dr. Gena wanted for her? Setting her hands on her hips, she stared at Bruce. “Yes but….”

“Madame Eve, the owner, is very thorough with her clients and very particular with their needs and wants. Trust me.” He reached into his suit jacket and pulled out a handkerchief, wiped his brow. Then he folded it back into a perfect square, stuffed it into his jacket, and continued. “I went through hell to use her service.”

Curious, she relaxed her posture, just a touch. “What do you mean? Why would you need a blind date or matchmaking service?”

Color filled his cheeks and tinged his fair skin with a light shade of pink. “Well.” Bruce held his hands out to his sides. “Some time back I was in a relationship that didn’t go well. I loved her, but she left me for a woman named Alexandria Rayne.”

Livia had to cover her mouth to stifle the laughter that threatened to bubble up from within. “Some woman left you for another woman? I find that hard to believe!”

He sat at edge of the bed and smiled nervously “It does seem sort of ridiculous, doesn’t it? But this woman was a powerful romance author who wove spells around her audience with her words. It seemed that even I was ensnared by her net until I realized she wanted nothing to do with me. Alexandria was selfish, she’d strung me and my girlfriend along. She broke my heart.”

She really wanted to laugh but she tried to contain her giggling.

“Go ahead, laugh!” Bruce’s voice boomed through the room.

She thought he was annoyed until she saw the corners of his full lips turn upward in a grin.

“It is a little embarrassing now, but I didn’t find it funny then. In fact, it caused me to overwork and end up in the hospital because I was pushing myself so hard—” His voice dropped. “To put her and Alexandria out of my mind. Then one day I was talking to a coworker who wanted to go out for drinks. You know, as friends.”

“I can see where this is going.” She pursed her lips together in a thin line. She crossed her arms over her chest and straightened.

“No, not entirely. I wasn’t going to sleep with her, if that’s what you think.” He leaned forward. “We went to a different type of club. She asked me to go with her and to obey her every whim.”

Livia cocked a brow, “This sounds suspicious.”

He nodded. “Yeah, it did to me too. I wasn’t sure what was up, but I hadn’t left the house or office in several months. I had a heart attack, and when I got out of the hospital, she was there waiting to pick me up. We had only seen each other outside of work that one time when she took me to the club.”

“And you didn’t question it?”

Bruce shook his head and a few strands came free of his ponytail. She realized his hair had been pulled back by a large black scunchie, not a neat rubber band like she’d thought.

“I was just glad to be alive. The next few weeks with Lilith were interesting”

He was supposed to seduce her? Livia had heard enough. “Let me guess, she taught you a valuable lesson and then you ended up being left alone by Lilith only to realize you needed yourself? Tired story. My therapist has given me that line numerous times.”

“No.” He shook his head again. “It doesn’t end quite that way. Please, let me show you what I did learn. Lilith, taught me things I’d like to share with you. Her suggestion that I approach 1Night Stand surprised me, but I’ve found them to be very thorough. Don’t worry.” He shed his suit coat and set it neatly on the bed beside him. “I’m just a single man who didn’t know what to expect. And I haven’t had a partner in a very long time.” He stood and approached her, bending down on one knee while setting his hand out before her. “Please, let me show you how to own control?”

She gasped. The words she’d wanted to take back had come to her in the form of a person. A real, live person who…she didn’t know what. Livia watched him bow his head. What was with a man who could control the entire universe, dominate her rather large space, and still make himself subservient before her?

What would cause that behavior?

Worse yet, the way he knelt before her gave her a view of very broad shoulders beneath his black T-shirt. His hair hung thickly in a loose tail that stopped just at the small of his back. His musk, so male and potent made her nostrils flare. Something tightened low in her stomach. Her thighs grew damp. “Okay. So, how does this work?”

He looked up from the floor. “I have found that freedom, true freedom comes from when the body is restrained, stimulated and—” Standing, he leaned forward, pressing his lips into hers. “Forced to let the mind and heart work in tandem.”

He brushed his lips against hers one more time, the words echoing like silk over her mind. His voice caressed her, causing pinpricks to race up her spine. Her nipples hardened beneath the satin. She tried to move back from Bruce, but the desk and his large frame trapped her.

Slowly, his mouth caressed hers then his tongue swept over her bottom lip.

She tasted his plump lips. Fresh, sandalwood, hints of rose and cinnamon swirled around her nose, knocking her senses off balance. Her mind zeroed in on the image before her, a powerful man, willing to do her bidding while focusing on her pleasure. Some part of this still confused her.

Finally, Bruce pulled back from the kiss, set his hands on either side of her body, and returned to a kneeling position.

Her head swam and she had to steady herself against his shoulders, only to find that his face was at the level of her sex. “How would you go about restraining the body and stimulating it?”

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a two bundles of dark blue rope. “Silk helps for those who are afraid of iron.”

An eyebrow rose.

“The chair, a perfect place to hold you,” he indicated with a nod of his head. “You’ll sit with your hips at the edge, legs spread. Arms tied lightly.”

“It won’t hurt?” She looked at the chair, a high-end leather and wood piece of furniture with arms that could be used to hold her hands down if he tied her to it.

“If it does, I’ll loosen the ropes. Just ask.”

That was the problem. She could trust him; she felt somewhat safe with a man who seemed to be in so much control over himself. He could easily hurt her, but she didn’t get the sense that Bruce would. It was odd, but she really found him worth at least a shot. Livia had never asked for anything in her life. She’d always done for herself or gone without. Life had been tough going without, even as her income grew. Still, she wanted things and feared asking for them.

The question jumped from the back of her mind to her lips before she could stop it. “What if I get scared?”

Bruce looked into her eyes and smiled. “You simply say Bluetooth.”

“Bluetooth?” Her eyebrows furrowed.

“Yes. That’s your safeword. If you feel scared and want me to stop, you simply say it and all play of any sort ceases.”

The thought of all things ceasing at her asking gave her a rush as did the tone of his voice. The words again seemed to wrap around her ears in a symphony of seduction that curled like smoke over her bare skin. Her pussy tightened at the thought of him touching her. Her body thrummed with arousal.

“You start by taking control of yourself. You have already done that.” Bruce set a hand on her exposed thigh.

Tingles raced up straight up her back. Anticipation at how this could turn out built like butterflies buzzing in her stomach. She wanted this man. “Okay. So what now?”

“Indulge me, so I can indulge you. Sit on the chair, rest your hands on the arms. Strip off the robe.”

Slowly, Livia moved toward the chair. She let the robe slip off before tossing it on the bed. “Here?”

Bruce blinked, looked at the chair, the window, and then back at Livia. “Well, we could move it away from the window if you’d like, but frankly if I were to look up and see you in all your naked glory, I’d want to know your name. I’d want to devour your body and share nothing but immense passion with you. I’d want to make sure I pleased you continuously, sexually and otherwise.” He stood and held the ropes in his hands.

She felt herself blush again. The rich timber of his voice did things to her insides. After the kiss, she felt empty. She wanted another taste of Bruce but didn’t know how to ask.

“Tie me up facing the window.”


Day Two of Bad Boy Sascha Illyvich! He's Showing Me How to Drink Like A Writer!

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Hi Cyber friends,

Don't tell my husband, but there's still a bad boy in my cyber house!  I'm so pleased to have Sascha here again.  His stories are smoking HOT! Thanks for being here today Sascha.  So how do I drink like a writer?


The first three 1Night Stand books mark the end of an era for me. Around the time I finished Menage Bound, it had been a tough year in writing, what with all the numerous changes going on in publishing, the economy, TacoGate, an attempt at tempting fate and more. Oh and I was still here to piss off the world…

I figured the best thing I as the bad boy of romance could do was write. And drink. And write some more. And of course light up a cigar and drink. More.

This is as you would expect, typical of such a man with a title as Bad Boy. I thought today's list could go toward top five drinks I consider staples for writers.

1. The Manhattan. – Aficionado and fellow writer Ryan Macklin and I drink these I'd say religiously. The marrying of fine blended scotch with Dolin vermouth and a splash of bitters dates back to the gubernatorial election of Samuel J. Tilden in 1874.

2. Old Fashioned – What writer doesn't like a drink with character? This one's got it. Whiskey, sugar, muddled fruit. Healthy AND delicious! Yvette, of Occidental Cigar Club fame, makes one of the finest old fashions I've ever had.

3. Wine – Red, white, it's all good. Of course, Jason and Chase from Menage Bound drink their share of wine, but they tend more toward my next writer drink

4. Scotch – Neat. Single malt. What else can I say? Start with Balvenie Doublewood and go from there. Hell, I even coaxed writer Honoraria Ravena to drink the stuff and now she's hooked.

5. Champagne – Yes I know it's wine. But it's wine of the GODS! And what better to celebrate all those contracts you'll acquire, or mourn all those rejections than a healthy dose of champagne.

Yes, the last three don't quite qualify as drinks in the same sense, but I never did clarify, did I? Besides, this gives us room to drink like Jason and Chase, or to look a little into the life of Devon, from The Playground and see how the other side lives.

Thanks again for coming over to play Sascha!  Readers should buy this book.  They can pick it up at Decadent Publishing

Or Amazon


Welcome Sascha Illyvich Day One Of My Bad Boy Guest!

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Hello Cyber Friends,

I have a treat for you today!  One of my favorite authors, Sacha Illyvich, is gracing my blog space with his awesomeness.  If you haven't read Sascha...what the heck are you waiting for?  Run!  Get your Kindle ect and download him...ASAP! 

Thanks for visiting today Sacha.  Tell us about the sexy tales you spin.  I'm dying to read your latest 1NS.  I must admit my to-read list is almost as long as my to-write list and I'm behind on both!


Seeing as how my 1NS Menage Bound deals with a feisty female submissive and not one, but TWO hunky dominant males, I thought I'd offer some lifestyle experience for those looking to engage in writing (or playing) with another top.

1. Jason and Chase have an agreement, they know what their likes and dislikes are, what their boundaries are. Understanding and asking questions about the other top gives you a glimpse into their eyes.

2. Questions for the submissive – In Menage Bound Jason and Chase did ask Siddella for her safeword, but she's played without them for so long with other partners. So they gave her one.

3. Take turns. Playing is fun, yet hard work! Make sure you get adequate breathing room in the dungeon with your co-top so as not to burn out too quickly on a scene. This goes well for the writers too, primarily because depending on the POV of the story, we want to see a varied experience. The same applies to sex by the way ;)

4. Don't drag things on for too long, either. Yes, play is fun, sex is great, but both players and readers don't want constant marathon scenes. Variety IS the spice of life!

5. When the whip hits her thigh, DO drop it and apologize, pull her into your arms and kiss all over her to make sure she's okay. – Okay this is a personal experience bit, not from a story but from a real life incident. I freaked. She laughed. We made love after. Marathon style.

Writing the lifestyle and participating in it are both forms of masochism that I'm sure you'll enjoy. I know our readers do!

Sascha Illyvich

Menage Bound:

Blurb: Siddella, a tired corporate executive needs a break from the hectic work life she leads. Overstressed, she wouldn’t mind if that break came in the form of two hunky dominant males that cater to dark fantasies involving bondage of both the mind and body. Jason and Chase have yearned for a woman who fit into their relationship. She’d be sexy, confident, self reliant and kinky? Damn right she would be. But her most prized possession would her acceptance of them as individuals and a couple. When all three are separately given 1Night Stand cards, they realize the chance of a lifetime. Are they ultimately ménage bound?

Grabbing her purse, Siddella pulled out her wallet and slid her ID and a credit card into a back pocket along with the room key. She hoped it wouldn't be needed later.

Tossing the bag on the bed, she walked towards the door and stopped in front of the mirror. She did a complete 360 turn, admiring her curves and the casual yet seductive look she hoped she pulled off.

Then, out the door she went.

Scanning the dense crowd, Siddella spotted two very tall, very handsome gentlemen waiting at a table, cigars in hand.

One stood casually, leaning forward, his broad shoulders filling the space between him and the other man. Short dark hair curled in a neat cut. Tanned skin suggested a Latino heritage. The suit he wore seemed to leave nothing to the imagination and the boots completed the look.

She swore she came right there at the sight of him.

His partner leaned back and looked somewhat tense but he wore it well. Long blonde hair cascaded down over an equally impressive physique though he appeared to be somewhat smaller in stature.

Sea blue eyes sparkled with mischief.

Neither had seen her yet. Good.

She could still back out.

Her nipples pocked beneath the shirt and forced the urge to cover up to the front of her mind.

Mentally, she slapped herself. This could be it.

She swallowed the lump in her throat and strode towards the two men. Cigar smoke hung over their heads, sweetening the stale Vegas air.


The one with his back turned to her spun around and locked gazes with her.

The blonde's eyes pinned her in place. "Hi. You must be…"

Her tongue snaked out and wet her bottom lip. The cool air with which both men carried themselves hung in the air like a prominent force.

Power emanated from the blonde. Control, from the dark haired male.

Realization hit her.

These two were the real deal.

Her mouth suddenly went dry.

Dark haired man extended an arm, slid a chair out from beneath the table. "You should sit with us. My name is Jason. This," he waved a hand at his partner, "is Chase."

"I'm Siddella,' Heat crept up her cheeks. She had to look up to see how tall both men were even though they sat and commanded their surroundings, rather than the other way around. She slid into the chair and set her hands on the table. Jason's eyes gleamed with intense lust, black eyelashes fluttered against his cheeks.

Chase's silk shirt complimented the depth of color in his eyes while offsetting the tone of his fair skin. She liked the look, it soothed her knowing someone else had fair skin like hers.

A waitress came over with two bourbons. "What will the lady be having?"

"Scotch." Siddella couldn't quite find her voice.

"Very well ma'am. Neat?"

Two sets of eyes roamed over her body, flustering her further. Her blood began to boil with arousal. Liquid flooded her core. "Yes. Eighteen year if you have it."

"Of course." She trotted away, but not before eyeing the two sitting with Siddella.

"So, Madame Eve's quite a woman," Chase spoke first, waving his cigar back.

A brow arched. "Madame Eve?"

"Yes, she's the one who picked the three of us for this."

"Hm," Siddella received her drink a moment later, picked it up and lifted it in toast, "So she's responsible for…"

"Exactly," Jason leaned in. "She's a wise woman I understand. Even if she's a little…unique."

Nodding, Siddella took a sip of her scotch. "I had no idea this service was run by a woman."

"I'm somewhat familiar with the man who owns this hotel and he tells me in little bits here and there about 1Night Stand. Not much to say really. We did the paperwork, submitted it and here we are, a few hours later."

She whistled, "That was fast. I did mine earlier. You know--"

Jason held a hand up. "Before we all turn into nervous chatterboxes," he motioned with his cigar at Chase, "Why don't we toast to this harmonious, potentially euphonious experience, then adjourn to a better local."

Hand shaking, Siddella brought her glass to the center of the table. "What did you have in mind?"

Chase leaned in, clinking his glass against Jason's, then against Siddella's. "We've set up something up in the penthouse suite."

Siddella managed to swallow the lump in her throat and let out the breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding. The rich scent of cigar smoke, combined with the spiciness from Jason's bourbon tickled her nose. She leaned in a little closer, "Sounds fancy," she held her glass up still, "So shall we toast?"

Chase winked, "A new beginning?"

Jason's glass knocked gently against Siddella's, then Chase's. "A new relationship."

Both men seemed a little uncertain about what to toast. Siddella met Jason's gaze first, stared deep into those dark depths. Kindness along with the embers of lust burned in his eyes.

Moving to Chase, she studied him only for a second longer than Jason. Chase's eyes held a tranquil sway that screamed his desire to be trusted and do the right thing. Deep passion twinkled in deep sea blue eyes. She could go with them. She'd at least be safe.

"Acceptance. To full acceptance, boys."

For a second, Jason seemed to hesitate as did Chase.

Then they brought their glasses together in one swift motion, before all three of them took long sips.

Siddella enjoyed the burn of the 18 year old scotch, letting the smoothness coat her tongue the way one of these men's cocks would in a few minutes. She hadn't forgotten the buzzing of her sex, the pulse of her heart throbbing while lust fueled every movement.

Jason and Chase stood in unison. "Shall we?" Both men set their glasses down, finished cigars ended up in the ashtray. They extended a hand to her.

She took them in hers, noting the size difference when they stood. Both towered over her by a good foot at least. Their hands were huge.

Neither man left doubt in her mind about the size of their cocks when she glanced at their crotches.

Her breath caught in her throat.

She remembered to inhale, exhale. Then, feeling the warmth from both men encircled her, she followed them like a good little girl out of the casino bar and into the nearest bank of

elevators. Aware of the overwhelming presence of male surrounding her, she couldn't help but giggle.

"Something the matter, Siddella? You can back out at any time."

The tenderness came from Chase.

Back out? Hell no! Her body thrummed with so much sexual energy she could probably power the Vegas Strip for at least a week. She offered an innocent smile. "I'm good. Let's do this." Batting her eyelashes, she cocked her head to the side.

Jaosn smirked. "Do you want a safe word?"

The smart move would be to say yes. Somehow it wouldn't be needed. But…

"Unlike my partner, I'm not asking. I'm giving you one. Wine Bottle. If things get too heavy, you simply say wine bottle." Chase didn't look back.

The air of cool coming from Chase made her knees weak. "Wine bottle. Okay." At least they were thinking of her safety. Yeah, they possessed the traits of true dominant males who valued her existence enough to give her a safe word. She smiled at the gesture.

The elevator dinged. Siddella started forward but a hand on her shoulder stopped her. She looked back at Jason.

His eyes narrowed.

She let out a sigh. "Please, after you."

Jason stepped into the elevator, followed by Chase. Then they turned and with the slightest of movements, acknowledged Siddella, giving her permission to enter.

The material of her shirt began irritating her already hard nipples. Anticipation drove her wild. What would these men do to her?

What would start things off?

Only a few more moments would pass before she found out.

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Welcome Lacey Wolfe!

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Wanted: Wife

By Lacey Wolfe

Help Wanted: A Wife

Darcy White can't believe she's answering a help wanted ad from someone looking to hire a wife, but she's hit rock bottom and is on the verge of being evicted from her apartment. When she learns that the guy she had a crush on in high school is the one looking to hire, she'd be crazy not to live out her fantasy.

Steven McDonald needs a wife, or at least a fiancée, before his grandfather retires or else he won't inherit the family business. He knows not just any woman will do, and in a desperate attempt to find a solution, he places a help wanted ad in the local paper. The day Darcy White answers it, his dreams begin to come true.

As Darcy and Steven pretend they're engaged, they make a promise to keep things platonic. But the more time they spend together, the harder it is to keep their hands off one another. With his grandfather's retirement approaching, and the possible end to their fake engagement, can Steven and Darcy admit their feelings to not only themselves but each other?

Content Warning: contains adult language and sensual love scenes

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"I'm making coffee, want any?" Darcy called from the kitchen.

As Steven entered the kitchen he said, "I'd love a cup."

Steven leaned against the counter. Darcy poured water into the coffee maker and then scooped the coffee in. After she pressed the brew button, she turned and stared back at him.

"That wasn't so bad," he said.

She nodded. "Yeah, it was okay."

Steven laughed. "Your parents were kind." He reached his hand out toward her.

Darcy walked to him, taking his hand.

"Your dad gave us his blessing."

"I had no doubt he would. Your family is well known."

Steven wasn't sure what had come over him, maybe it was the scotch he'd shared with her dad, but he couldn't resist the beautiful woman in front of him. He tugged her to him, and her body molded against his perfectly. With his free hand, he pushed her hair behind her ear and then pressed his lips to hers. He expected resistance from her, but she opened up right away, wanting the kiss as much as he did.

Sliding his hand around her neck, he tilted her head so he could deepen the kiss. Her fingers danced around his waist and the little sensation went straight to his groin. Releasing her hand, he gripped her waist and pulled her into him. He was hard and it pressed into her and she didn't seem to mind. Damn this woman! She should be pushing away from him, reminding him they were to stay friends, but instead he kept hoping her hand would find its way lower.

Could they do this once and then pretend it never happened? His erection was telling him yes, but his brain was telling him no. He started to pull away from the kiss, but Darcy wouldn't let him.

God, he was turned on and wanted to touch her, taste her, explore her. He needed her!

"Stop, Darcy." He pushed her off him.

She stepped back, a shocked look on her face.

"I can't control myself. I want to take you to bed so bad."

"I want that too." She moved closer to him again and wrapped her arm around his neck and let her other hand dangle at his waistband. "Can't we have a little fun?"

Do it or not? Yes or no? His core ached and taunted him. Taking a deep breath, he decided to listen to the head below.

He lifted Darcy up and sat her on the counter. His lips were everywhere. Her neck, collarbone. His hands were greedy as they worked the buttons on her blouse. "Stop me now, Darcy."

She gazed into his eyes and then cupped his erection through his pants. "No."

"No turning back?"

"No turning back."

About Lacey Wolfe

Lacey Wolfe has always had a passion for words, whether it’s getting lost in a book or writing her own. From the time she was a child she would slip away to write short stories about people she knew and fantasies she wished would happen. It has always been her dream to be a published author and with her two children now of school age, she finally has the time to work on making her dream come true.

Lacey lives in Georgia with her husband, son and daughter, their six cats and one black lab who rules the house.

You can find Lacey at the following places:

Website / Facebook / Facebook Page / Twitter




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Two years ago this month Beachwalk Press released our first books. To celebrate, we're hosting a Love on the Beach blog hop. This will run from July 1st through July 14th. Over 20 Beachwalk Press authors are participating and we have some fabulous prizes to give away.

The grand prize is a Kindle Paperlight!

Additional prizes include:

* A beach tote bag filled with Beachwalk Press print books (winner's choice of 5 print titles)

* Two gift certificates of $25 each (winners' choice of GC from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or All Romance Ebooks)

Also, each author will be giving away an additional prize of their choosing.

That's almost 30 prizes in total!

To be entered into the drawings just click on the authors' names listed below to visit their blog, then leave a comment with your email address included.

Reality Hero by Ashlynn Monroe

Genre(s): Fantasy/Superhero Romance

Digital ISBN: 9781937325732

Length: Novel

Publication Date: June 17, 2013

Price: $5.50

Can reality TV handle a reluctant superhero bachelor, ten attention-seeking women, and one evil villain?

Dina Dell's career as a television producer has hit bottom. Desperate to save her job, she comes up with the idea for a reality show called I Want to Date a Superhero. But the only superhero bachelor she knows is the only man she's ever loved—Zane Blair.

Zane was once a normal human, but a traumatic childhood incident mutated him, along with Dina's sister and their friends. Dina was the only one who escaped without any superhero abilities. And while she might be the "normal" one, that only left her feeling like more of an outcast.

Her lack of powers put Zane in danger. Knowing that it was only a matter of time before someone used her to get to him, she left, breaking both their hearts in the process. After all the pain she caused him, will he be willing to help her now?

Then an old enemy emerges, putting Dina's plans on hold. When her superhero friends are the ones who need help, Dina just might learn that sometimes little Miss Average can be a hero too.

Content Warning: graphic sexual content

Ashlynn’s Beachwalk Press Backlist

Slave to His Desires

A Gift of the Darkest Magic


Reality Hero

Participating authors:

Aimée Duffy

Ciara Lake

Ella Jade

Emily Wood

Elise Whyles

E. Jamie

Hazel Gower

Imogene Nix

Jaye Shields

Kaylie Newell

Lacey Wolfe

M.A. Stacie

Olivia Starke

Pepper Anthony

Patricia Bates

Stephanie Beck

Sidda Lee Tate

Tara Mills

Tamaria Soana

Theresa Stillwagon

Tracey Rogers

Tabitha Rayne

I’ve been with Beachwalk Press since the beginning. I chose to send a book to them because I liked the website and I felt the publisher had a very professional attitude. I haven’t been disappointed. I am happy I choose to send Slave to His Desires to Beachwalk.

I am giving one lucky commenter a gift package of a romance novel necklace, can coozie, cards, magnets, and other fun swag items. I will ship it to a US address. I’ll contact the winner and ask for the best mailing address.

In order to be entered into the drawings, readers must leave a comment with their email address included  




Welcome Aimee Duffy!

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Notorious heiress Alexa Green has certainly been enjoying her most recent girls-holiday in Marbella. Just as we thought, she’s been knocking back the cocktails and showing off her fabulous bikini body on the beach… but rumour has it she’s also been spotted sneaking out of Enrique Castillo’s penthouse in the early hours of this morning – in nothing but her underwear! Our question is, doesn’t this fiercely private billionaire know what he’s letting himself in for?

He’s got the millions… and she knows how to spend them! So lie back on your sun lounger and get comfortable, because this summer fling is going to be a sizzler!


Adrenaline roared through her veins. This was her only chance. Pushing away from the wall, she rounded the lift, desperately seeking an escape. She barely noticed the plush furnishings, soft-looking leather sofas and floor to ceiling window which showcased the most spectacular view she’d ever seen. Instead she focused on the walls surrounding the elevator.

‘Are you lost?’

The heavily accented voice froze her to the spot. She darted a glance toward the sound. Dark brows furrowed over the richest coloured eyes she’d seen. His gaze swept over the length of her body, then up, lingering on her rear for a beat too long. Her skin tingled under his scrutiny.

Turning her whole body to face him, she slapped a hand on her hip. ‘Had a good enough look?’

His lips quirked in a sexy, lopsided grin. The jitters were back and Alexa swore the temperature in the room shot up ten degrees. Her gaze dropped to his broad shoulders, covered in a thin white t-shirt, then down to a well filled chest. She could see a dark pattern beneath the t-shirt. She longed to find out what kind of tattoo he had. Usually, tats didn’t do it for her. But on that body…

‘I could ask you the same thing.’

She snapped her attention back to his face. He stepped toward her, his jaw set, his eyes dancing with humour and something darker…something that made her blood heat and her mouth water.

Alexa raised her arm, palm out. ‘Hold it there, Mr. Any closer and I’ll scream.’

He paused by the sofa. Propping his hip against the cream leather, he folded his arms across his chest, causing the muscles to bulge. The moisture drained from her mouth and flooded in her belly.

‘No one’s here to hear you.’ He cocked a brow. ‘You seem to be forgetting where you are and,’ his gaze dipped down to her breasts causing the nipples to peak against the lacy fabric ‘how underdressed.’

Alexa thought this moment would have topped the blush scale. She planted her other hand on her hip and glared at him, unwilling to show any weakness. ‘I’m just leaving.’

She turned and strode back to the lift, keeping her back straight and trying not to wiggle her hips too much. The predatory sheen in his eyes made her body more jittery than the idea of sprinting around the lower floor in her underwear. She reached out to hit the button, but a large hand circled her wrist before she made it.

Alexa squeaked and darted back a step. He was so close, and his chest was right in her face. She could see the dark outline of the tattoo beneath the thin cotton. The outline of a burning sun, she thought, or something that looked like a sun. Her hands itched to lift the material and see for herself.

‘I’m up here.’

She snapped her gaze back up to his smirking face and took another step back. His lips kicked up at the corners and his eyes darkened. She swallowed against the urge to step closer, to feel his hard body pressed against hers. But she realised she was in little more than her bra and knickers in a stranger’s home. Unease skittered down her spine.

Alexa squared her shoulders, trying to quash the fear turning her heated blood into cold sludge. ‘I’m leaving now.’

‘After you explain what you’re doing in my home in your undergarments.’

‘Undergarments?’ Alexa pressed her lips together to keep a giggle at bay. ‘Seriously?’